Did Obama Personally Know About IRS Scrutiny of Tea Party and Patriot Groups in 2011 and 2012?

Updated on May 22st 2013


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Obama Administration Knew of IRS Probe During 2012 CampaignPresident Obama

Evidence emerges that Obama administration official knew of IRS targeting during 2012 campaign

Earlier in May I wrote …

Call call me skeptical, but I have been writing about Barack Obama since before he gained the White House in 2008, and I have my doubts today – mid May 2013 – about Obama’s current claim that he knew nothing of the IRS witch hunt on conservative tax-exempt applications last year.

2012 was only the biggest and most important year in a decade for ANY patriotic, or conservative leaning political group which was trying to get its sea legs and help put a conservative back into the White House. Come on, now. Really?

There were serious irregularities in Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign which the Media absolutely refused to report on.  I was there from the very beginning. I found a news report in May of 2008 posted to the Israeli Insider news website which showed photographs of Obama’s long form birth certificate and it had huge sections in in which were REDACTED. I thought this was odd.

Why would a presidential candidate need to “redact” [ black out, obscure ] sections of his own birth certificate? It didn’t make any sense.

I began sending emails to reporters in the US asking them to look into the story. I sent out more than 100 emails over a two week period and not one US based reporter even replied to my query. None bothered to investigate the issue. That was the beginning of the long strange trail I have traveled writing about the political career of Barack Obama. The “birth certificate” issue later exploded after he was elected it was too late to do anything about the many irregularities and issues surrounding his birth.

There has been a dark and ugly underside to the rising career of Barack Obama from the very beginning.  He was mentored by a communist as a child, his mother was a Wiccan witch, his father was a radical Muslim from Africa, and he was best friends with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers in Chicago early on. He helped to found and was a major player in the socialist Chicago “New Party” in the 1980s. His white grandparents in the Pacific Northwest enrolled him in a high school where socialist classes were taught and the principal was a member of the American Communist Party. His biggest political contributors, global super union SEIU, is known widely for it’s socialist-communist ideology and shares it’s worldwide slogan Workers of the World, Unite with the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in [ then ] Communist Russia. SEIU also helped to instigate the US based “Occupy” movement last year which trashed and tore up the streets and town centers of many large US cities.

Anyone who has cared enough to look beyond the officially sanctioned glossy Big Media portrayals  into the actual background of this man will quickly learn that Barack Obama followed a strange and highly peculiar path in his early life which would not indicate the norm for a man who is on his way to becoming the president of the United States. Some might speculate that the path he has traveled in unusually un-American for a future president of the United States. It certainly does not rouse emotions of patriotic love of one’s country and her heritage. In fact,  I not only found coverup after coverup after coverup in the five years I have spent learning more about Barack Obama, but I found one after the other really disturbing, alarming events and conjunctions which point to a man who is the first uniquely un-American president to hold the highest office in the land. I began to believe back in early 2009 that we had all been “had” by this man, along with the complicit Big Media machine which helped him get elected in 2008.

Now in his second term, once again, even if we DO find out that Barack Obama secretly gave a directive that put the IRS onto all conservative political groups with the words “patriot” or “Tea Party” in their names to thwart their efforts to organize, what can be done about it now? Yes, Steven Miller has ceremoniously resigned as acting head of the IRS.  But the targeting took place before his watch:

“The targeting occurred not under Miller, but during the tenure of former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman. Still, lawmakers say Miller did not inform Congress about the targeting practice, despite inquiries from Republican lawmakers.”

Window dressing was needed immediately and that would suffice for now. I suppose more heads will go onto the chopping block, [ update: it has happened today already on 5.16. 2013 with the resignation of other anIRS official ]  but it won’t change the fact that politically, something “wicked this way came” last year during the elections that gave Barack Obama the unfair upper hand, and not in a very legal way either.

If we are soon to discover, that yes, Obama did know what the IRS was up to last year during the critical election year push between May and October of 2012, it would not surprise me.  If we were soon to learn that in fact, someone connected directly to Barack Obama in the White House gave a directive to the IRS last year about all of this, that would not surprise me either.

In fact, it would fit the pattern perfectly. We would then be privy to witnessing the usual wake and  trajectory of spooky events which always whirl around Barack Obama, including vehement and self righteous public denials about [ fill-in-the-blank ] scandal du’jour, [ in this case the IRS 2012 witch hunt issue ] while purposeful behind-the-scenes activities kick into gear like a well oiled machine which attempt to erase the trail of direct connections to Barack Obama himself. I can hear those gears grinding all the way from Washington, even as I update this post.

I’m just saying.  Brace yourself for another classic Obama “hide, alter and obfuscate” slow motion exploding scandal.  This one may be the biggest one yet.

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