#SandyHook Shooter Adam Lanza Was Addicted to Violent Video Games, Many Questions About Sandy Hook Remain

12.14.2012 Updated at 12 pm Pacific time 12.21.2012

Schools Face Threats Nationwide Following Sandy Hook Shooting

Would be “Copycat Killers” are cropping up all over the country, post the 12.14.2012 Sandy Hook massacre. It’s the newest and most unnerving development in the aftermath of the Connecticut tragedy. It turns out that Adam Lanza, the shooter in the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre, was in fact, addicted to violent video games, just as I had suspected. I had written about the urgent issue of getting these violent video games off the market several days ago. See my earlier essay below this update. Nancy Lanza well knew her son was definitely disabled, although he was quite intelligent. His emotional and social disabilities were well documented and known by others who knew Adam. Adam needed to be watched continuously, that is to say 24/ 7, and his babysitter was told so when he watched Adam as a little boy. Adam’s shop teacher in high school knew that if he didn’t watch him constantly, Adam would burn himself while working on a soldering project and not even know it. He would just keep working, ignoring the smell of burning hair and skin. That’s a real and genuine disability and was already cause for real concern about the young man. Lanza’s mother made a very questionable parenting decision of a socially / emotionally disabled child when she allowed two decidedly questionable activities to proceed:

1) Adam Lanza was allowed to play “killing” video games like “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, one of his favorites, indefinitely, literally for days on end, as he lived in the downstairs basement of his mother’s mansion. This decision on the part of Nancy Lanza would turn out to be a fatal one. She made another terribly flawed decision in addition to this.

2) Nancy Lanza has recently become a gun enthusiast [ watch the movie “American Beauty” to see where she got this idea ] in the wake of her divorce and had begun taking Adam with her on her frequent trips to the local shooting range. He was allowed to play “killing games” day and night alone in the basement, and then he was taken with his mother to the shooting range. What kind of skewed logic could have been at work in Nancy Lanza’s mind to fall into such a lapse of judgment regarding her disabled son? Nancy paid for this foolishness with her life. The priceless precious lives of 27 others, including her son, were lost as well, due to her clouded thinking about how to parent an emotionally and socially disabled youth like Adam.

“A law enforcement official said Lanza — said to be addicted to violent video games — had “lots of ammo” on him when he died, enough to carry out significant additional carnage. During the rampage Lanza wiped out a first class of six and seven-year-olds and their two teachers.”

See http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/mother-of-sandy-hook-gunman-adam-lanza-was-a-gun-obsessive-living-in-fear-of-societys-collapse-16251468.html#ixzz2FLtzOjMh

Last week on the day of the shooting I wrote…

There has been another senseless massacre in the United States, this one taking place this morning at around 9:30 am at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, occuring just three days after a deadly massacre took place outside of Portland Oregon at the Clackamas Mall. I am utterly overwhelmed with grief, literally sick on my stomach at the nonstop violence that’s breaking out everywhere across America. If outbursts of pure human evil could be likened to a plague, or the onset of some sort of tidal wave of psychological emotional darkness, then it would appear America is now experiencing a literal epidemic of death by deranged gunman gone suddenly berserk syndrome. The “disenchanted emotionally stunted and existentially flailing young American male” is the source of the current outbreak. That’s just the fact of the matter. Many of our young men are going mad, stark raving mad, and they are doing it quietly behind closed doors, then bursting onto the suburban landscape to act our their lunacy on an unsuspecting populace. I hear no dialogue from our psychiatric or religious community which might venture to offer any reason for this emerging nightmare come to life. Maybe after today that will change. The urgent attention of every clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist and clergyman in the United States ought to be trained on what is happening with young men and gun violence and that ought to be happening RIGHT NOW if not YESTERDAY. What will now ensue instead, I am presuming, “post #Sandy Hook” is the usual outpouring of demands from the Hard Left that gun control laws be strengthened, that the purchasing of guns be made more difficult, that bans on the sale of assault weapons be legislated right away. Oddly, today’s shooter was not using an assault weapon. He was using two hand guns. But he had left an assault rifle in his mother’s car when he pulled into the school. It was loaded.

We already know that every hardened criminal and established gang member in the United States is armed to the teeth with an arsenal of diverse firearms. Venture to stroll the streets of south Chicago and you may be playing Russian Roulette with your own life. For law abiding citizens [ who are all in their right minds ] to be forced to give up their own home self defense firearms will send these well armed criminals on a suburban crime spree the likes of which we have never seen, so that’s not the solution either.

A 30 day waiting period for any hand gun sale which would include more strenuous background checks on the would-be buyer is one option which comes to mind right away, slowing down the process of procuring a small side arm which can be concealed in public. The 30 day wait would provide an emotional cooling off period if the buyer is disturbed, and would also allow law enforcement a longer period to observe any “mentally off” behavior coming from the individual which could become a heads-up for authorities, who would then decline the gun buyer’s application. But even that may fail to identify the loose cannons who are secretly emotionally self-loading for an outburst. The Oregon shooter from three days ago had no criminal history and showed no noticeable outward signs of his impending soul rupture. He stole the assault rifle he used from a friend. His act of lunacy apparently came out of the blue. His mother stated to the press that she saw no prior signs, neither did his friends or his girlfriend. What IS a significant part of the problem is that often people who are close to these deranged shooters are NOT taking action when there ARE clear and visible glaring signs appearing which hint of impending violence. Peculiar Facebook postings and / or YT videos or other internet postings have often been the first warning signs of future violent outbursts to come. Can we all be more vigilant? Of course we can. Any solution ventured will trample the civil rights of someone somewhere, we can all agree on that. But guns in the hands of outraged, enraged and / or mentally ill persons who are ready to act out has got to come to an end. I just don’t know exactly how that will play out yet. I want my readers to know that I’m a gun owner and proud of that fact. The only thing standing between me and a meth crazed lunatic who would try to break into my home to harm or rob me to finance a fix is a shot gun that would blow a hole in him 2 feet wide and I intend to keep it that way. I don’t ever intend to lose my life to a man or woman whose IQ is less than half of my own and who will never do society any good in the state of soul disintegration they are in due to drug addiction. It’s just not going to happen. God needs me alive well sane and sound to keep on keeping on until the very end. I help by owning a gun for self defense. May I never have to fire it at a human being, God willing. Guns in and of themselves are NOT the problem. Candidly, more than half of us would not be alive today had our ancestors not owned side arms as they crossed and settled the American prairies. That is a statement of fact. Smith and Wesson and Winchester are credited with keeping as many pioneer families alive to get the American West settled as any American lawman from the mid 1800s. Not owning a gun during that period in American history doomed the individual to uncertain odds of personal survival beyond the age of 30.

150 years later we face a different set of threats as a nation. Guns in the hands of unhinged disassociated young lunatics who possess no moral or emotional anchor, and a disappearing sense of right and wrong, is becoming a literal threat to the survival of American civil society. It’s now past time for a national dialogue on how to address what is taking place. Leave the political histrionics out it. The lives of American children and innocent people everywhere are threatened by this escalating insane killing spree.

We can also lobby Congress and the Senate to begin the process of removing “killing games” from the available video games which can be purchased by young adults. I cite the newest version of the wildly popular video game “Black Ops” as a prime example. American society has become so lenient when it comes to broadcasting gory violence in all media outlets that young American children have witnessed more “deaths” via TV, movies and violent “killing” video games by the time they are 12 years old than many Iraq war vets. This is sheer insanity. TV and movie executives and producers are fully spiritually and socially liable for allowing the broadcasting of “death and gore” TV shows, paying to see violent movies, and paying for video game products that reward the player who kills the most people with the highest score. Anyone observing American society from a clearheaded distance could only conclude that we are allowing the mass media to train our children to become killers by the time they are young adults by allowing this kind of death cult to continue in media and product merchandising. If you are reading this post and you have a youngster in your home who is playing these kinds of games, and you are doing nothing to prohibit them from being in your home, then you are saying “yes” to teaching your child to kill, whether you believe it or not. Stop and think it over. Further, pray about it and then TAKE ACTION. You might not be popular, but who cares? Your kids won’t grow up to be insensitive killing machines if video games are not lying around the house that teach them how. Something is very very very spiritually wrong in this culture. The glorification of death and violence in our media outlets MUST stop and it MUST stop now. The types of video games which the average young American male spends days on end playing are so hideously violent that many adults would be horrified if they knew what playing these games is really like. Playing “killing games” where your score is tallied based on the number of people or monsters or enemies or whatever that you kill is a literal “how-to” lesson in killing.Playing these games leads to the psychological desensitizing of the mortal mind to the spiritual, moral and criminal consequences of killing another sentient human being. I could rant on and on, as I am both gripped with grief and outrage – but I have to sign off and just take some time to cope with the magnitude of what is taking place. I literally cannot get my mind around 29 innocent American lives stolen for no good reason. The 20 little children killed had no connection to the Connecticut shooter whatsoever, except that his mother was their teacher. My soul is really struggling with how to react to such as outburst of sheer madness. The blog is on vacation between now and January 3rd 2013. Readers who want to chat about any of this can reach me at cherokeeblue888@charter.net. It might take me a few days to reply. Screenshots news blog author Posted 12.18.2012 Related Sandy Hook Links and Videos:

N.R.A. Calls for Armed Guards in Schools to Deter Violence

The name “Sandy Hook” along with a map that has eerie similarities to a map from the shooter’s house to the elementary school appeared in scenes from a recent Batman movie. How could this possibly be? The odds of such a “coincidence would be billions to one. So you tell me how this could have occurred. I have also found research videos on Sandy Hook which point out bizarre irregularities and inexplicable activities which are inconsistent with Sandy Hook having been a “real world” event, but which point to at least parts of the TV coverage of the shooting as possibly being staged.

For example, Facebook “memorial” and “donation” pages for several shooting victims were actually created several days before the shooting is alleged to have actually taken place. How could this be? I am not saying I agree with all of the speculation presented in these videos. But I have watched several of them and I am examining some of their allegations. I am asking questions, that’s all.

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