Watching the Metals Markets With More Than Morbid Fascination

[ June 29th 2013:  For those who actually read what I write and have followed my blogging for several years, you might have noticed things got really quiet on Screenshots for the past several weeks.  I am VERY much alive and well. I’m quite busy running my home based biz and it seemed like an especially good time NOT to be news blogging. Or to be doing much of anything important on the internet which might disclose more information with which the alphabet soup people could fill in the redacted spots on their digital dossiers of the masses.

I actually think I have done a pretty good job of building the internet profile of a middle class American woman, 40 something,  politically conservative, a gardening gun owning lesbian who lives out in the woods of coastal Oregon. There. That oughta do it.

Imagine the NSA‘s surprise when they discover I am actually an eleven year old homeless Asian boy living on the streets of Los Angeles with an IQ of 196 who dabbles in online masquerading for sundry benign and nefarious purposes. Mmmwwwwaaa-ha-ha evil laugh. They’ll never know. Watch out for me NSA I am coming to work for you in about 8 years and I will finish what Snowden started tee hee. Don’t bet that I am just kidding.


On to other more fascinating topics: the metals market. Those of us who hold the beloved stuff NOT in paper form have been watching the recent meltdown with consternation –  but for most, also resolve. This is not just a belch in the marketplace. I’ve known since it started [ the illogical metals plummet ] that something was afoot and that it was all designed to deliberately frighten middle class American investors out of metals forever. The Illuminati wants us all absolutely broke and dependent on loans of their fiat funny money. They want us all owing our souls to the global company store, you see. That’s what they are working for.

So … lo and behold it’s several weeks later and another writer pens a piece which vindicates my theory and illuminates the topic in other concrete ways. I have re-posted it below for those  – who, like me, have been sitting around watching their metals holdings drain out the sewer in value and have inevitably sat straight up in their beds in the middle of the night shouting: “WHAT THE FUCK???” This repost is for all of us. And I am very alive, very well, very sassy and happy with a bursting garden and a booming little home based business.

WTF moments come and go but all in all ‘Life is Good.’

– Love to my readers and their families, from Screenshot ]

Saturday  29 June 2013

“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.”

There is a similar situation with regard to fiat paper everywhere, but not a gold delivery
to be made.  The delirium cast by central bankers issuing unlimited fiat has kept so many
people in a fiat-induced fog, unable to see clearly.  The fog has lifted.  It is all a game.
See the fraudulent scheme for what it is and then fear no more.  It is just a matter of time
before everything unravels, as it surely is.

The price of gold and silver are closer to a bottom than a top.  The QE-Infinity is closer to
a top and will collapse under its own “goldless” weight.  The PM holders are on the correct
side of history.  Understand that it has been one of the bigger world scams played by the
central bankers, the illuminati who believed themselves untouchable, beyond the scope of
comprehension by the non-banking world.

Stop buying into the scheme of the moneychangers.  Their time has come, and it is but
a matter of time.  They are playing with everyone’s mind, doing everything possible to
destroy the gold/silver markets, committing self-destruction in the process.  They are
making every attempt to discredit the barbaric metal that cannot be eaten, that pays no
dividends, but somehow survives as the most reliable measure of accepted value.

The moneychangers are dragging the faux decline for as long as they can, hoping to wear
down the resolve of PM holders.  Ask yourself, are you selling your holdings of either gold
or silver has price has declined?  Will you sell out if gold goes to $1100, silver to $18?  If
not, then what difference does the current price of gold of silver make? If you are not going
to sell, then let the central bankers crush the price as much as they can!

The paper holders are trapped and desperate to extricate themselves, at greater and
greater losses.  This is the best gift PM buyers and holders could want.  Stackers keep
stacking.  Back up the truck and keep on loading.  This is no longer a game of finesse.
It is all about the paper rats and central bankers, [not sure if there is a distinction to be
made], caught golden[less] handed, cheating everyone possible who believed in the
system.  The system is breaking down, collapsing under it own misdoings.

Never lose sight of common sense.  Price typically drops due to a lack of demand, an
oversupply, or a combination of both.  Do you believe there is a lack of demand?  [The
acknowledged world-wide demand being at its highest.]  There surely is no oversupply,
yet price is at its lowest in almost three years.  Logic tells you how the current forces of
supply and demand are dysfunctional.  They have been replaced by the false supply forces
of central bankers.  The longer  central planners destabilize the natural forces of the
market, the greater the ultimate reaction will be in the opposite direction.

Paper gold has no value, at least to those who own it.  Well, maybe they believe it has
value, but when the time comes to cash in the chits, the holders of paper gold and silver
will have their belief system turned upside down.  Everyone knows the paper market
dwarfs to physical market, and until the paper market shrinks to a level more on par with
the physical, the unwinding of huge paper longs will continue.

In the process, those who value the value of owning and holding physical gold and silver
will be justly rewarded.  The fiat gold, [like all paper] has to vaporize before the rewards
for keeping the faith in the physical will come to pass, and at the much higher prices most
have been anticipating.  The supply/demand relationship will remain dysfunctional for as
long as it takes, and until the paper market collapses.  With its collapse will come the
proverbial golden phoenix rising from the distorted ashes left behind.

Ques of 10,000 Chinese waiting to buy gold; unabated purchases by China, Russia, India,
et al, of whatever is available; mining shortages, cost of production over current prices,
and whatever other story or fact one can produce does not matter.  The course is set, and
nothing will change it.  Events will just have to play themselves out, regardless of anyone’s
expectations, hopes, or fears.  It may take a month, many months, a year, or maybe even
longer.  No one knows, as has been so apparent for the past few years.

The illuminati are powerful and control all the money in the West, and every dirty trick will
be played, count on it.  China, Russia, India, Turkey, the Middle East, et al, are no
longer buying what the West has been selling…fiat deceit and lies.  Exit stage left, West,
however long it takes.

The “reality” of the faux paper market is presented next.  All the charts say  there is no
ending action, yet.  Time and price are now the enemy of paper, and a gift for the buyers
of physical.  Stick with your plan.  Your time is coming.  Almost all want it to be tomorrow,
but that will not be.  Just remain firm in the belief that it will be.  Gold is truth, truth gold,
and that is all ye need to know.

[Apologies to Coleridge and Keats.]

Here is what the charts of paper gold and silver are telling us.  Charts do not lie, even
though they may only be a chart of [paper] lies.

We look for synergy between time frames, but it appears to be changing, as you will see.
Wide range bars tend to keep subsequent bars within the high and low of the wide range
bar, shown at the top.  The second wide range bar, from April 3rd from the right, was also
a wide range bar with a close in the middle.  The fact that price left that wide range bar so
quickly is surprising, and we surmise it reflects the “managing” of price by central banks,
unnaturally forcing price lower as fast as possible.  We could be wrong, as any guess can

GCA M 28 Jun 13

We are of the mind that the charts no longer matter, for they reflect an artificial paper
supply side with no accounting for the reality of demand for the physical.  What we are
looking for now are signs of change, and more focus is placed on current developing
market activity.  As an aside, we threw in an example of how a clustering of closes is the
market’s way of sending a message of balance that will lead to imbalance.

The last bar is very interesting.  We see it as a subtle sign of possible change.  It is
explained on the chart, but we need to see more weekly development to confirm or negate
our market sense.

GCA W 28 Jun 13

We talked about how a wide range bar contains immediate future activity for some time.
Here is one on the daily showing this market behavior, and it is presented in contrast to
the monthly April bar, viewed as an anomaly.  If, in fact, it were from price being forced
lower sooner than normal market activity would have taken, we see it as a positive that
the central bankers are becoming more visibly desperate.

The comment on the breaking of support on strong volume is made as a future reference
for a potential short.  We want to point out that the market is the best source of
information.  Here is one piece of information that is known today that can possibly affect
the outcome of a rally into that area at some future point.  The point being, there is no
need for  any guesswork when deciding to buy/sell, if you have the patience to wait for
these edge opportunities.

Where the monthly chart showed no sign of ending action, the daily chart is starting to
show possible signs of change, change that can take months, [or longer], to turn this
market around.  The market provides information like pieces to a puzzle, available for
everyone to see, if they look.

GCQ D 28 jun 13

We go right to the weekly silver chart next because it is showing clearer signs of potential
change.  That one single bar, the final bar coming at the very end of the month, 2nd Qtr,
end of the first half of the year, is a story in itself.  It raises three Red Flags, or warning
signs, as explained.  Another puzzle piece.

SIA W 28 Jun 13

We see definite synergy in the silver time frames, and we took note how well silver not only
held but rallied, as gold was pushed lower for a part of the early trading day.  It has been
relatively weaker than gold, but not on Friday.

This is all taking much longer than many expected.  One need not be religious to keep the
faith, for the reality of owning the physical will not disappoint.  The ultimate facts are on
the side of PM holders.

Hold steady, hold fast, keep on adding, and do not blink!

SIU D 28 Jun 13

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Proficient in Gann, Elliott Wave, Market Profile, etc, Mr Noonan no longer uses any of those technical procedures.  Instead, his primary focus is on developing market activity, relying solely on the information generated by the market itself, such as the interaction between  price and volume, and how they relate to important price levels in the market structure.  He incorporates proven market principles, such as knowledge of the trend, supply and demand, along with disciplined rules for to find developing high probability trade opportunities.

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What’s Behind the Recent Plunge in Silver and Gold Prices? Elites and FED Conspiring to Drive Middle America Out of Holding Precious Metals as Currency Hedge

Well aware that this headline may be hard to prove, I wrote it anyway because my soul knows what my soul knows. And I clearly cannot prove what my soul knows, but my soul knows it anyway. Take that however you wish.

Three days ago while the America and the world was reeling from the Boston Marathon bombing, something else was taking place which knocked the feet out from under millions of middle class Americans who have been investing in gold and silver as a hedge against hyper-inflation and the steady erosion in value of the paper dollar.

In one day on April 15th 2013, gold fell more than $235.00 an ounce and silver followed, plummeting about $4.75 in price, losing practically all the gains achieved in about 2 years.

For those weather worn metals investors who have seen it all in 40 years of rising and falling commodity prices this sudden correction was surprising and somewhat illogical, but it did not spell the end of the world. For newcomers who are brand new at buying and selling metals, it caused a fair degree of consternation and knee-jerk  panic. Over the next two days more panic selling took place, as emotions replaced analytical reason and margin calls had to be met on paper portfolios over weighted with metals investments. The faint of heart just got flushed out of gold and silver while the wise went running to take advantage of the sudden dip to strengthen their positions.

A neighbor who stopped by expressed his alarm and his inability to make sense of the wild downward correction, knowing what he knows to be true about runaway deficit spending and printing press money. I wanted to tell him that the upper crust of the top of the heap elites along with the US federal government were both conspiring to try to shake out middle class America from the metals market and begin hoarding for themselves at lower prices, but I knew he wouldn’t believe me, so I just didn’t say a word.  Sometimes silence is the very best insurance policy when the truth is so ugly you know in advance that most of those around you won’t believe what you have to say, even if you offer proof of it. I have been here before. I’d like for you to watch these videos and browse some of the links below. Just listen and read and then think it over. That’s all I will say for now. We can tag this post ‘theoretical’ if it makes you feel better.

Cited:  “According to former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts, last Friday’s price drop was the result of some 500 tons of gold being dumped onto paper markets, an amount equal to about $25 Billion dollars worth of the metal. Likewise, silver saw a similar dump and price drop. Moreover, the very same thing is taking place this morning, suggesting that some very large and influential market makers are involved.

Who has that kind of money and can afford to lose it in naked short positions? According to Paul Craig Roberts, “only a central bank that can print it.”

Thus, one must assume that this is not a natural effect of the free market, but rather, a coordinated attack on the global precious metals exchange orchestrated by our very own Federal Reserve, an organization run by a board of directors that includes representatives from some of the world’s largest banking institutions.”

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