Media Becoming A Left Wing Psy Op

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“The press was never

intended to determine

the course of American

history, but to report it

as it occurred.”

PREFACE: Introduction to Social Engineering Through TV 101

In case you don’t believe that TV script writers have anything to do with politics or the White House incumbency, watch this recent episode of TV comedy “The Office” where writers took care to cleverly write Michelle Obama’s name into the script, since this is an election year and Obama’s re-election campaign has not exactly been stellar. Michelle Obama has made more TV appearances in the past four months than she had in the last four years of her husband’s presidency. If you see no relationship between the scripts for certain fictional TV sitcoms and what goes in politics, you need to read this entire essay. Then read it again.

Entering into the second decade of the 21st century, Americans are presented with some very serious “actuality issues” regarding what is now designated and delivered as “news” in the United States.

What was once labeled “news” has become increasingly laden with pre-designed and calculated social engineering messages, often appearing as overt psychological propaganda with a specific motive and intent. This shameless public spectacle of unabashed and intentional social engineering and opinion molding disguised as “news reporting” is especially apparent in presidential election years like 2012.

Anyone watching the two recent 2012 GOP and DNC conventions could barely discern any actual differences between the two “faked” political parties grandiose events, as the purpose of both conventions seemed to be, more than anything else, a morbid display of demonizing the “other” party while extolling the virtues of their own. Platform discussions wherein the actual plans offered by either party to address the urgent problems addressing the nation were non-existent at both conventions. What we got instead was Clint Eastwood‘s pretty good amateur comedy routine and Bill Clinton’s foaming, nearly rabid “you must re-elect Obama” speech, imploring the nation to re-elect the same man whose 2008 election campaign he had stated was the “biggest fairy tale in the history of the nation” four years ago”.  [ Does anyone else remember that? Four years ago Bill Clinton despised Barack Obama with such vitriol he could barely bring himself to be on the same stage with him. Did Bill get threatened by the shadow government elites to change his tune, because he now cannot stop praising Barack Obama, who has done so little for the good of the nation that even school children are aware of his failings. ]

Absolute political shape-shifting nonsense like Bill Clinton’s very public “morph” regarding Obama has replaced any former intelligent and civil discussion of the real issues which burden the nation. Any exceptions are duly noted.

The daily news in the United States of America could now be more likened to a “daily PSY OP induction exercise” more than anything else. The motive of the media owners and managers, who operate under higher directives, is to keep the general population as ill informed as possible, while at the same time hammering the populace with tens of thousands of meaningless and insignificant “fake news stories” on the hour, every hour, riveting the attention of the young and the dim onto the lives of myriad unintelligent, rich and trivial celebrities, thus by sheer force of the volume of these fake news reports engaging the entire population in the biggest game of make-believe ever perpetrated onto a human population since the beginning of recorded history. This began to take place in the last two decades of the twentieth century, and escalated into a new frenzy during the opening two decades of the 21st century.

“News” has frequently been replaced with utter meaninglessness advertised to the masses as substance. The more this utter meaninglessness is consumed, the more it is produced. Herein lies tragedy: If you give a starving man a moldy cracker covered in dirt, he most likely will grab it and eat it. Anything will do at that point. Likewise when a mortal civilization has been deprived for ages of any real and substantive truth about who they are, what they are, why they are, and where their souls are really going as their world whirls around the sun each day, as the world population is bathed daily with yet another massive onslaught of comedic tragic TV show graffiti peppered with product placements, personality replacements, where the very worst in human nature is advertised, glorified, amplified then hammered into people’s homes, where every channel is worse than the one you just left, where food is now a drug and drugs are consumed with the regularity of food, where all real meaning disappears into an endless tirade of shouting commercial breaks, why wouldn’t the soul eventually be ground down to such a fine and putrid powder that this torrent of meaninglessness would finally be consumed as spiritual food?

Where there is no real meaning, the glorification of daily meaninglessness reigns instead. After subsisting on this meal of advertised slop for several decades, just like prison food, it begins to take on a taste of it’s own, it becomes “something” to consume, when the soul has achieved final emptiness, and ultimate spiritual starvation.

As the decades fly by, new generations of young people consume this daily barrage of media-meaninglessness as “news” because they have no REAL news to compare it against, thus they have no barometer by which to measure what they are consuming. The trivialization and media-induced “infantilizing” [ to intentionally psychologically regress adults back into former stages of development by subjecting them to constant television programs which display other adults are who in this condition being congenially accepted by society as “normal” ] of an entire population, even several generations deep, which began in the 1980s, has now attained the first level of successful indoctrination, that being that a substantial portion of the adult population can no longer discern the difference between what has meaning, worth and value, and what does not. Lacking these rudimentary discernment skills, the consumers now depend on television and movies to explain to them what is real and what is not. Can you imagine a more horrifying psychological scenario? Is it no wonder we have our re-appearing symptomatic monsters like James Holmes and Jared Loughner?

This blog chronicles this diabolical and gradual public mass-media PSY OP process as it continues to unfold. Where it is all going cannot possibly be good, but it can eventually be stopped if enough people get sick enough of it, sick enough to do something.

The individual has the personal and moral power to re-choose where they intend to focus their attention each day. The individual can re-choose to begin a slow and deliberate personal re-education process that re-focuses one’s attention on what matters, rather than what does not.

The human behavior [ cultivated from infancy via television, programming and now, the internet ] of incessantly craving to know everything about the sordid and trivial details of the lives of dim, dark yet wealthy and /or famous celebrities, while displaying almost no interest whatsoever in the governance of one’s state and nation, will inevitably lead to the mass servitude of future populations under a fascist superstate within 40 years or less. This is not a prophecy. This is a statement of fact.

This [planned for] future American or world superstate could emerge as an extremely liberal left wing socialist anarchy, which would include a mass re-distribution of wealth and the mandatory dissolution of all personal property ownership – or it could eventually emerge as a far right wing Neo-Con pseudo-religious superstate with the twisted worship of some Manchurian political savior figure and an altered version of religious fundamentalism at the hub. The Muslim Brotherhood of the early 21st century as well as certain factions within fundamentalist Christianity both contain the seeds to foment such a future religious extremist superstate. Should the horizon darken in such a way that BOTH extremes rise to power, one in North America, and one in the Mideast – at the same time, and then go to war with one another, there would be little of the world left to wander within 3 to 5 years. Behold what follows upon the death of all human goodwill, political bipartisanship and friendly agreeable moderation. Is this final departure from moderation in our political landscape irretrievable? Is there no turning back to a more genteel and cooperative method of leading the nation? Isn’t this really a moment when we should stop and remember something good from our own past which we have left behind, pull over, turn around, go back and get it?

To return to the politics of cooperation, brotherhood and moderation is not to return to the past. It is to return to spiritual sanity.

Both varieties of political extremism are now bubbling and frothing in different parts of the world. Those who study this situation from a safe vantage point can see where it all might converge at some future point. The wind is blowing hard from the East and it is not a good wind.

Although it would appear to be a restatement of the obvious to proclaim that now is not the time for any good American citizen to become ever more self-saturated with infantile media and celebrity worship, I note a phenomenon which runs concurrent to the rise of fascist politics on both sides of the globe. As the world’s precarious condition escalates into ever more horrendous new actualities which no one could have imagined might happen, as the unimaginable happens with more regularity, as the senses which were formerly shocked now recede into the stupor of literal daily spiritual overwhelm, there is one other thing happening which I can’t help but notice. It makes for a dark and very troubling equation, psychological black math, if you will.

The more dreadful the world’s overall situation becomes, the more frenzied is the renewed escalation of public escapism into ever more bizarre mass media make-believe scenarios which are advertised as “news” or worse, as “entertainment.” Sure, we’re all a little bit guilty of indulging in our own personal versions of escapism. People do it everyday. Blogging in and of itself can become a form of escapism, as can fashion, motorcycles, dogs, food, royal-watching, yachting, skate-boarding or Pinterest. I would imagine at this point that just about every thinking human being on earth has some sort of hobby that they indulge in to soothe the soul and escape the harsh darkness which is being blasted at humanity from the TV set and every other media outlet. [Really? Did we really need a new TV show titled “666 Park Avenue’? Do we really need TV shows in which people morph into demons and ghouls about every 30 seconds – Grimm? ]

To say that American television has NOT become a well planned and programmed PSY OP induction program into the dark arts of Lucifer is to NOT have watched much TV in the last 3 years or so.

And so we seek our escapes, variously, as the soul is confronted each day with more mountains of inexplicable mass shootings, husbands shooting and killing their wives and children, politicians behaving like college frat boys, and college frat boys behaving like serial killers [ most recently James Holmes ].

Why not, one would ask? Why not just escape from it all and hide in the media outlet of one’s choosing, consuming whatever they broadcast with the blind faith of a child? How much more escapism can we afford?

This is not to say there has not been a real and genuine mass spiritual awakening on the part of the average American in the last 10 years. We now have a burgeoning alternative news universe which is thriving, thanks to the temporarily free internet that we are clinging to for now. We have entire communities working together in survival preparedness mode, we have states like Utah that accept gold and silver bullion as currency, other states which are minting their own currency, we have advanced private barter networks across entire local communities, there is now the digital internet currency “Bitcoin” along with other ingenious alternatives to the degraded US dollar and teetering world economy. Great progress has been made. These “coping preparations” continue and they need to pick up even more speed.

The next great wall to surmount as a unified world populace is the achievement of the eventual final dismantling of the American elite NWO owned mega-media TV networks which are operated by corporate oligarchs unconcerned with the consequences that their TV programming induce over time. Their media empire increasingly spews a literal TV-show fire-hose of death, murder, dismemberment, filth, dark and unloving relations, adult infantilism, decadence, tripe, inane human relations, and entire TV series which are dedicated to the undoing of all good and normal human relations, these being replaced with the spectacle of sinister human relations instead: shows like Big Brother, Survivor, Gossip Girl, et al. I do not exclude from spiritual liability the teeming sea of celebrities who participate in this parade of public stupidity, whose appearances and roles in all of this in and of itself is an endorsement of the daily parade of lies. Their souls are accountable for what they are participating in, and no amount of billions of dollars in lifetime earnings will buy their way out of that accountability. The era of the “blind leading the blind” is all around us, and it’s effects are inescapable.

Human beings are literally being inducted via TV and motion picture programming into the precise how-to methodology of personal betrayal, disloyalty, deceit, duplicity, and banal human wickedness – all cleverly disguised as “home entertainment.” A massive international PSY OP mass indoctrination such as this could only be pulled off in a society which is already so benumbed and befuddled by the nonstop assault of horrendously bad daily news  that many American have, by this time, collectively ceased to be capable of actually discerning good from evil.

If the hidden governing elites were eventually planning to perpetrate the greatest global fraud in all of recorded human history, that is to say, they were planning to soon commence the introduction of a central world savior figure who would pretend to be the return of Christ, solver of all problems, righter of all wrongs, a false redeemer to a media-blinded stumbling human species, then isn’t this “final human condition”  – the cessation of all ability to discern right from wrong, good from evil, Light and Truth from darkness – the exact condition the elites would want the population of the world [and especially Americans ] to exist in, by the time that era drew near?

Think about it. What do you worship? What is it, exactly, that they want you to worship?

Is the goal to finally eventually wear humanity down by insidious media driven TV degrees to the point that no one worships anything anymore, other than shoes, celebrities, personalities, food, cars, IPads Smart-Phones and sports? When that point of collective human psychological exhaustion nears [ and it is nearing, even as I type this essay ] who will appear to captivate the blindsided media stupified masses?

Are you paying attention yet? Are you finally spiritually awake and aware, not ‘dumbed and benumbed?

If you would like to become more active in wresting control of the airwaves from an extreme Left Wing media which does not represent the Will of the majority of Americans, read this:

Operation: #OpSLAM


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