Musical Chameleon, Artistic Genius and Shapeshifter David Bowie Dead at 69

January 11th 2016

Gone way too soon, the beloved musical genius from Brixton Great Britain, David Bowie, died last night just two days after releasing his 27th and final musical album, which became his swan song: ‘Black Star’ Bowie had privately struggled with cancer for the last 18 months, without most of the world even knowing.

“He always did what he wanted to do. And he wanted to do it his way and he wanted to do it the best way. His death was no different from his life – a work of Art,” he wrote. “He made Blackstar for us, his parting gift.” – Music producer and lifelong friend Toni Visconti

David Bowie on stage in 1984

Cited:  “One thing that struck reviewers who were grappling with Blackstar, David Bowie’s final album, was how tricky it was to interpret lyrically. Kitty Empire, writing in the Observer, described it as elliptical, while the Guardian’s Alexis Petridis wrote that the album “seems to offer those attempting to unravel his lyrics a wry ‘best of luck with that.’  What the critics didn’t know, however, was that the man behind it had been diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago, and that he knew his life was coming to an end. If this had been common knowledge, they would all no doubt have looked at Blackstar in a different light. Was David Bowie saying goodbye on it? And does it seem obvious now that he has died?

David Bowie’s music, life, fashion and films and incredibly eclectic art made a huge impact on the world for more than four decades.

“I know something is very wrong,” he begins, then sings: “The blackout hearts, the flowered news / With skull designs upon my shoes.” –  lyric from ‘Black Star’ released just two days before David Bowie’s death.

I was an avid David Bowie fan as a teen and had listened to his music since the early 1970s when he recorded the groundbreaking album “The Man Who Sold the World.”

The feature length documentary below [ 1 hr 30 min ] explores David Bowie’s entire life and catalog of work as a musician actor, painter and performing artist – from his childhood in Brixton London England, up to his late 50s, when he was inducted into the “Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. If you’re a Bowie fan, it’s a MUST SEE film:

Tributes from all over the world are pouring in today at the rate of 20,000 per minute, hard to fathom. David Bowie was loved by millions the world over from at least four generations of music, art and film lovers. Below are some rare photos of David from throughout his stellar career as musical genius recording artist, painter, art film star and pop culture icon.

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