“Sex Box” – UK Couples Have Sex in Front of a Live TV Audience

First this:

Zurich Switzerland spends millions to build public “sex boxes” for prostitutes to service their customers.



Then this:

Great Britain begins airing live TV show “Sex Box” where consenting couples have sex in front of a live TV audience then later discuss their sexual performance, et al, with the audience.


The supposedly high minded premise [ Are you kidding me? ] of the new UK TV show “Sex Box” is to get a public conversation started about real sexual intimacy, as opposed to cold pornography.  So say the producers of the show.

But what we all know, is that this is yet another click in the ever downward spiral of salacious voyeuristic TV.  It’s no longer enough just to broadcast “reality TV” which follows a group of people through every waking and sleeping moment of their lives for [ fill-in-the-blank reasons conjured by the producers ], shows like ‘Survivor‘ or ‘Big Brother‘  – now the only thing which will satiate viewers’ appetites is to watch couples having sex on live TV, too.

The last bastion of personal privacy has now been shattered. The debauchery is complete. Consenting adults will degrade themselves and their relationship by performing the most intimate of all acts  – in a box – while millions of other TV viewers watch, live, as it happens, and then “discuss it” later with the audience. Yeah. Right. Wink-wink.

I think I am going to be sick.  Oh , it’s getting conversations started all right.  Eeeewwwgh.

Wait – don’t tell me. I already know what’s next. The “sex box” concept will expand on TV to include private pay-per-view TV feeds of the “on the street” sex box action taking place between prostitutes and their customers. Then this too, will become a TV show once demand for free access goes from a whimper to a roar.

I actually think I now know where the original idea for this lurid TV spectacle originated. Check out this article:

Drive-thru ‘sex box’ brothels set to go live in Zurich

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Not Just an Idiocracy, But a Hostile Malevolent Idiocracy Spreading in the United States

Margaret Thatcher died today. She was a beloved and well respected conservative Prime Minister in Great Britain who served the country from 1979 to 1990. She steered Great Britain through one of the most troubled periods in it’s modern history, achieving what few men could in so doing during eleven years. Thatcher set a new high water mark for women in public service, no doubt inspiring women like Hillary Clinton to gather enough inner emotional momentum to eventually sprint from First Lady to New York Senator to presidential candidate, the first American woman to ever do such a thing. If Hillary was looking for mighty female role models in politics during her early years, she would have been looking right at the towering achievements of Margaret Thatcher.

I spent about twenty minutes doing “Twitter maintenance” this morning and was horrified by the outpouring of sheer idiocy and malicious disrespect going on in comments about Thatcher. I would wager a fair amount that 99% of the people making those vicious comments on the day of her death are not smart enough to spell the woman’s name.

Each time I decide that our nation cannot sink any lower on the scale of common decency and fundamental humanity, another incident like this happens which utterly disgusts the soul. If you are one of the people on Twitter today falling so absolutely low into the gutter of despicable social actions as to insult Margaret Thatcher on the day of her death, then may your own death by marked by nothing more noteworthy than a stray dog urinating on your tombstone. May no one have one single good word to say about you on the day your pathetic existence on earth ends.

Micheal Hayden: “Possibility of North Korean Nuclear Attack Somewhere Between Remote and Zero” – David Cameron: “North Korean Nukes Can Hit the UK”

Jong Eun is shown “signing off” on a nuclear pre-emptive first strike on US mainland in propaganda photos published mostly for the benefit of his own people and to bolster his standing as a leader.

South Korea reported late last night that North Korea has begun moving missiles toward their east coast. Our US base in Guam is on it’s highest alert, and the world is watching, wondering just how far Kim Jong Eun will step toward the edge of all reason to peer over the edge into the abyss which would spell the end of his life, and the end of his nation.

I would bet that every American [ like me ] who lives on the west coast is also glued to news developments about North Korea 24-7. Even though we are all re-assured daily that Jon Eun will not and actually cannot technically make good on his threats, this situation feels awful and I really am furious about it.

Cited: Former CIA Director Michael Hayden told LIGNET this week that the possibility of North Korea launching a nuclear attack is “somewhere between extremely remote and zero,” but that he believes the current situation with the North is extremely dangerous and is becoming more so by the year. The cycle of threats by North Korea followed by promises of aid must be broken, he said.

See http://www.lignet.com/ArticleAnalysis/Hayden–Policy-of-Tremendous-Restraint-Has-North–?promo_code=125BD-1&utm_source=125BDTelegraph_Media_Group&utm_medium=nmwidget&utm_campaign=widgetphase1

Adding to all this conflicting information, Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has come out with a statement claiming it’s a “known fact” that North Korea has the technology to strike the UK with a nuclear missile.

So if this is a “known fact” then why are US military analysts telling the American public that North Korea does not have the technological ability to actually make good on their [ now daily] threats?  Which statements are true? I happen to think that is a question of urgent concern at this moment.

Forgive my French, but WTF?

Cited from the Telegraph.co.uk news website on 04.04.2013:

“The Prime Minister said he was “very concerned” about the threat from North Korea and warned that Pyongyang now has capabilities to strike the United States and Britain.

Speaking to workers in Scotland, the Prime Minister said the threat from North Korea showed that Britain needs to keep the Trident nuclear deterrent.

Asked if he was concerned about North Korea the Prime Minister said: “How concerned am I about North Korea? Very concerned, it has extremely dangerous technologies in terms of nuclear and its weapons.”

Hayden: Situation With North Korea ‘On the Edge’

Cameron: ‘fact’ that North Korea has ‘technology’ for nuclear strike against the UK

US base on standby as North Korea moves missile to the coast

North Korea’s missile launchers on the move, indicating possible new provocation

North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr accounts hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous Hackers Acquire 15,000 User Records from North Korean Site ‘Uriminzokkiri’ in Recent Hack

UN chief says North Korea crisis ‘really alarming’

Time Magazine Pitches Pink Slime With ‘Pro Pink Slime’ Article

It was just about this time last year that we were all gagging over our computer screens as the news broke about a nasty beef by-product which is pureed and squeezed into faux piles of fake ground beef, then mixed into real ground beef and sold to the public in burgers, taco meat and all sorts of other fast food. The nasty half meat / half mystery chemicals mess was appropriately dubbed “pink slime.”  People everywhere were justifiably completely grossed out, and infuriated that this slop had been fed to them in fast food burgers for years without their knowledge.

We now know that there is no end to how low the fast food industry will stoop to make a buck, as horse meat has been found in fast food burgers from Burger King and other chains in Great Britain and across Europe. Suffice it to say the fast food industry has a public relations problem.

So I am wondering: what’s in it for NWO Illuminati Establishment media outlet Time Magazine that they went to such lengths to pen a pro-pink slime article which makes an effort to defend the indefensible act of feeding human beings re-constituted pig slop without even telling them? Is Time magazine getting a secret kick-back from the manufacturer of pink slime? Would the executives at Time Magazine feed their wives, children and elders pink slime, a meat mush which has been soaked in ammonia? I’m just wondering out loud.

If we don’t all act as independent food activists and call out this big-media-nonsense each time it happens, we will see a fresh new deluge of well tailored “public relations pieces” in the world media attempting to justify feeding people horse meat without their knowledge. That’s what the PR men in Manhattan will try next, you know.

Lean finely textured beef, is displayed at the Beef Products Inc.'s plant in South Sioux City, Neb.

Pink Slime

Here’s the offending article. I’d like to add that Time Magazine loses a little more credibility and gets a little bit thinner and more ludicrous each week that it arrives in my mailbox. I don’t peruse the mag for any real truth or meaning, as much as I monitor it to see which specific lies it’s selling to the American  people to further the social engineering agenda of the elites each week. Establishment rags are on their way out, and alternative news empires which tell the truth [ what a novel idea! ]  are rising everywhere to replace them. When I see junk like what was written about “pink slime” being peddled to the American public as journalism I am reminded that the death of Time Magazine can’t come a minute too soon.

You make sure you have yourself a nice large lunch of pink slime meat, Mr. Sanburn. Today I am Erin Brokovich, and you are the filthy PR man from the poison water plant who is trying to convince the locals that their water is fit to drink.

See http://business.time.com/2013/03/06/one-year-later-the-makers-of-pink-slime-are-hanging-on-and-fighting-back/?xid=gonewsedit&google_editors_picks=true

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