Winter Storm Jonas Hits the American East Coast

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The American east coast has had a rather mild, tepid and even warmer than usual winter thus far in 2016 – until this weekend. A large, historic very nasty nor’easter named Jonas began forming over the eastern seaboard a few days ago as weather officials scrambled to get ready.

Winter storm Jonas is now fully 1,000 miles wide, covering an eight state area as it slowly crawls north-northeast along the Atlantic seaboard. The worst snow accumulations since 1922 are being reported from major east coast cities. Extensive flooding is predicted along the coastline, memories of hurricane Sandy are called to mind as residents hurry to prepare for the worst. Predictions had been for snow accumulations which might rival some of the worst snow storms of the last 100 years, and now, 24 hours into Jonas, those predictions do not disappoint. This storm has been in the news at the top of all leading news stories on every TV channel all weekend. As of Saturday evening on the east coast, more than 10,000 airline flights had been cancelled. The storm covers an area large enough that 85 million people have been affected. New York City tentatively plans to resume some limited flights on Monday, but most airports within the worst of the storm range are closed this weekend.

Projected Snow Accumulations Winter Storm Jonas January 2016

Here are the top snow and ice totals by state reported as of 6:00 p.m. Saturday, with the highest snow totals listed first:

Mid-Atlantic and Northeast (Friday-Saturday)

  • West Virginia: 40 inches of snow in Glengary, in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.
  • Virginia: 39 inches in Philomont, about 25 miles northwest of Washington, D.C.
  • Maryland: 38 inches in Redhouse, in western Maryland. Redhouse is 150 miles west of Baltimore.
  • Pennsylvania: 35.5 inches at Somerset, about 25 miles southwest of Altoona.
  • New Jersey: 27 inches at Clinton in Hunterdon County.
  • New York: 27 inches at JFK Airport in New York City.
  • Delaware: 12.1 inches near Dover.
  • Massachusetts: 10 inches at West Yarmouth.
  • Rhode Island: 7.8 inches at Westerly, in the southwestern corner of the state.
  • Connecticut: 7 inches at Bridgeport.

South and Ohio Valley (Friday-Early Saturday)

  • Kentucky: 22 inches near Booneville in eastern Kentucky; 12.2 inches of snow and 0.30 inch of ice in Bowling Green; 2 inch per hour snowfall rates in Jackson with a storm total of 16.2 inches
  • North Carolina: 19 inches near Old Fort. Also 0.65 inches of ice glaze near Selma.
  • Ohio: 17 inches in Graysville, in southeast Ohio, about 80 miles southwest of Pittsburgh.
  • Tennessee: 14 inches in Jamestown. Nashville reported thundersnow during the day Friday with a storm total of 8 inches.
  • Arkansas: 8 inches near Sherwood, Cabot and Jacksonville.
  • Georgia: 7.5 inches at Dillard in Rabun County of far northeast Georgia.
  • South Carolina: 7.5 inches of snow in Inman; 1/2 inch of ice glaze in Fort Mill. Both are close to the North Carolina border.
  • Illinois: 5.5 inches at Shawneetown, in the southeastern parts of the state near the Ohio River.
  • Indiana: 5 inches in Floyds Knobs, just over the Ohio River from Louisville.
  • Alabama: 3.5 inches near Harvest, just to the northwest of Huntsville.
  • Louisiana: 2.5 inches in Haynesville, near the Arkansas border.
  • Mississippi: 2 inches in Oxford and Myrtle, both in northern Mississippi.

During the early stages of Jonas’ development, snow fell in the Plains states Thursday. Snowfall totals included:

  • Kansas: 10 inches in Barnes; 9.5 inches in Haddam
  • Nebraska: 9 inches in Hebron; 8 inches in Hubbell
  • Missouri: 3 inches snow in East Prairie

High Winds

Very high winds are developing over the Mid-Atlantic, as expected, just north of the low pressure center associated with Winter Storm Jonas.

Some of the highest reported wind gusts thus far include:

  • 85 mph on Assateague Island in Maryland (4:40 a.m. Saturday)
  • 75 mph Dewey Beach, Delaware (7:35 a.m. Saturday)
  • 75 mph at Langley Air Force Base near Newport News, Virginia (12:43 a.m. Saturday)
  • 73 mph at Siasconsett, Massachusetts on Nantucket Island (2:47 p.m. Saturday)
  • 73 mph in Lewes, Delaware (6:18 a.m. Saturday)
  • 72 mph at Good Luck Point, New Jersey (6:49 a.m. Saturday)
  • 71 mph in Poquoson, Virginia (1 a.m. Saturday)
  • 70 mph at Marshfield, Massachusetts (4:55 p.m. Saturday)
  • 70 mph at Wallops Island, Virginia (4:32 a.m. Saturday)
  • 69 mph at Cape Henry in Virginia Beach, Virginia (12:12 a.m. Saturday)
  • 68 mph at Tuckerton, New Jersey (6:47 a.m. Saturday)
  • 66 mph in Georgetown, Delaware (4:40 a.m. Saturday)

Top sustained winds include:

  • 57 mph at Assateague Island, Maryland (4:40 a.m. Saturday)
  • 56 mph just offshore at the Chesapeake Light buoy east of Virginia Beach, Virginia (12 a.m. Saturday)
  • 59 mph in Lewes, Delaware (6:24 a.m. Saturday)
  • 55 mph at Cape Henry in Virginia Beach, Virginia (12:12 a.m. Saturday)
  • 55 mph at the Brandywine Light buoy in lower Delaware Bay (5:00 a.m. Saturday)
  • 53 mph at Wallops Island, Virginia (4:36 a.m. Saturday)

Current Radar and Winds

The videos posted below are from folks living on the east coast and from local east area news coverage of the storm. When I last checked The Weather Channel Washington D.C. was up to 28.5″ of snow, making it the second most snow accumulation in the past 50 years. Not too shabby. If you live out there, may as well put on your snow gear and get out in it, because you will not be driving anywhere any time soon. There is a widespread travel ban for all non-emergency vehicles in many big cities. Brrrrrr.

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