Video Clips That Defy Explanation

Someone traveling by plane from Portland Oregon to Las Vegas spotted this gargantuan construct jutting up from the mountain range, and it could be anywhere from 10 to over 100 stories tall. If you re-play the video and look to the left you will also see another construction of some sort that is clearly man-made off to the left in the valley below the behemoth construction. Anyone?

On the day before 9-11-2001 Donald Rumsfeld made a speech in which he promised to address wasteful military spending. He later gave another speech in which he admitted that the Pentagon could not account for more than 2.3 trillion dollars in military expenditures. It has been estimated that as much as 25% of military expenditures in the United States cannot be accounted for at any given time. This is a situation which is so far beyond the term “criminal enterprise” that I am at a loss for words to describe it. Here is the stunning and infuriating video clip:

Fact:  Every US president But One Can Be Traced Genetically To One British King: John Lackland Plantagenet

In the next clip from 2011, yet another graphic designer discovers what hundreds of graphic arts professionals discovered when they downloaded Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate from Many thousands of Americans who are familiar with graphic art software learned this unpleasant fact when they downloaded and examined the birth certificate after it was posted online. This man from Europe discovered the terrible truth in 2011. Watch what he finds out. Welcome to the club, buddy.

Ever wonder what’s inside your debit or credit card?

And now that you know, you might want to also watch this video:

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