Planning the Vacation From Hell at Sea? Go Carnival.

Updated February 14th 2013:

Tow line pulling crippled Carnival cruise ship breaks

Moor delay: Carnival’s cruise from hell won’t dock till dark

Exhausted passengers disembark stricken Carnival ship in Alabama

Kendall Jenkins, 24, from Houston, walked off the ship in a cabin bathrobe and promptly kissed the ground.

“This was my first and my last cruise,” Jenkins said.


OMG horrific, another ocean cruise from hell.  And to think it all began so pleasantly. But then, it always does, doesn’t it?

Thinking about taking a cruise?  Think again.

Yet another maritime and PR disaster has struck a Carnival Cruise liner, this time it’s the Carnival Triumph which was disabled due to an engine fire last Sunday.  There are more than 4000 people on board. That equals the entire population of the small town that I live nearby in South Coast Oregon. That’s alot of people to be aboard one cruise. When vital ship functions fail, it becomes a recipe for disaster.

The crippled ship has been sitting in the open sea waiting for a rescue tow for nearly a week now, with few working toilets and no air conditioning.  Travelers on board have been instructed to go potty in red plastic bags,  which are then placed outside their rooms for pick-up. People on board have described the accumulating raw sewage smell in the hallways as the worst ever, making it even hard to breathe.

They have been served onion sandwiches, fruit and tepid bottled water, but at least they are not starving, or at least not literally.

A passenger on board texted her husband on February 14th:

“Room smells like an outhouse. Cold water only, toilets haven’t work in 3 1/2 days. Happy Valentines Day!!! I love u & wish I was there,” she said in the text message, which was viewed by The Associated Press. “It’s 4:00 am. Can’t sleep…it’s cold & I’m starting to get sick.”

I have asked myself many times why anyone would think of it as a good time [ or call it a vacation] to pile onto a huge ocean liner with 3000 to 4000 total strangers and sail out to sea, placing life and limb in the hands of a crew and a captain who may have little or no real emergency preparedness training.

I don’t know, maybe I have watched too many re-runs of Titanic, but taking a “cruise” would NEVER be my idea of a good time, even if there had not been a whole series of cruise liner catastrophes at sea in recent years.


Here are some video reports:

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