Will 2016 Be a Wild Ride? Future Prognosticators Weigh In.


“You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the eventual consequences of ignoring reality.” – Ayn Rand

The annual American cultural ritual of predicting and prognosticating about possible future events to come in the new year always yields fascinating theories and interesting, if not often troubling, video reports. Below are several I watched and gathered for readers. It goes without saying that I don’t necessarily feel that everything discussed in these reports will occur, or even vaguely coalesce. Often these video reports turn out t o be little more than prepper “fear porn.”

But it would be a very tumultuous new year indeed in 2016, if even some of these theorized possible events materialized.  Pay special attention to the commentary of Bill Holter in video three. For those who live in southern California, [ or Israel ] pay close attention to the narrative in video four. Video four lists the top five places NOT to be when the US dollar collapses: Israel, southern California, New York, Washington DC and Great Britain. It’s worth a watch if one of those locales is your home. OK. You have been warned.

Feel free to share these videos on your own social networks. It might also be a good idea to DOWNLOAD these videos to your own hard drive in the event they suspiciously “disappear” from YouTube after a few weeks. This happens frequently these days.

How do these predictions for 2016 compare to the predicted events of 2015 one year earlier? Review the video at

2015 Comes. Here’s an Interesting News Report Which Should Be Shared.

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NASA Discovers Huge Iceberg Breaking Away From Pine Island Glacier in Western Antarctica

English: Transantarctic Mountains, West Antarc...

English: Transantarctic Mountains, West Antarctica, East Antarctica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NASA scientists are being careful to reassure the public that the ice event they happened upon during a recent fly-over of West Antarctica is normal, natural and just a part of the ongoing seasonal changes which take place in Antarctica’s ice plateaus. But then again those who watch earth’s climate getting rapidly warmer are always interested to see any acceleration of that process which will result in raised sea levels as time passes. The breaking away or “calving” of an iceberg twenty stories high, 356 miles long and more than 200 miles wide – basically – 15 times the size of Manhattan Island – is news worthy for those who monitor climate change.




Here’s the report:

Russian City of Samara Being Slowly Consumed By Giant Sinkholes: Photos, Video

The alarming and widening story [ pun intended ] around the world of  increasing incidents of “giant sinkholes” opening up is getting worse, with the latest media attention being focused on the Russian city of Samara, where huge sinkholes are literally eating the city alive, street by street.