Remnant Gigantopithecus Live Specimens? Bigfoot Videos I Can’t Explain

If you do any reading at all on the topic of the supposedly extinct pre-human hominid Gigantopithecus, [ supposedly extinct for about 300,000 years  ] you can’t help but wonder whether or not isolated small groups of these creatures have survived in remote wilderness regions down into modern times.’s stunning video footage [ shot in Canada in the early 2000s by Todd Standing ] shows high resolution zoomed close up facial footage of a family of Bigfoots close to their deep wilderness domiciles looks practically identical to scientific illustrations of Gigantopithecus.

There have been numerous other incidents in the past 100 years when humanity has accidentally stumbled upon living specimens of primitive animal / primate / reptile / amphibian species which were thought to be long extinct. I’ve included some of those videos too.

The infamous case of the Tasmanian Tiger is just one example of the surprising re-discovery of a primitive animal species which was earlier thought to be extinct.

“It [ the Tasmanian Tiger ] had been considered extinct for nearly 80 years, but the Tasmanian tiger has been declared alive and kicking by an intrepid group of British naturalists.

A team of investigators from the Centre for Fortean Zoology, which operates from a small farmhouse in north Devon, is currently in Tasmania hunting down clues to prove the thylacine, commonly known as the Tassie tiger, still exists.

The group claims to have gathered compelling evidence of the thylacine’s presence in remote parts of Tasmania’s north-west, despite the last known animal dying in Hobart Zoo on 7 September 1936.”

Gigantopithecus portrayed in a museum display

I’m just saying …


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