Photography at the Speed of Light: What One Trillion Frames Per Second Looks Like

The video presentation below was made in 2012 by Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, at MIT. Super slow motion photography has broken through an incredible new barrier: we can now take photographs of moving objects at one trillion frames per second, which actually captures and slows down the movement of light to the observer, revealing it to the naked eye. Raskar explained in his demonstration just exactly what the implications might be for science, technology and military uses, providing several stunning demonstrations.  Feel free to share.

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Beyond the Ominous RFID Chip Lies a Circuit Tattoo and an “RFID Whole Body Authentication Pill” Which is Swallowed: Introducing Hell on Earth 2014

A few years back, before I was forced [ for personal reasons ] to yank a 3,000 page WP news blog which was packed with extended reports and video on the dire implications of RFID technology when it is misused on humans as tracking devices, I wrote many in-depth articles warning of the dangers to the world public of any sort of global RFID based human tracking / surveillance and financial control system. Heightened awareness is growing among the people of the United States and the rest of the world as to how the potential misuse of RFID technology could create a living nightmare for the general public, if the governments of nations choose to begin trying to deploy the technology for social and financial control and citizen surveillance.

The danger has now morphed from mere rice grain sized insertible RFID chips into circuits which are sewn into the seams of new shoes and apparel, and NANO-RFID circuitry which is ingested in pill form, activating the entire physical body to become an RFID-live, traceable, trackable, financially controllable ‘citizen-of-the-super-state’.

I’d like all my readers to watch the video below and then share it as extensively as you can on your own social networks.

Speaking for myself, I would just as soon die as be forced to ingest an RFID “vitamin pill” if it ever comes to that. And believe me, if the elites have their way, it will come to some sort of mandatory RFID enabled citizen tracking, which will be directly connected to their bank accounts. They are going for total control.

Music mogul and movie producer Aaron Russo just happened to make friends with someone in the Rockefeller family some years back. What he learned about the plans of the elites to deploy RFID and other technologies to control the human population chilled his soul to the bone. Alex Jones interviewed him about this topic. The link to that interview is also below.

If we do nothing to stop what is coming then we get what we deserve: electronically surveilled human personal and financial imprisonment for life in a global RFID interconnected system. What can you do? You can search your heart and try to learn all you can about these plans, then share what you learn with others of like mind. Education and awareness is a start.

Dismantling “RFID Propaganda-in-Action”

The first step to becoming IMMUNE to NWO public RFID sales pitch propaganda is to KNOW what it is you are looking at. In the section of the video below the woman is “pitching” RFID as a personal “super-power” which will enable her to do all kinds of technologically magical marvelous things. Who does this kind of sell job appeal to? Kids and teenagers, of course. The elites wisely know that the older generation of Americans, many of whom are devout Christians, will absolutely refuse to wear or ingest any sort of RFID tracking control device. So they are going for the kids and young people. KNOW this. That’s a big part of what this pitch is about. You are looking at world class elite sponsored pro-RFID propaganda in the part of the video clip where the RFID pitch woman presents her in-circuited arm and the new RFID vitamin pill to the panel and the audience. This is what we are up against people.

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20,000 Applicants From Around the World Are Ready to “Die on Mars” – Introduction to the Mars One Project

Welcome to the new wild wild west:  Mars


PROJECT COST: In excess of 6 billion dollars USD


LOGISTICS: One way ticket

SPECIAL TRAINING: Seven years of special training is required

WHO CAN APPLY:  Anyone anywhere living on planet earth who is ready to land, colonize, live and eventually die on Mars

Volkswagen’s People’s Car Project: “I Gotta Get Me One Of These!”


Volkswagen’s endearing little Hover Car may as well be right out of the rough script pages of Minority Report, which featured sleek flashy hover cars which could perform feats of sheer automotive wonder.

It’s a perfectly adorable, nearly perfectly round, nearly fully transparent two seater Hover Car that floats on air which delights and surprises everyone who sees it. Talk about visibility. It even includes voice activated commands, and it drives with a little round joystick. What’s even more wonderful is that it came out of the mind and imagination of a young Chinese design student named Wang Jia.

I have a feeling that this is the new direction which automotive technology will take in the next 50 years. Just a hunch. And yes, I would place money on it. Check this puppy out:

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Thank you, Wang Jia!