9-11 Unsolved Mysteries

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It’s now been 11 years since 9-11. As the years pass by I continue to “stumble” across inexplicable photos, reports, videos and alternative scenarios for who and what may have really been behind the American tragedy which took place in NYC on September 11th 2001, also know known everywhere as simply “9-11.”

I have never given the bizarre “Israeli perpetrators theory” any time or attention, for obvious reasons – it sounds like pure madness. But recently I found a video which has photographs that I cannot explain. look at the photograph to your right. This is a purported moving van spotted and photographed in the street level parking lot of the Twin Towers on the morning of 9-11. “Urban Moving Systems Incorporated” is painted on the side, along with a literal mural of the NYC skyline showing the twin towers and a large jet airliner headed directly at them.

How the hell could anyone explain this?  Theories run rampant But it gets much worse. I learned several more telltale grisly facts a few days ago:

1) A little known brother in the Bush family, Marvin P. Bush was employed by electronic security firm Securacom / Stratesec between 1993 and 2000. Securacom is the corporation which provided all electronic security for both the Twin Towers and for Dulles Airport during that time.

2) Another little known Bush family member, Wirt D. Walker III, had been the CEO of Stratesec between 1996 and 2002.

3) One of the world’s largest gold depositories was located under the World Trade Center. See video #4 below.

I can only speculate what other horrendous truths we will all learn about 9-11 in years to come. I have a deep gut feeling that our children and grandchildren will still be trying to get to the bottom of the events of 9-11 in decades to come, if America lasts that long. A fraud of such horrific magnitude that it’s hard to describe was perpetrated on the American people on September 11th 2001.

When I told one of my good friends what I had learned about who worked at the security firm [ Securacom / Stratesec ] which provided electronic security for both the World Trade Center and for Dulles Airport right before 9-11, she just stared at me. This is a person who is completely disinterested in any sort of “conspiracy theory” or alternative storyline to anything, and she mostly takes the news just as it comes off the TV set.

Her comment to me, once she thought about it for a few minutes was: “That cannot possibly be a mere coincidence.” “Exactly,” I replied. Anyone with at least half a brain would have to be really bothered by that fact.

The American media cover story about who perpetrated the actions of 9-11 might be at least partially true regarding the 19 attackers and their Saudi identities. But the story the American media keeps spinning about who planned 9-11 is an abject lie, a cleverly constructed media hologram which has been reinforced through repetition for more than a decade. It has to be. The mere fact that the “Marvin Bush” connection has never been publicly discussed, as well as the other Bush cousin, Wirt D.Walker III, is too glaring and too conspicuous.

The silence of the American press and TV media is what is so very damning about it. Where is “20/20”? Where is “Rock Center”? Where is “60 Minutes”? Where is “48 Hours”? Where are all the good American investigative reporters who should have been crawling all over the Bush family’s role in pre-9-11 security at Securacom?

Looking at all of it from the distance of 11 years into the future, post the awful earth changing event, post the “cover story” that we all got, post the erosion of the 9-11 truth movement into smaller scattered pieces which have to fight to remain relevant, post all the people who have died mysterious deaths who were trying to ask the most urgent and pertinent questions about this event, the American people have been left to their own devices to try to understand what really happened that day and who was really behind it.

I will not stop looking for the truth. My soul cannot just accept the big lie knowing what I have learned thus far. We might not ever see justice done for those who actually planned these attacks. But it has become a matter of sheer force of personal dignity for me to keep looking. Because I love my friends and neighbors, and I feel the American people deserve better than what has been given to them as governance and political leadership in my lifetime. I have not a doubt in my mind that there is a crime cabal behind this that must be global in nature. Human wickedness might run rampant for a season on this world, but it won’t last forever. I believe that in my own secret heart.

With each new horrible fact I uncover I am determined even more to keep digging. It’s the only way I know how to honor the lives that were lost. It’s the only way I think I can help at this point. We can’t stop looking for the truth. One day the global crime cabal will be exposed and naked in plain view. One day justice will be done. If I didn’t believe that I couldn’t get up in the morning. I have to believe in a future where we are finally governed by real leaders who are not ALL rotten to the core.

Feel free to share what you learn on this page. It will expand as I post more research. Be sure to read this report also:  https://21stcenturyscreenshots.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/9-11-twin-towers/

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