White House Ordered IRS Targeting of Conservative Political Groups in 2012 Election Year

“The US presidency cannot be allowed to become such a corrupted institution that illegal activities come to be expected by a sitting president while the public turns a blind eye. That’s not a presidency. That’s a mafia.

For someone who has done the background reading on Barack Obama’s usual political modus operandi through the years of his rise to power, the recent scandal involving the IRS‘s targeting of conservative political groups in 2012 was a no brainer. No matter how many on the Left have denied the White House had any involvement in this election year dirty deed, I knew that the trail of blood would lead all the way to the White House on this ‘Nixonesque’ news story. It was just a matter of time.

My career as a news blogger began when Barack Obama vaulted into prominence in early 2008. Something just wasn’t right about his sudden “out of the blue” rocket blast from obscurity into national prominence. It was just another one of those gut feelings a woman has when she knows that something is not right about a situation but she can’t put her finger on it yet.

It had NOTHING to do with his race. It had everything to do with some sort of secret “pre-ordained” Bilderberg-style anointing and arrangement made by the world elites that he was going to be their next man. It never smelled right, from the very beginning. I knew I would be hated and despised for the material I would be publishing on him, and that’s what happened. For millions of young Americans starved for intelligent leadership after 8 years of George W. Bush, Barack Obama could do no wrong. Even my best friend, who voted for Obama and is a stalwart supporter of the man, maintains her loyalty to him in the face of page after page of evidence that his routine tactics for achieving his political goals are more than murky. They are often downright illegal and just plain wrong. In her eyes Obama can’t possibly ever be liable for any sort of wrong doing. There are millions of people who still feel this way about him. It’s frightening. It makes me REALLY understand how a man like Hitler could have some to prominence, and how the psychology of crowd control is so very very real in politics.

It would not matter what kind of evidence on his back story was published in early 2008, a huge voting bloc of American young people are utterly devoted to the man and they worked fervently to see him elected. That’s the gist of what happened. Those with any kind of hard evidence to the contrary about Barack Obama’s character have been either systematically ridiculed and mocked into oblivion, shushed and silenced over the years, or they have literally died, sometimes under mysterious circumstances.  Andrew Breitbart mysteriously dropped dead in his tracks outside a tavern in his neighborhood just days before he had planned to go public with some sort of bombshell evidence he had about Obama. This in an election year of course. There have been many others.

One of my earliest news blogs which contained many facts and much evidence about the kind of tactics he was using to get to the White House the first time has been blocked and is no longer available for the public to read. How do you suppose that makes me feel? I grew up in a country where telling the truth was valued and encouraged. It’s how the nation finally rid itself of one of the most corrupt presidents we ever had, Richard M. Nixon, in the 1970s.

Mafia boss Don Gotti

Telling the truth is how the American public has historically kept a moral balancing lever upon the presidency. And so now we have the newest generation of truth tellers who are still trying to get the real story out about Barack Obama, which reveals a large yawning abyss between his polished public personna and his private political deeds.

It matters.

The US presidency cannot be allowed to become such a corrupted institution that illegal activities come to be expected by a sitting president while the public turns a blind eye. That’s not a presidency. That’s a mafia.

Which one do you want? A presidency that the American people can look up to, respect and be proud of, or a presidency which behaves like the Don Gotti gang and perpetrates every illegal trick in the book, including murder, to silence it ‘s critics?

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