NY Times Op-Ed: “Bomb North Korea Before It’s Too Late”

So it’s not just me, huh?

You know how serious it must be when the New York Times weighs in and implores our military to please do SOMETHING about North Korea. I actually thought this headline was a spoofed item, until I followed the link and saw the article posted on their “opinion” page. The article reads like a foreign policy directive. Hmmmm. We don’t really know what the White House and Pentagon are doing about North Korea from behind the scenes, but I would be much more comfortable getting the mood of US foreign policy from the horse’s mouth, rather than the NYT.

I’m sure my readers are sick to death of hearing me rail on and on about North Korea, but why hang the lovely canary in your coal mine if you are not going to check to see if it’s still singing once in a while?

Well, right now, I’m still singing. The signs are all awful, they are all as ominous as hell, I live on the “f%$#@king west coast” and of course I am livid about all of it. Writing about it brings a brief modicum of relief.  [ Send me a bag of good strong pot. That would REALLY help. ]

But don’t take my warning song seriously. Go on over to the New York Times and get a gander of the tune they are singing right now. I am officially wondering out loud whether this OP-ED is for real, or whether it is just carefully calculated “fear porn”?

In related news, on April 13th a peculiar news story appeared on the website http://superofficialnews.com. The report alleges that an American business man in South Korea had access to tourist telescopes from the rooftop of his hotel. He claimed to observe via telescope as US Stealth Bombers dropped thousands of leaflets all over Pyongyang, warning the people of the city to evacuate en masse to save themselves ahead of a missile strike which would destroy the entire city. A copy of the alleged leaflet appears below:

Leaflets warning North Korea of impending attack

Below is the English translation:


Read this carefully as it may save your life or the life of a relative or friend. In the next few days, the city of Pyongyang and its surrounding military bases will be destroyed. Unfortunately, bombs have no eyes. So, in accordance with America’s humanitarian policies, the United States Air Force, which does not wish to injure innocent people, now gives you warning to evacuate Pyongyang and save your life.

Your military leaders have refused to quiet their threats of a nuclear war against South Korea. Kim Jung-Un has been warned multiple times to end his rhetoric of nonsense and pull back his military forces but refuses. The actions of this insane, immature, reckless, evil dictator will no longer be accepted by the U.S. and the rest of the world. This aggression will not stand, man.

The American people and the rest of the world truly feel for you innocent people who are being held against your will. Hopefully by destroying Kim Jung-Un and most of the military your country can start fresh. This attack will give your people the ability to rise up and claim your country as your own. You will no longer have to fear the prison camps and being tortured for speaking out against your ruthless leaders. You will never have to listen to the propaganda and lies that your government tells you on a daily basis. You will be free to own your own business and make your own money. You will be free to disrespect your leaders if you do not agree with them without fear of being tortured and your family imprisoned. You will no longer be shut off from the rest of the world. Unfortunately though, all of this is up to you. America and it’s allies will be sending NO ground forces to North Korea. The only attacks will be bombs dropped from overhead, just like this leaflet that has come into your possession. America is not fighting the North Korean people but is fighting the military clique which has enslaved your people. Hopefully after this is over, a new, better and free North Korea will emerge. You can restore peace by demanding new and good leaders. It is your country. This is your time to rise up and take what is yours. Every one in the world wishes you nothing but the best. EVACUATE PYONGYANG NOW!”

At this time the only information known is that the leaflets are just being released over Pyongyang. The Korean Broadcasting System is saying the amount of leaflets being dumped number in the millions.

I am assuming the above news story is an “Onion-worthy” satirical piece. It has several misspellings in it and the vernacular is riddled with common slang. One Example: “This will not stand, man.”

The story is assumed to be NOT real. But interesting nonetheless. See also:

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North Korea: Korean American Tourist Arrested, Tried for Taking Photos of Conditions, Sentenced to 15 Years Hard Labor

Updated on May 2nd 2013

The man who was arrested in North Korea in the story I reported on last week has been tried and sentenced to 15 years hard labor, in an update posted today by the BBC.

North Korea sentences US citizen to 15 years’ hard labour

Earlier this week I had written:

“North Korea Charges American With Plotting to Topple It’s Government”

Earlier this week I had reported …

The Ultimate Cautionary Tale from North Korea:  Korean-American  Arrested for Taking Photos & Video of Actual Conditions in North Korea,  Now Faces Possible Death Penalty

North Korea AmericanHeld.jpg

A photograph of the austere courtroom in North Korea where Bae will be tried. There is a possible death penalty associated with his alleged crimes. Many western writers feel Bae is, of course, being used as a pawn in the deadly game which North Korea is playing, attempting once again to extort food aid from the West by creating high drama trumped up “incidents” such as Bae’s arrest last November.

I’m not sure why this news story has languished in the shadows since last November, [ cough… more blacklisted news ]  but apparently a Korean-American tourist, 44 year old Kenneth Bae, who took photos of homeless children and gathered video evidence of public executions in Pyongyang was arrested last November by North Korean authorities and has been in a North Korean prison since then. Bae is soon to be tried for his alleged “crimes” against North Korea and the story is finally leaking out. I found the report today on Reuters. Bae’s crime was taking photos and video recordings of the actual conditions existent in North Korea, in other words, he dared to record and make a visual record of actuality in the starving oppressed nation.

Accused: American tour guide Kenneth Bae faces the death penalty in North Korea for allegedly photographing starving orphans

Kenneth Bae

“Friends and colleagues described Bae as a devout Christian from Washington state but based in the Chinese border city of Dalian who traveled frequently to North Korea to feed the country’s orphans.”

Why did this story take nearly 5 months to appear in the American news media?

Apparently I am one of the few Americans [ and a citizen reporter ] whose senses have not been so dulled by our daily deluge of meaningless American TV programming and all-consuming distractions, that I still give a damn about a nation of 24 million people whose suffering is so great it is almost impossible to fathom. So I do something which many would consider foolish, even futile.

I report on North Korea in the hope, partially, that I might inspire other American news bloggers to do the same [ we are still a small outpost at this time ] and that I might eventually shame the Big Media networks into reporting this awful awful ongoing and heinous story to the American people, raising enough of an outcry and a clamor for justice that something might shift in the Southeast Asian landscape, which is now littered with more than 3 million dead North Koreans and more dying daily.

Here’s the Reuters report I found on 04.27.2013:


Other recent reports I have written on North Korea are here.

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North Korea Escapee Living in the UK Provides Plethora of Inside Information on Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Nam

What could possibly be worse than a nuclear North Korea with Kim Jong Un at the helm? A nuclear North Korea with his goofy older brother, gambling addict Kim Jong Nam, at the helm.

Kim Jong Nam

North Korean refugee Joo Il-Kim bought his freedom from the horrors of North Korea by swimming across a treacherous river in the dead of night to escape into the remote wilds of China back in 2005. He had lived in constant fear of being arrested and either executed in public or sent for the remainder of his natural life to work in the dreaded NK gulags, which it’s estimated more than 200,000 prisoners are slowly being worked and / or beaten to death in North Korea.

Il-Kim was alive, and that’s what mattered at the moment. He eventually made his way into Great Britain, married there, and now lives as a free man in the region of Surrey.  Il-Kim now runs a North Korean insider news website which reveals many astounding facts about Kim Jong Un and his family members. Most of the material I found on this site I had not seen published on any American news sites.

Kim Jong Un did not do well in school in Switzerland, had very poor grades and most days did not show up for class until after 12 noon, if he showed up at all. He was absent 40% of the time classes were held. Technically he should have been given a failing grade, and / or expelled for non-attendance, but due to his family’s name he was allowed to remain “theoretically” enrolled in the Swiss Academy. He attended this school under the pseudonym “Pak Un.” Below is a rare photo of the [ much slimmer ]  teenage Pak Un in school.


Kim Jong Un’s older half brother and the oldest of the 3 males in the Kim family line of descent is gambling addict Kim Jong Nam.
Jong Nam’s lifestyle habits are so questionable and his spend-a-holic lifestyle so entrenched that the Kim father overlooked him as the next in line to rule the nation, choosing the youngest child, Kim Jong Un instead.
There is yet another mysterious brother between these two, who it is said was too effeminate to rule, preferring wild parties and rock concerts to any interest in governing North Korea. I am looking for photos and more references to the mysterious “middle Kim brother.”
China is purported to be financially supporting the older Kim brother, Kim Jong Nam, with a posh apartment in China for him and suitable quarters for his wife and family. It is rumored that there is now a contingency plan to place this older brother into power in North Korea by China.

Cited:  “The financial difficulties started, however, after Kim told Japanese newspaper Tokyo Shimbun in an e-mail last month that he has “doubts about how a young successor with some two years (of training as heir) can retain the 37 years of absolute power” wielded by his father who died on Dec. 17.

Kim’s youngest brother, Jong-un, has taken the helm of Pyongyang in line with their father’s plans to continue the hereditary power transition in the communist North.

Pyongyang cut off its funds to Kim Jong-nam as a punishment for his remarks, while China likely followed suit to avoid any conflict with the new Kim Jong-un regime, the Russian paper said.

The paper also offered an explanation for China’s support of Kim Jong-nam so far, saying Beijing was apparently making contingency plans to seat him in power.”

Another bizarre fact published on Joo’s news site is that Kim Jong Ilnever ate any sort of food before it has been tested on human subjects who were students at the North Korean Higher Party School.

It would appear that sending North Korean workers to China for any kind of training is not a good idea, as they often disappear and are never heard from again. At this point I feel it would be fair to say that NO ONE wants to actually reside in North Korea, even the blood relatives of the Kim family, some of whom are thriving outside North Korea. Nam is living in China, while he awaits his possible fate as a replacement for Jong Un. His son is enrolled in a university in Bosnia.

Rounding out the rumor mill finally is a report that Kim Jong Un is not necessarily a faithful married man. He is purported to be seeing another married woman outside of his own marriage.  Hyun Song-Wol is a popular vocalist in North Korea whom Kim dated years earlier.  Un is now married to another woman in an officially state-sanctioned union, but continues to see Song-Wol, although she also is married to someone else as well. Cited:

“Kim Jong-un accepted an order from his father to break up with Hyun ahead graduating from the Kim Il-sung Military University. At that time, Hyun married her current husband,” the defector said. “I believe that she has continued her relationship with Kim at the request of the latter although she is married.” The defector said that Hyun’s husband is an officer of the Guard Command.”

See http://ifreenk.com/3544#0

See also http://leonidpetrov.wordpress.com/2012/01/

North Korean War Propaganda Videos and The ‘Lighter Side’ of Sabre Rattling

So, what’s the real disposition of the North Korean people regarding a possible war with the US and South Korea? Today I went looking for answers to this question, [ if they exist] in video form. Here is part of what I am finding.

North Korea:  The Back Story

America’s Warning to North Korea

North Korea: The Darker Side

North Korea: The Lighter Side

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