Odd Encounter Between UFO and Meteor Recorded Over Japan

This footage looks strikingly similar to the zoom footage of the UFO that shot a bolt of some sort at the recent giant Russian meteor as it sped toward the ground, exploding it into thousands of pieces.

Earlier I had reported….

Did Something Shoot Down the Huge Russian Meteor Over Chelyabinsk? It Sure Looks Like It.

This stuff makes for great “alien PR” doesn’t it? If there is an Illuminati global PSY OP afoot to release footage like this to endear the human species to our alien guests, well …. I guess it’s working.  The video below is now making the rounds on the internet, leaving me and millions like me scratching our heads. WTF.

Compare the video above with this one from the recent Russian giant meteor strike:


Several New UFO Sightings Reported in Southern Oregon January, February 2013

I am a regular sky watcher and I have been for years. Each evening I usually study the skies for at least a half hour or more.

I have personally seen and observed dozens of UFOs over the skies of southern Oregon coast in the past few years, but I never call in my sightings. I have watched as UFOs perform high speed maneuvers, I have seen them streak across the sky at mach speeds then come to a dead stop and move in a different direction, defying the laws of both physics and aeronautics as we known them.  I have also watched as fleets of UFOS “pose” as star constellations for several minutes, and then begin moving at high speed, then slow down and “pose” again as constellations, indiscernible to most observers.  I have also seen large UFOS eject smaller ones which sped away at high speed. I have seen UFOs accelerate from a dead standstill to mach speed at such velocity that they left bright neon blue “wake” which lingered in the night sky for several seconds then vanish. None of the phenomenon I have observed could be confused with meteorites, which I also observe  and each night I usually see about 3-5 meteorites flash across the sky. The meteorites are note the same objects as the UFOs.

I have personally witnessed so many of these astonishing late night aerial displays in my region that I now can say with certainty that “something” or “someone” is out there watching or patrolling / observing my region of the Oregon coast, although I have no idea what it is.

I only tell close friends and family about what I see, and I have not written about my personal UFO sightings, until now.

I  always monitor some version of local Oregon news broadcasts each evening and last night [ surprise!] there was a UFO report on my local news broadcast. There was also an earlier UFO sighting reported from January 2013 as well.

I went looking for any corroboration this morning and here’s what I found. I have to admit I was surprised at how spartan the local news coverage of these recent UFO sightings was. My guess is that local reporters got fooled once [ see UFO hoax video at end ] so they shy away from reporting on any sightings now, as they fear being “fooled twice”.

Black Triangle Sighting in Eugene, Oregon on February 17th 2013 – Three red-orange lights forming a triangle, but not confined to that shape



Similar UFO report from Eugene Oregon from 3 years ago:

Three orange lights hover low near Eugene, Oregon

3 months ago there was also a hoax UFO sighting in Eugene which turned out to be a kite with lights on corners of it. When it crashed the hoax was outed:

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Daylight UFOs Recorded Over Denver Stump NORAD and Veteran Airline Pilot

This news report is quite interesting as it appeared on a local news affiliate in Denver and was investigated both by NORAD as well as examined by a veteran airline pilot. The man who took this video only discovered the objects after slowing down the video to a frame by frame speed. They were flying too fast to be detected by the human eye.

Readers who have been with me for several years will recall I used to post alot of material about the overall NWO creepiness of Denver, including the new Denver International Airport, with all it’s macabre murals and underground levels whose future uses have never been explained.

What I did not tell readers was that I lived in Denver for several years about a decade ago. The house I lived in was right along some sort of mysterious “late night flight path” for a huge and unidentified object which barreled overhead about every fourth night a 4 am at such a high speed that it made the whole house shake. This thing emitted a “sound” for lack of a better word, that was neither engine-like, jet-like or turbine-like. It hummed like some sort of electronic super device and the sound it made was horrifying. I never had the guts to stand outside and try to catch video of this thing, as it flew overhead at such a speed that it was useless to try. Everyone who ever experienced one of these “fly-overs” was really unnerved by them. They did not fit the description of any aircraft we had ever heard.

So I have some personal experience with the creepiness of what’s afoot in the skies of Denver from years back. But seeing a local TV station pay attention is a new and welcome development. Here’s the video:

Jaw Dropping Daylight UFO Sighting Reported By Local TV Broadcasts in KY, Identical Object Seen Later in UK

UFO reports like this one rarely if ever make the local TV news broadcasts. But this colossally huge object was caught on video by a local amateur astronomer, which lent much credibility to his footage. A local TV news station in Kentucky aired photos and the video footage, which is highly unusual. We all know the drill. People who see UFOs are still regarded oddly by those who have never seen up – the man who took this footage captured an object that cannot be explained away.

Ok, wait … it gets better. Someone in the UK filmed the identical same UFO over their country. Check this out:

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