It’s A Girl! Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William Welcome Their Second Child

It’s a girl! Welcome, royal princess: Everything we know about the royal baby

Royal Baby: Princess Kate and Prince William Introduce Their Daughter

Royal Baby: Queen Elizabeth Wears Pink After Great-Granddaughter Born

Queen Elizabeth donned her finest royal pink attire today to celebrate the birth of the second child of Prince William and his spouse Kate Middleton, born at 8:34 am London time this morning, May 2nd 2015.  WITHIN minutes of this morning’s announcement, #RoyalBaby began trending almost immediately on Twitter. Born on the same day as the running of the world famed Kentucky Derby along with many other keynote sports events happening in the USA, it may turn out that May 2nd 2015 becomes one of the biggest “world news” days in recent history, as all the world rejoices with Great Britain’s royal family. Many of the greatest landmarks on London will “go Pink” this evening to celebrate the baby girl’s birth.


Royal Baby twitter trend as the news broke

The baby weighs 8lbs 3oz. Kate and her infant daughter are both doing very well. All of Great Britain is grinning from ear to ear, downing frothy pints and celebrating the birth of Prince William and Kate’s second child. Little prince George now has a baby sister and a new playmate. The world is rejoicing with the Royal family today, as the little princess is welcomed into the world.  The princess is the first to be born into the British monarchy in 25 years. The last was Prince Andrew’s daughter Princess Eugenie in 1990.

More back story on the birth of Kate’s second child:

Significance in royal history

The last time a great-granddaughter of a still-serving sovereign was born in direct succession on the male line was 118 years ago.

George VI’s younger sister Princess Mary was born in 1897 when her great-grandmother Queen Victoria was on the throne.

She arrived in Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee year and her grandfather, the Prince of Wales, who became Edward VII, was said to have suggested Diamond as a first name.

She was eventually christened Princess Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary but was known as Mary.

Royal Baby is HERE and it’s a GIRL… How Twitter exploded over the #royalbaby news


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