US Tanks & Military Artillery on the Move

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Surprised locals all around the US continue to record video of huge numbers of military tanks and other heavy artillery being shipped by rail across the nation. Nothing about these movements of tanks and artillery is appearing in mainstream news outlets. [ Surprise.] Much of this video comes out of Nevada and California, and the rail cars are headed generally west in the direction of US port cities along the west coast. I would assume that means they are intended for shipment via the Pacific ocean to unknown locales.

Could it be possible that the planning for an invasion of Iran went into “action” mode as early as 2011?  Have a look at the videos recorded by stunned locals below. Note there is NO desert camouflage on many of these tanks. What could that mean?

Recorded August 7th 2012:

Recorded January 12th 2012:

Recorded January 23rd 2012:

This amateur video footage was recorded in August of 2012 in Kentucky, California and Nevada. I have no idea why these lines of hundreds of US military tanks are moving across US soil, or what it might mean. Here is the next video. I’m looking to see if there are others like it.

This video next was recorded on March 7th 2011: Watsonville California, headed to Santa Cruz, which means they are all headed overseas. WW3 planning?

More citizen journalism “man on the street” video recorded in 2012: