How Much Do You Really Know About RFID Technology?

For those unfamiliar with Christian leader Katherine Albrecht, she is a renown worldwide expert on the emergence of global surveillance via #RFID technology. Katherine believes, as do millions of American Christians, that the modern introduction of RFID technology is the beginning of the prophesied biblical “Mark of the Beast” which was foretold in the Book of Revelations. Her lectures are an excellent resource for Christians everywhere who want to understand the serious threats to personal and civil liberties that RFID technology poses in our lifetime.

Please feel free to share this post and the videos below with others in your own social networks. Every American, and that includes agnostics, ought to be gravely concerned about the loss of personal privacy which will ensue as RFID technology becomes a mandatory part of American life. Raise your voice and understand that silence is consent, and you should not silently consent that RFID technology is allowed to slowly surround your everyday existence.

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