Florida Man is Swallowed by 30 Foot Sinkhole As He Sleeps, Presumed Dead

The global sinkhole phenomenon continues to expand and this story is one of the most heartbreaking yet. 36 year old Jeff Bush was sleeping in his bedroom in Seffner Florida on 02.28.2013 when a loud crashing sound was heard in the back of the house by his family.  As they rushed to the source of the noise, they could only see his mattress sticking out of the edge of a 30 foot sinkhole which had opened up right under Jeff’s bedroom. Jeff could be heard calling for help from down inside the gaping hole, but efforts by his family to rescue him were unsuccessful.

The sinkhole has continued to expand and the family has now vacated the house, which has been condemned. Police and firefighters were on the scene trying to rescue the man all morning, but he is now presumed dead.

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50 Children’s Bodies Discovered in Secret Graveyard Behind Florida Reform School

This story is so horrifying I really cannot comment on it. I don’t know what to say.

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VA Democrat Patrick Moran Caught Red Handed Advising Voter How to Falsify A Vote

Patrick Moran

I have been worried about vote fraud in 2012 since the winter of 2009. Don’t laugh, yet I know how laughable it sounds.

The country went through hell for weeks back in 2000 when “hanging chads” in Florida became the topic of a national debate on how to discern how FL seniors had cast their votes. And then there was the fishy business that Jeb Bush was the governor of the state which finally ruled on a re-count that his brother George W. had won the popular vote there.

Not to be outdone in 2012, Patrick Moran, son of of democratic congressman Jim Moran, has already been caught on tape telling a would be voter what kind of docs he would need to prove residency and how easily those docs could be falsified.

Political corruption is an equal opportunity crime in America. I am sure there are rotten elements in both parties who would cheat with wild abandon in this year’s race in order to see their guy win. But my RED ALERT flag is already going up this fall that vote fraud is a real possibility in this close close election race, and we need to “out it as we find it.”

Keeping this election clean is paramount. The country is in bad enough shape without the added weight of karma which will fall on it’s head if either candidate, GOP or DNC, cheats to get to the White House. It actually becomes a matter of national security that a protracted cheating scandal doesn’t break out which would tie up and delay election results for weeks on end. This is the post-911 world where not knowing who your president is for just a few days could unravel the world in ways we haven’t imagined yet.


“There’ll be a lot of voter protection, so if they just have, you know, just the utility bill or a bank statement — bank statement would obviously be tough — but they can fake a utility bill with ease.”

If you suspect voter fraud where you live, email voterfraud@foxnews.com

From the Sublime to the Sickening: Daily News Screenshots for October 2012

I was particularly struck by the stark juxtaposition made by two this month’s most popular headline stories. Both stories came out in the same week:  University of Michigan researchers discovered how to make pure 24k gold from bacteria, and a 32 year old man in Florida collapsed and died after winning a “worm and cockroach eating contest.” The prize in the contest was a rare type of python.

One of humanity’s most astonishing scientific achievements and one it’s most spectacularly sad, sickening and sorry moments were both captured on the same news day.