The Call for Truth Will Drown Out the Sounds of Lies in the Next Ten Years

The sound of an urgent call for full disclosure of the alien agenda / UFO / cattle mutilation / human abduction phenomenon has gone from a soft fringe murmur to a full roar in the last twenty years. This very loud noise on all media airwaves reached a crescendo last year in 2012, as calls for “full disclosure” of the international UFO / alien agenda / abduction coverup were made by high profile figures in radio broadcasting, UFO research, alternative news media publishing, including many prominent figures in government, who came forward with some of their own claims for the first time.

Documents by the literal ton have, by now, been shredded and burned by colluding federal agencies for decades, eliminating most all of the damning evidence which could be used by the American people to bring charges against the FED in one of the most heinous acts that any sitting government could ever perpetrate upon it’s own people: the secret collusion of elected federal government officials and other governments around the world with numerous off-world alien species in a hideous “alien technology for human abductee subjects swap“, set in motion in the mid twentieth century for all kinds of horrible and nefarious reasons, and kept secret from the tax-paying populations of the governed for decades.

It’s the most severe cardinal sin any government could ever enact against the trust and confidence placed in it by the governed, a betrayal of trust on such a massive scale that only a series of life sentences imposed upon convicted perpetrators  – or a series of death sentences rendered – would ever even begin to make amends for the irreparable damage done to the future of a nation and the destiny of a mortal species.

Yet this is precisely what has taken place since the late 1940s when the CIA was first organized, with the sole purpose set forth at that time of willfully and deliberately obfuscating the facts while polluting the waters of all real journalism regarding the emerging alien agenda with a monumental heap of disinformation and outright lies.

As ought to have been expected, our idiotic power hungry government leaders from the 1940s era got fully cheated in the deal they made with the devil, aka the off-world visitors, who clearly had an appalling agenda of their own. The aliens did many things to break their treaty with the US government, almost immediately after it was made, which did not bode well for humankind and its future. Researchers like Zecharia Sitchin, important revelatory documents like The Urantia Book have now disclosed that some sort of meddling off-world presence aligned itself with Lucifer early on and set about subverting God’s Way for the people of this world, replacing it with a preposterous series of ever escalating lies instead.

This all started about 200,000 years ago, after the remnant of the Annunaki went over to the side of Lucifer en masse during the outbreak of the Lucifer Rebellion at the system level of our local region of inhabited worlds.

What we have been left with is a miserable legacy of secrets, lies, disinformation, spiritual half-truths and other nonsense which will only be finally swept into the fire when the Second Coming takes place and settles the record once and for all. I would guess, based on what I have learned in the last 20 years, that at least 30% of what’s in human history books is in grave error, and I would surmise that these “grave errors” were not accidental, but by design.

One of the secrets to the total control of a mortal population is the over-control and / or suppression of the facts regarding their genesis and history. What is first and foremost on the minds of every spiritually hungry human being in our present era, but this very question. Who are we? Where did we really come from? Why are we here? What is the REAL alien agenda, as opposed to what they would like for us to believe?

The truth has been lying buried under tons of debris, waiting for the most brilliant archeologists to unearth it and finally make sense of the never ending series of puzzle pieces. There are those who argue that some sort of genetically superior Annunaki overlords literally engineered us in the deep past, yet humankind has little or no idea as to what the real purposes of Adam and Eve were, who were, in fact, our true ancient and Divinely ordained biological uplifters arriving on earth some 38,000 years before the life of Christ.  This little known fact is now the colossal elephant in the room, which is being ignored by geneticists, scientists, and historians. Without a basic understanding of who and what the Violet Race was and is, modern men and women will never arrive at the truth about how we came to be modern era people. The fallen Annunaki have given us war, death, never ending carnage, blood lust, and wickedness on a scale that defies description, age after age, nearly ruining the human species at this opening moment of the 21st century.

The Violet Bloodline has given humankind a highly charged, refined genetic morsel of hope, something we can build upon, if families aligned with the Christ flame can ever reclaim their Edenic heritage and build great dynasties of modern era peoples which reflect the Divine Standard which was set forth in the original Eden 38,000 years ago. This can still be done. It’s not an impossibility.

During the past 20 years, one by one, every supposedly intelligent geologist, archeologist, truth researcher, and academic historian has fallen under the intellectual spell of Zecharia Sitchin, believing his interpretation of the unearthed Sumerian tablets to be the closest to the truth. This is a dire mistake and it might take decades to work our way back to the proper turn in the road once people realize their error in assigning Zecharia Sitchin as the sole authority on ancient human origins. You must realize that Sitchin had his own agenda also. He cared less about the ultimate truth than he did about embellishing his own personal academic reputation. When presented with the facts held in the Urantia Book in the early 1990s by myself via a series of letters, he foolishly ignore them altogether, throwing away the most important puzzle pieces of all, which could have finished the image he was looking to build which could better explain our past.

Humankind has to begin the earnest examination of the records presented in The Urantia Book and then compare those records to the account given by Sitchin to see which way to proceed. There is your signpost. This needs to be done in the next 4-7 years, before the tall tale of the “Annunaki Gods who created us” becomes so entrenched in university studies that the great lie of Lucifer and his co-hort Satan is dispensed as the truth for yet another human generation. We just won’t last that long.

Remember:  A race of people who do not know where they come from, or why, who are living in amnesia, can be told nearly anything about their hidden roots, and will most likely believe what they are told. They are hungry, and like starving people close to death, will eat whatever is given to them when death is at the door.

Keeping the human race in a state of deep and impenetrable spiritual and intellectual amnesia about their own ancient origins is precisely what the Annunaki have effectively done for hundreds of generations now. We can’t let this go on any longer. The children you suffer and do without to raise deserve to know and understand a real and meaningful history of who they really are, and where their human genetics really come from. That’s the DISCLOSURE that the human race will soon hunger for, and the flimsy snake-oil style answers coming out of government sanctioned propaganda cannot feed this hunger, or quell the ever louder voice of humankind rising, which demands to know the TRUTH.

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”  – Jesus of Nazareth

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December 8th 2013


Odd Encounter Between UFO and Meteor Recorded Over Japan

This footage looks strikingly similar to the zoom footage of the UFO that shot a bolt of some sort at the recent giant Russian meteor as it sped toward the ground, exploding it into thousands of pieces.

Earlier I had reported….

Did Something Shoot Down the Huge Russian Meteor Over Chelyabinsk? It Sure Looks Like It.

This stuff makes for great “alien PR” doesn’t it? If there is an Illuminati global PSY OP afoot to release footage like this to endear the human species to our alien guests, well …. I guess it’s working.  The video below is now making the rounds on the internet, leaving me and millions like me scratching our heads. WTF.

Compare the video above with this one from the recent Russian giant meteor strike:

Several New UFO Sightings Reported in Southern Oregon January, February 2013

I am a regular sky watcher and I have been for years. Each evening I usually study the skies for at least a half hour or more.

I have personally seen and observed dozens of UFOs over the skies of southern Oregon coast in the past few years, but I never call in my sightings. I have watched as UFOs perform high speed maneuvers, I have seen them streak across the sky at mach speeds then come to a dead stop and move in a different direction, defying the laws of both physics and aeronautics as we known them.  I have also watched as fleets of UFOS “pose” as star constellations for several minutes, and then begin moving at high speed, then slow down and “pose” again as constellations, indiscernible to most observers.  I have also seen large UFOS eject smaller ones which sped away at high speed. I have seen UFOs accelerate from a dead standstill to mach speed at such velocity that they left bright neon blue “wake” which lingered in the night sky for several seconds then vanish. None of the phenomenon I have observed could be confused with meteorites, which I also observe  and each night I usually see about 3-5 meteorites flash across the sky. The meteorites are note the same objects as the UFOs.

I have personally witnessed so many of these astonishing late night aerial displays in my region that I now can say with certainty that “something” or “someone” is out there watching or patrolling / observing my region of the Oregon coast, although I have no idea what it is.

I only tell close friends and family about what I see, and I have not written about my personal UFO sightings, until now.

I  always monitor some version of local Oregon news broadcasts each evening and last night [ surprise!] there was a UFO report on my local news broadcast. There was also an earlier UFO sighting reported from January 2013 as well.

I went looking for any corroboration this morning and here’s what I found. I have to admit I was surprised at how spartan the local news coverage of these recent UFO sightings was. My guess is that local reporters got fooled once [ see UFO hoax video at end ] so they shy away from reporting on any sightings now, as they fear being “fooled twice”.

Black Triangle Sighting in Eugene, Oregon on February 17th 2013 – Three red-orange lights forming a triangle, but not confined to that shape

Similar UFO report from Eugene Oregon from 3 years ago:

Three orange lights hover low near Eugene, Oregon

3 months ago there was also a hoax UFO sighting in Eugene which turned out to be a kite with lights on corners of it. When it crashed the hoax was outed:

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Latest UFO Sightings 2013:

Russian Family Records Amateur Video of Bizarre Aerial Wormhole January 21st 2013

I first began posting videos taken by startled observers of inexplicable aerial “wormholes” back in 2009. Dozens and dozens of these sightings have taken place all over the world, and the events seem to defy explanation. This is the newest “aerial wormhole” event video I have found, and this is the first one I have seen in 2013.

No official or astronomer or scientist anywhere is offering any explanation for these “events” and it becomes clear as you watch the sighting unfold that this is NOT rocket vapor, or a jet contrail, or a meteor, or any kind of aerial phenomenon that we are familiar with.

Watch the video below from beginning to end. The media silence on these “aerial signs and wonders” is the most baffling of all, not a word from any media outlet that I follow has been spoken about this incredible aerial event. I can only assume that these “wormholes” are another manifestation of the UFO phenomenon. If the Russians have a secret technology which manifests these kinds of displays while being tested, then so does the US, Brazil, Thailand, China and several other countries, as similar “spiraling exploding wormholes” have been video recorded in all countries in the past five years. What in the world is this???

Also video-taped in Russia was this jaw-dropping aerial display below which looks very similar to the first video – again no official explanation, no news commentary, or media coverage – a full mass media news black out:

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