Losing Robin Williams

Robin Williams was one of the very few comedians who could inspire me to lose all restraint and just burst out laughing, like a small child, with unabashed loudness, totally immersed in his moment of pure hilarity, head thrown back, lost in it.  His dramatic roles in films were gaunt, they felt literal, actual, gripping. Robin stunned movie audiences when he took on serious acting roles with the raw fact that he was as comfortable getting lost in the role [serial killer, psychopath, teacher, adventurer… ]  as he was when he was lost in sudden rolling waves of unrelenting spontaneous humor which poured out him with such brilliant ease. Whatever Robin Williams did, he went at the task with such abandon and engulfment that I am sure many others in Hollywood were made more than a little uncomfortable by the depth of  his talent and ability. This was a man of enormous gifts. And he bestowed them on audiences with robust gusto, his energy seemed boundless, a pure force of nature not seen in many men.

I still can’t believe he’s gone. I found some clips today that made me really, truly, laugh out loud, even when others in the house were sleeping. This man had a rare gift of pure genius – the ability to portray just about anyone, or anything, in a way that delighted the people who watched him perform.  It sickens me to have to think of how he died, how he could have felt that alone with his new spouse of only three years sleeping in another room. { Why was she sleeping in another room?  Don’t most married people share the same bed?} It needed not to end this way for this great man. I am totally and utterly heart broken, so much so I wouldn’t really face it for a week. It’s been many days now, and I still think about it. In fact, I will be thinking about it for a long time.

Yes, we do have our sporadic and startling “celebrity suicides” to contend with as a society every few years.  But this one is different. When the funniest man in the world takes his own life, it does give one pause. I am praying for your soul Robin Williams. Godspeed your soul to your Creator, possibly the only being who could comfort you now, after this, such a robust and enriched life lived on earth, which brought joy to billions of people, then to take your light and snuff it out – yourself, by your own hand, by your own choice.

Father, I ache over this one.


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