Was Obama Legally Re-elected? Voter Fraud Already Discovered in Florida, Ohio, Colorado

Twitter is bulging this morning with evidence of all-out voter fraud in numerous states from the Nov 6th presidential election. One of the most telling raw statistics to emerge now that the election dust is settling is the odd and highly NOT LEGAL phenomenon of having counted MORE VOTES in a state than there are REGISTERED VOTERS. This happened in Florida, Ohio and Colorado for starters. It bodes ill for any assumption that the election wasn’t pre-rigged from the beginning. If you want to learn more about how to understand the technical issues and open doorways for voter fraud in the United States, visit the website http://blackboxvoting.org and then Google the name “Beverly Harris.”

This graphic indicates the actual popular vote for the 2012 presidential election. Take a long hard look:

See http://obamavoterfraud.blogspot.com/

See  http://www.ObamaVoterFraud.com/

To read more about the recent election and US Big Media complicity in pre-calling Obama as the winner before all the votes were counted, read my recent essay on the front page of https://21stcenturyscreenshots.wordpress.com


Obama Re-election Aftermath, New Demographic Math, Coming US Economic Collapse

This Is Newsweeks Post Election Message to the GOP

Preface: Many Americans might recall that just recently Newsweek Magazine published a cover with a photograph of Barack Obama with the headline: “Hit the road Barack, Why We Need A New President” inferring their opinion it was time for Obama to leave office and give Mitt Romney a shot at saving the nation from fiscal ruin. Now glance to the right and take in the pompous new portraiture of the re-elected Barack Obama. Very odd, Huh? You know it’s bad when one of the most Left leaning magazines in the nation signals it’s ready for a failed incumbent to leave. Yet in essence, what happened is that the youth and the ethnic population of the country, along with Big Hollywood, re-elected him anyway. Now there is really no way to avert a fiscal calamity.

I’ve been slowly absorbing the election results, mulling over what it means for the country’s future. As we all know, not everyone is accepting Obama’s re-election victory with accepting grace. Donald Trump was especially undone by the win. He tweeted some rather unglued comments about it which you can see here.

It took me about a day to recover from the shock of watching NBC call the election for Obama before all the votes had even been counted in eight states. Watching the NBC TV anchors act as Obama cheerleaders during the moments right before they called the election was bizarre, discomforting.I was reminded of what I have told readers repeatedly during the last four years. We don’t really have a “free press” in the United States. We have the “mock appearance of a free press” which is, in fact, directly connected to the CFR, the Bilderberg group and the policy mandates of the White House.

This was never made so apparent as it was during the two hours before NBC called the election for Barack Obama. Some states were placed in the Obama ‘win’ column while the vote counts still read “0.02% of votes counted.”  Others were assigned to Obama while voting was still a dead heat. In several instances a state was called for Obama while the voting tally was only 20 or 30% of votes counted. When NBC called the election for Obama, Ohio’s votes were yet to all be counted, more than 25% of the votes in California had not been counted, Florida was still in play, Virginia was still in play, Colorado was still in play.

Essentially the election was called for Obama while more than 30% of the nation’s votes were yet to be counted. That doesn’t exactly seem like a fair way to determine who won. Beverly Harris of Blackboxvoting.com has stated repeatedly in her research that it is technically impossible for all votes to be tallied within five or ten minutes of precincts closing, no matter which state it is. It always takes from 30 to 45 minutes for the final count to be finished.

Yet within 3 to 4 minutes of state precincts closing as the night went on, winners were announced live on air by NBC anchor Brian Williams and his pundits. It was almost as if they were putting on a convincing and very glamorous show of pretending to count the votes. It was all happening very fast. I couldn’t understand how votes could be tallied in state after state within minutes of precincts closing, then called, but that’s what was happening. It all had the appearance of a very shiny well oiled machine, down to the USA map on the NYC ice skating rink with the towering flame red and electric blue electoral vote tower flanking the well lit golden “fallen angel” statue positioned dead center of the TV screen. If this was not pure political theatre then I am stone blind.

It went on like this, in plain view while I grappled with the “clockwork precision” by NBC in stacking up the electoral vote counts for about 2-3 hours on the west coast before NBC called the election for Obama shortly after 11 pm. I was sitting in my living room looking at a map of the US which showed that the entire heartland of the nation had voted for Mitt Romney in one huge red block, excepting only Colorado and New Mexico. I pondered what it could possibly mean for the future of the United States that the will of the people who live in it’s heartland, who grow corn and wheat for the entire world, who have raised their families by Christian principles since their ancestors rolled across the prairies over a hundred and fifty years ago, had once again been completely ignored in a presidential election.

I am also pondering what it might mean for America further down the road that our youth and Latino vote now swings entire presidential elections to the Left. I wondered how many of those Latino voters might have been illegals. It dawned on me that allowing the US southern border to remain wide open for four more years under Obama’s first term had possibly been part of a larger a strategy for re-election, not mere D.C. federal border neglect. The Obama White House had wanted and needed all those millions of illegals to stream into the country to help swing the 2012 vote. His demographic bean counters would have known that. And that is exactly what happened. Is that why Obama never confronted immigration reform during his first term? He would have needed a wide open southern border with 10,000 illegals coming in each week to help stack the 2012 re-election deck in his favor. I’m speculating here, but if this is true it’s a really sad, very dreary aha moment.

The  men and women whose ancestors literally sweated and strained and lived and died on the prairies of the nation’s midsection, predominantly white families of European descent who carved out farms and ranches from raw buffalo grassland  in the early 1800s, are losing the majority control of their own country. It’s no longer a speculative theory. It is now a demographic fact. Maybe it’s just me, but I really feel that it cannot bode well for the future of the nation when the descendants of those who founded it lose political and demographic control of the land their ancestors civilized from virgin prairie.

Winner and Loser? Bloomberg Businessweek imagines what President Obama and Mitt Romney would have looked like in 2016 after four years in the White HouseMany would argue that the only constant is CHANGE. But there are certain directions that unforeseen demographic CHANGE can take which threaten the literal sovereign foundations of a nation. An examination of what is happening to parts of Europe due to overwhelming sudden masses of new immigrants might give Americans a hint of what could happen here. In fact, in my opinion, it’s already happening.

In the current political atmosphere in the U.S. any individual who speaks out in support of the leadership of the white middle class is reviled for being a racist. I am well aware of that fact. I’m part native American but my white European ancestry is important to me and it connects me to 65% of other Americans whose ancestors literally helped to build the nation 150 years ago. Their voices matter greatly, but their voices are not being heard. They are being drowned out by the voices of other Americans who are either recent immigrants or they are too young to realize that the the policies and theories of the Far Left – when allowed to run their full course to the bitter end – have historically brought great nations to utter ruin. History has shown this to be true time and again. One really has to look no further than the Fall of Rome for a case-in-point snapshot.

If the UN wanted to tacitly break the back of Christian middle America in order to prepare the “new American demography” for merger into the coming global superstate, this election victory would be another incremental step toward that goal. Loss of US national sovereignty is NOT the will of the white Christian middle class. I feel I can make that statement with a fair amount of confidence. I look around. I listen. I follow my own deep gut. That’s not where middle America wants to go. But if the Far Left half of the nation tries to drag the whole country down that road toward US dissolution and eventual merger with the UN, civil war will be the inevitable result. That’s not a hard call to make. It’s a no brainer. I don’t want to see it come to that.

That’s why I write. I write in the hopes of talking sense to the young and the clueless on the Left who don’t know better, who are dazzled daily by all the shiny toys of social media, TV social engineering PSY-OPS and pseudo-political make believe. The young American Left and the Latino community needs to awaken to the extent that they are being played in all of this to bend the nation toward an eventual UN merger and loss of US constitutional sovereignty. It cannot be allowed to happen. That, more than anything else, is why I write.

I was praying on election night and I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what Tuesday’s election results would foretell for the country. I saw, what in effect, appeared to be a 1 1/2 year period of “false economic recovery and prosperity” beginning in 2013 and extending to the first half of 2014, where renewed deficit spending pours more than 4.3 trillion new dollars into the US economy, as Obama’s fiscal spend-a-thon continues into his second term. By the summer of 2014 the horrendous karma of all this rebounds onto the nation and the bill comes due. Fiscal hyper-inflation of the US dollar ensues. The US economy all but collapses, depending on what one’s definition of “collapse” is. The 4.3 trillion in renewed federal spending would buy the nation another year and a half of false hope and change, then it goes to pieces as the debt crushes the nation into a German style era of collapsing currency worth and skyrocketing prices. Two days later I saw this eerily prophetic blog post:



A close family friend, an employer, has already told me that in order for his business to survive during the next four years, he will have to cut back his employees’ hours and decline to give his staff the annual pay raise they usually get once a year. I was still absorbing his announcement when I saw this headline this morning from another blogger. [See below.]  I am still surveying collected videos and headlines about reactions to the Obama win, along with related news, so this post will be updated all week:

Vegas Employer: “Obama Won, So I Fired 22 Employees”

Mourning in America – Here’s Those Layoffs We Voted For Tuesday

Obama Supporters Celebrate Election Victory: “No More Israel… Fuck That Shit, Kill Those Mother Fuckers”

UN Plotting Takeover of the Internet

‘Maybe he will get assassinated this term!’ Woman, 22, fired and reported to Secret Service after Facebook threat to Obama

State Dept: U.S. Economy ‘Going to Get Downgraded’

Glenn Beck: ‘Freedom Is at Stake, and Freedom Lost Last Night’

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood: “Obama Must Accept Will of Arab People”

Obama Shuts Down 1.6 Million Acres to Oil Drilling

Stocks Drop More Than 3% Since Obama Re-election

Companies plan massive layoffs as Obamacare becomes reality

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VA Democrat Patrick Moran Caught Red Handed Advising Voter How to Falsify A Vote

Patrick Moran

I have been worried about vote fraud in 2012 since the winter of 2009. Don’t laugh, yet I know how laughable it sounds.

The country went through hell for weeks back in 2000 when “hanging chads” in Florida became the topic of a national debate on how to discern how FL seniors had cast their votes. And then there was the fishy business that Jeb Bush was the governor of the state which finally ruled on a re-count that his brother George W. had won the popular vote there.

Not to be outdone in 2012, Patrick Moran, son of of democratic congressman Jim Moran, has already been caught on tape telling a would be voter what kind of docs he would need to prove residency and how easily those docs could be falsified.

Political corruption is an equal opportunity crime in America. I am sure there are rotten elements in both parties who would cheat with wild abandon in this year’s race in order to see their guy win. But my RED ALERT flag is already going up this fall that vote fraud is a real possibility in this close close election race, and we need to “out it as we find it.”

Keeping this election clean is paramount. The country is in bad enough shape without the added weight of karma which will fall on it’s head if either candidate, GOP or DNC, cheats to get to the White House. It actually becomes a matter of national security that a protracted cheating scandal doesn’t break out which would tie up and delay election results for weeks on end. This is the post-911 world where not knowing who your president is for just a few days could unravel the world in ways we haven’t imagined yet.


“There’ll be a lot of voter protection, so if they just have, you know, just the utility bill or a bank statement — bank statement would obviously be tough — but they can fake a utility bill with ease.”

If you suspect voter fraud where you live, email voterfraud@foxnews.com

Romney Comment is Right on Target: Obama Presidency is “Running on Fumes”

See http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/10/why-we-shouldnt-be-surprised-obama-is-falling-behind/263644/

If you still believe in all that vague “hope and change” which was sold to you in 2008, or if you still believe there is actually some sort of “change we can believe in” yet to be revealed to the electorate if Obama is re-elected, you would have to wonder why Mr. Magical Mysticism, our so-called political savior, could only muster a really lousy existential one word campaign slogan for 2012: “Forward.” 

Such a defeatist and resigned one word re-election slogan is the biggest “tell” in this campaign about what’s going on inside Obama’s psyche. 

A man who genuinely wants to win re-election does not come out with a one word slogan that’s no different than what the Eskimos say to their dogs to put the sled in gear:  “Mush.” “Go.” Giddy-up.” “Forward.”  Really?? What an insult to the American people.

Few other writers have commented much on Obama’s tiresome one word campaign slogan. Or if they have I’ve not seen those articles. There are dozens and dozens of things that have bothered me about Barack Obama since the first time I ever saw him on TV, and the dreadful creepy feeling I got watching that footage back in late 2007.  But the one word slogan is a dead giveaway about how little the man cares about what happens to this country. The sense of listless resignation about America’s future that “Forward” denotes should bother everyone, Democrat, Republican and Independent alike. We all deserve better than a president so disinterested in it all that he can’t be bothered to even invent a meaningful campaign slogan.

Obama may as well have just come out and said “OK… I lied. I’m not good at this job – and I got nothing here, no fresh new ideas, no platform for a recovery, no ingenious new approach. You got me – I fess up… there is no hope and change. I made it all up because I dreamed I wanted to be the President. But I woke up in the White House and found out I don’t really like the job after all. I’d love to retire to Hawaii and pretend all this never happened. What was I thinking?? But Michelle will divorce me if I don’t at least put on a show of running for re-election, so all I got is: ‘Forward.’

I’m old enough to have observed a few presidential campaigns in my lifetime. A one word re-election campaign slogan has never occurred before. It’s a slap to the electoral process, and dismally discouraging to those die-hard Obama Democrats who still want to believe in him [ I am not one of them]. It really drives the point home that Mr. Obama’s gas tank as president is just empty. He’s got nothing in reserve and he really is running on fumes. Mitt Romney is right.

I was not surprised by anything I saw or heard in last night’s second presidential debate. The atmosphere was brittle and decidedly tense. Both men strode toward the audience in anticipation of hearing questions posed by members as if to make sure everyone viewing really got the message about how much they really cared.  Romney once again refused to allow Obama to graffiti his personality and platform with misrepresentations and boogeymen. Everything Obama said about Romney in both debates thus far, may as well have been a restatement of the tired old theme “Be afraid, be very afraid of a future under Mitt Romney.” 

I’m much more afraid of another four years under Obama than a fresh start with Romney.  I found Mitt Romney’s overall presence and his demeanor more genuine than Obama’s. Obama’s replies were well rehearsed and academic. He said the same things we have heard him say over and over again. He tried to rekindle his old fire, but rhetoric and beautiful speeches cannot wash away his record during four years in office that has changed little for millions of jobless and homeless Americans. A fiery “can do” speech at this point would almost insult the integrity of the voter.

Been there, done that, already heard it all. Four years is a really long time to blame Congress and the Republicans for everything that has NOT taken place which could pull the American economy away from the abyss it now faces.

Both men held their own ground intellectually and continued to vehemently disagree about the path forward and how they would address the nation’s problems. No surprise there. But the difference is in all of our own memory banks.

Take a moment to recall what it was like four years ago: Barack Obama ran on a platform so lofty, so overtly mystical, so absolutely messianic in 2008 that it’s hard to believe it has come to this in our country.  When you look around you at the shuttered empty houses, the homeless wandering the edges of the roads, the ragged dying cities everywhere –  it is almost impossible to believe the utter bill of goods that has been sold to this country under Obama’s presidency, based on his “messianic” campaign promises.

Millions of people were led to believe that the man held some sort of almost magical spiritual ability to transform the fortunes of the nation and restore economic viability and sound fiscal policy. Women sobbed and crumpled over in the audience when he spoke. It was sickening and spooky then, and it is infuriating now.

We have been HAD by this guy. People need to admit this. Why would anyone in their right mind vote for him twice?

All Obama has presented in his re-election campaign thus far, with three weeks left to go, is a nonstop series of frontal attacks on Mitt Romney’s wealth [which he earned the hard way] his background, and his character.While Barack Obama was hanging out with terrorist Bill Ayers, Mitt Romney was a pastor ministering to those in need in his community. Hello?? The contrast could not be any more stark.

Once you get past that newest set of distracting smoke and mirrors in the Obama campaign, there is nothing, not one thing being presented to the American people by Barack Obama that would inspire his voters from 2008 or undecided voters today that he has any plans, or answers or leadership skills to drive the country in the right direction in the future. The fate of the nation hangs in the balance and we have elected an outright charlatan to the office of the Presidency. Surely the country is not foolish enough to do this twice? Tell me this won’t happen. Please.

Mitt Romney is not a perfect man and he is not a perfect Candidate. But his track record in the past as businessman and bipartisan Governor of Massachusetts tells me he has a hell of alot more experience under his belt to take on the job of the Presidency than Barack Obama ever did. Obama was absolutely right in 2004 when he told a reporter he lacked the experience to run for president. The entire nation has paid a miserable price for this man’s narcissistic hubris, and we still have time to turn away from the cliff and get someone else in the White House. It’s not too late to change and re-direct the future and fortunes of America. I’m voting for Mitt Romney. For me it’s a no brainer.

See http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/10/why-we-shouldnt-be-surprised-obama-is-falling-behind/263644/

See http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2012/09/02/the-left-is-beginning-to-worry-that-obama-will-lose-and-with-good-reason/

See http://www.boston.com/politicalintelligence/2012/10/17/mitt-romney-says-barack-obama-has-answers-aftermath-second-presidential-debate/toQShflsYPFIvhvm5GuRmN/story.html

What They ARE NOT Talking About in the Debates: 5 Key Issues

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