First Came the Giant Sinkholes: Now We Have Massive Gashes Opening Up in the Earth

Let there be no doubt: earth changes are escalating in every nation on earth, and have been growing more frequent and much more dramatic for more than 15 years. Right before the turn of the 21st century many new age seers, clairvoyants and prophets had predicted, as Edgar Cayce had done half a decade earlier, that huge sections of many nations would soon flood, that severe weather and a rapidly changing global climate would cause the coastlines of many nations to be altered more or less permanently. Severe extreme “earth changes” were predicted which sounded outrageous to many at the time. When many of these dire predictions did not come to pass immediately during the late 1990s-early 2000s, some of these forecasts were claimed to have been debunked. But since the year 2000, no one can argue that around the world, weather patterns have become increasingly disrupted, massive fish and other sea life kills are noted annually, huge sinkholes are increasingly appearing on every continent, and no consensus among scientists can be found, as to WHY.

We were all just getting accustomed to seeing such shocking video footage of massive sudden yawning circular sinkholes: swallowing buses, cars, even entire buildings, when the newest earth drama appeared: massive huge “gashes” opening up in the earth like new fault lines.

This newest ‘wild earth’ phenomenon is escalating, and it is happening on more than one continent: the sudden appearance, often within seconds, or overnight, of massive deep long gashes in the earth, the same kinds of sudden gashes which open up during massive earthquakes. No shaking or seismic actions are usually felt around these gashes – they just suddenly yawn open, and in many cases, the gash continues to open and get larger, longer and deeper for weeks or even months after they first appear.

Theories differ wildly as to why these dramatic earth events are taking place. Some officials assert that unusually severe seasonal rains have inundated the water table, shifting massive tons of silt and soil beneath soils which were geologically unstable to begin with. Florida is a case in point. An increase in underground seismic activity has also been pointed out as a possible factor.

In 2013 an enormous sudden gash opened up in the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands ‘gash’ from 2013: any sudden massive land movement into the Atlantic ocean could trigger a tsunami which would strike the USA east coast and could endanger the lives of tens of millions of American citizens. Geologists and city planners on the US east coast ought to be creating contingency evacuation plans which could accommodate millions of people in the event of a massive earthquake on the Canary Islands which might displace tens of thousands of tonnes of earth and soil into the sea.

Here’s video:

In 2014 a massive gash opened up in the ground in Mexico.

The Mexico ‘gash’ opened in 2014.

Here is video:

It happened in Wyoming just a few weeks ago. [ See below. ] Now it has happened again, this time in Mississippi, as a colossal “gash” opened up in the ground under an I-Hop parking lot, engulfing dozens of vehicles in a long wide deep muddy red hole, which also looks exactly like a “sudden new fault line” has opened up in the earth.

The warning signs of yet more severe earth changes are clearly being given in these early events. I see a steady increase year to year in sudden and unexpected geologic events and the events are happening all over the world. I have yet to see a geologist or other weather official make any appearance on USA network news media to make an effort to explain these frightening and unprecedented earth change events. No one knows where this is going to take place next. Are our emergency preparedness officials doing what is necessary to try to protect or evacuate the public in the events of sudden multiple earth opening events?

Shouldn’t finding the reason for these geologic upheavals be an urgent national priority for our scientists? Have many more “giant earth gashes” have to open before geologists start to take these events seriously? Maybe a giant gash needs to open up across the White House lawn, so that geologists, FEMA and top American scientists will take notice.

Recent related earth changes video reports:

The location of the new sudden ‘giant gash’ in Wyoming, just a few dozen miles beneath the southern end of the massive Yellowstone caldera, begs the question as to whether underground changes in the caldera are affecting the land regions surrounding it. How close are we to an eruption? Is this Wyoming gash a sign of more drastic earth events to come?

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