How to Destroy America’s Democratic Party in Ten Easy Steps: A Post-Mortem for the Earlier Era of American Civic and Political Decency

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1. Ignore all viable working class wage earners’ issues for decades, even though the democratic party has had a long prior history of defending & fighting for the American working class wage earner since the party’s inception.

  1. Promote, underline & embellish the issues of EVERY tiny minority class in America as being MUCH more important than the issues of any average Joe American wage earner. Examples: #GLBT people make up only approximately 6 to 15% of the American population. But according to the #DNC they are now the most important minority class of Americans in history. #Muslims also make up much less than 30% of America’s population, yet THEIR needs are promoted & embellished by the DNC as being MUCH more important to American society than the 70% of native-born working class American wage earners, whose lifelong taxable incomes form the literal foundation stone and economic base of the entire nation.
  1. POST 9-11 era: Throw open America’s borders wantonly, while insisting there is NO border problem. Lie to the public about this issue relentlessly on your liberal TV networks. Rename, then DEFER the ‘illegal immigrant’ problem to future presidents indefinitely, while doing everything the party can to bring in as many illegals as possible, as quickly as possible, so they can register as democrats, get on the welfare rolls and expand the democratic party’s sagging numbers over time.
  2. Thoughtlessly create unconstitutional “Sanctuary Cities” in America, where freshly arriving undocumented criminal illegals can rape, rob & murder whomever, whenever, and mostly avoid criminal prosecution if or when they are caught. Scream in loudest indignant outrage against any prosecution when illegals’ abhorrent crimes in these cities are exposed and brought to light.
  1. Instigate and eventually enact a complete TACIT takeover of America’s mainstream news reporting establishment over time, such that ALL establishment news outlets continuously support uber-liberal democratic operations as being representative of what ALL of America actually desires. Reinforce this myth in EVERY daily newscast. Arrange MANY marriages between those in the political class with those in the banking and news reporting classes. Attack, ridicule, mock, undermine and openly refute any attempt by Americans to oppose the democratic party’s borderless globalist agenda.
  2. Conspire with 1000s of globalist corporations who advertise on liberal news networks to obliterate Judeo-Christian values in your ‘news’ broadcasts by IGNORING, MINIMIZING MOCKING or ATTACKING these values as: obsolete, partisan, racist, or even as possibly ‘domestic terrorist’ in nature. In short, attempt to make it the most revolting, uncool thing on earth to be a Christian American, even though approximately 70% of the nation’s population are, in fact, native-born Christians.
  3. Act as agents of total sympathy, empathy and organizing financiers for every violent, anarchistic, atheistic & disruptive sub-cult & movement in America, no matter how bizarre their beliefs or how violent and vicious their actions & intentions. Examples include: #BLM, #OccupyMovement, #RadicalIslam and #SaulAlinksy styled marxism / socialism.
  4. Deploy the #IRS and other assorted FED orgs [CIA, NSA, DEA, ATF, etc] to maliciously harass conservative citizens, reporters, and news orgs which might ‘make bold’ to disagree with the democratic establishment plan. Deny that you are doing this when or if caught. Destroy all emails and other paper or digital evidence which could prove otherwise.
  5. During election years, go into maniacal OVERDRIVE to elect your chosen presidential candidate, even in the face of OVERWHELMING evidence that said candidate has a decades long history of criminal activity, suspicious deaths, graft, corruption, pay-to-play & even more sordid activities behind the scenes. Deploy the liberal establishment media to assist in the ‘blacklisting’ or NON-reporting of these crimes, while attacking and ridiculing all who dare to try to call for investigations of your criminal presidential candidate.
  6. Finally, having completed 1 through 9 to exhaustion, if the other guy wins in any presidential election, make it your life’s NEWEST mission to undermine his fairly won presidential election by INVENTING a literal tsunami of fake news stories, scandals, and ISSUES about him, all the while accusing the winning candidate of every possible wrong-doing, including incompetence, dishonesty, clinical pathology and psychiatric disorders. NEVER relent in these attacks, airing them NIGHTLY on every national news broadcast, thus undermining the faith of his hard-won constituency and eroding the trust and goodwill of onlooking nations on the world scene as well. Do all of this in plain view of the American people, whom you have deemed to be either too stupid to ascertain what is afoot, too apathetic to act on it, or just too DEPLORABLE in general to act as informed citizens to halt the progress of your ever-growing GRAFT and corruption.

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– Screenshots blog author – 12.12.2016


3 thoughts on “How to Destroy America’s Democratic Party in Ten Easy Steps: A Post-Mortem for the Earlier Era of American Civic and Political Decency

  1. William Tecumseh Sherman once said: “I’d hang every one of these newspapers scribblers if I wasn’t sure I would get dispatches from hell”. What’s going on today is what they used to call… Yellow journalism. Fake news.


  2. Hi there, Please do NOT re-blog my material, especially if you plan to take liberties with it. Since I’m a gay woman, I’m pretty sure my %s are pretty close. And… as a gay woman, who has little time or patience for silliness [ cause that’s who I am] I could care less which letters come first. I especially take issue with goofy young people who now have these little ‘fits’ if a Q isn’t added to the end of the silly string of letters, i.e. “LGBTQ”. Oh for God’s sake. Really? So, NO. Don’t re-blog it, as I have no idea what kind of liberties you will take with it. Stay blessed! – Leigh


  3. Outstanding!

    What you got wrong was unimportant, but what you got right was very right, very important and well said.

    Furthermore, what you got wrong only reinforces your position more: “LGBT” (not GLBT) people make up far less than 6%. Current reliable estimates make them to be below 3%. Muslims make up no more than 5-6% of the population.

    However, these figures represent greater evidence in support of your original positions.

    Well done! Well said! If you don’t mind, I’d like to re-blog, and will add in my own corrections, though I’ll have to add them as “disagreements,” since you have the ownership of what you write.

    I’ll be watching this very interesting blog. Please write more.


    — x


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