Telling Lies on the Campaign Trail in 2012

What the majority of Americans have experienced during the last four years has not been ‘hopeful’, and any real ‘change’ they have seen has been mostly for the worse.

Yes, Osama Bin Laden is dead. Obamacare‘s full future consequences have yet to be determined.

The fact is that the overall economic conditions that many Americans are now living in are getting worse, not better. It’s useless to listen to empty campaign platitudes from Barack Obama about “saving the middle class” as the bitter results of his past four years’ economic policies stare us all in the face. This man is lying to the nation. He lied to the nation in 2008 and he is doing it again in 2012. Obama well knows he lacks the skills to turn the tide of despair in the country, yet he campaigns as if he has all the answers. It’s criminal.

The numbers are in and they don’t lie. Under the past four years of the Obama presidency violent crime has soared, the number of households on food stamps has soared to the highest number in US history, more businesses have closed their doors and median household income has dropped. While Obama has jetted around on Air Force One, courtesy of the taxpayer nickel seeking his re-election votes, the catastrophically poor citizens of Pembroke Illinois, just 70 miles outside his home town of Chicago, live in such abject squalor that reporters who visited the town to report on the story were horrified. Pembroke Illinois has no schools, no stores, no public utilities and no jobs. This shameful unspeakable ghetto is right in Barack Obama’s back yard. If Barack Obama comes to give an rousing, flowery campaign speech in your town, why not stand up and ask him what happened to Pembroke Illinois?

The tragic story of Pembroke Illinois is being repeated all over the country. There are more than a dozen American cities which are now so broke, they may never recover fully from the effects of economic collapse. These are the shuttered boarded up dead cities where you WON’T see Air Force One coming in for a landing on the 2012 campaign trail. These cities represent America’s dirty little secret: that the so called economic recovery they sell in glossy sound bites during the network evening news is conspicuously uneven. Not all of America’s towns and cities are recovering. Many dying cities may never recover. Americans are being lied to in these “sunny” economic forecasts which suddenly appear on the evening news each time Barack Obama slips a little bit in the polls. This is a snapshot of pure and brazen social engineering. With the notable exception of “60 Minutes,” there has yet to be one network TV broadcast aired this year which documents the actual plight of dying American cities like, Saint Louis, Detroit, Stockton, Flint, or Baltimore.

Examine the collected statistics and video reports below. I would advise any American citizen, no matter what your political party affiliation, to think long and hard before you swallow any more empty Obama rhetoric from the campaign trail. We all know Obama gives a great speech. That’s one of the talents that got him to the White House. But his real skill and experience at actual governing is slim, and his lack of knowledge as to how to turn the American economy around has created further economic disaster. The evidence of this is literally everywhere, staring Americans in the face.

How blind are the voters of this country who think four more years of this will somehow be a solution to the past four years of decline?

Obama’s politically correct yet blurry pro-Muslim actions during the last four years have emboldened Islamic radicals in the Mideast to ask for even more American dollars. For Americans to allow another 3-5 billion dollars to flow into Egyptian coffers next year to finance more Muslim Brotherhood plans for global Jihad against the West is an act of abject political madness. Financial aid to Egypt must be stopped. A school child in the United States would have enough common sense to know that a nation does not finance it’s enemies.

The prospect that more flowery speeches full of empty promises to the middle class made by Obama during this campaign would fool the youth of the nation a second time around makes my soul furious. Surely the nation is not mind controlled so thoroughly that they can’t see through all this? Barack Obama will say anything and promise you everything to get re-elected. The country will be in tatters at the end of a second Obama term in office. And the radical Muslim population in the country will have grown exponentially. An Obama re-election cannot be allowed to happen if we want to keep the nation we all grew up in and stop the rise of it’s “Islamification.”

How many more devastated and bankrupt American cities would a liberal voter need to see, how many more millions of Americans on Food Stamps, how deep would the Chinese trade deficit have to get, how many more rapes and murders and killings on American streets, how much more government corruption would would people need to witness, before voters would realize that the Barack Obama presidency has been a lie?

Every hard cold fact presented in this report is begging for intelligent voters of all persuasions to give another man a chance to turn the fortunes of this nation around before it is too late. Here are the facts.

  • For the first time since the great depression, working men are earning less than their fathers did when they went into the work force a generation earlier.
  • More than 50% of college graduates are either unemployed or are working low wage jobs that have nothing to do with their degrees.
  • Unpaid student debt has topped 1 trillion dollars for the first time in US history.
  • More than 700,000 teachers have been laid off during Barack Obama’s presidency.
  • In Oregon local businesses must “pass the hat and take monthly collections” to provide enough money for K12 schools to be able to afford basic school supplies for their students, in many cases fundamental items like pencils, paper, books, and simple art supplies. Teachers who have not been laid off are often digging into their own pockets to pay for needed classroom supplies.
  • Median household income in America has not risen in more than a decade. It has slumped downward faster under Obama’s presidency than at any time since the great depression.
  • Poverty in America is at it’s highest level in 30 years. One in Six Americans now live in poverty, more than 46 million citizens. In Pembroke Illinois unemployment is 50%.

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