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Documentary 2016: Obama’s America is Now the #1 Best Selling DVD in America

We all deserved a more thorough vetting of Barack Obama in the months leading up to his announcement of his candidacy for president in 2008. It didn’t happen. No one in Big Media seems to be able or capable of explaining to the American people exactly WHY it didn’t happen.

English: Springfield, Illinois, USA. Barack Ob...

English: Springfield, Illinois, USA. Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and daughters. “The Future First Family Waves.”

This was the first time in the history of the presidency that a man about whom so little was known rose to political super stardom with no official investigation by the US media into his background, his past affiliations, his college transcripts, or his actual deeply held personal beliefs.

I find that fact alone the most suspicious red flag of the many troubling omens in Obama’s sudden political ascendancy. Under the first four years of Obama’s term in office unemployment has soared, cities and towns have battled bankruptcy, student loan debt has soared, housing values have plummeted, and our food stamp recipient population went from 32 million Americans to 47 million Americans. With these grim facts representing the first four years of his term in office, it’s only prudent to try to imagine what America might look like after four more years of Barack Obama.

That’s exactly what well known filmmakers Dinesh D’Souza, and Jim Hannon have done. Their documentary “2016: Obama’s America” is going viral and for good reason. The portrait painted of what the year 2016 might look like under Obama’s second term in office ought to give ever American pause as we head into the final days of the 2012 election campaign and prepare to vote for the man we choose to lead the nation during the next four years.Several of the trailers for the documentary have already garnered nearly a million views.

Watch 2016 Obama’s America movie trailers:

Watch the 2016 movie here: http://www.youtube.com/movie?v=2SLa-poeHY4&feature=mv_sr

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