Easter Weekend 2016 Nibiru Planet X Update: Videos, Links, Sites, Research

Worldwide public interest in the topics of Nibiru / Planet X continues to be robust, with new photos, video clips, new Nibiru research websites going up, and new research pouring onto the internet daily.  Apparently it doesn’t matter that ‘some’ of the governments of the nations [ Russia is excluded, as they do not censor their news reports on Nibiru and air footage on Russian TV ] are intent on suppressing new information about the space object from their respective populations. Citizen contributed research material continues to pour onto the internet anyway. Something is out there and the evidence, although perplexing, does not lie. As usual, my re-posting of these videos constitutes neither an endorsement, nor a rebuttal, of their contents. I leave readers to do their own research, and to come to their own conclusions. Here are a few videos I watched today:

More High Strangeness

Were you aware that for the past several days [ March 22 – 24 2016] president Barack Obama has been visiting Antarctica? Me neither, as there has been a total news blackout on his ‘deeper’ South American travels. The video below points out some VERY interesting developments in the far southern end of the South American continent, including reports that China is constructing a huge space exploration base in southern Argentina. I have yet to find evidence of any construction of a Chinese space observatory in Argentina, but I did locate evidence that China is now building the world’s LARGEST radio telescope – in southwest China.

I also found a news report detailing China’s recent new collaboration with the nation of Chile’ on building high powered space telescopes. See also http://benjaminfulford.net/

Since most Nibiru researchers now agree the system of worlds with it’s brown dwarf star will approach earth from beneath, it stands to reason that optimum visibility for any space observatory would preferably have it located in the far south region of southern hemisphere continents.

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Nibiru Second Sun Now Visible in Florida and California: Planet X Update from Marshall Masters

Nibiru aka the Second Sun was clearly visible near Sanibel causeway in Florida in late October 2015.

Nibiru aka the Second Sun was clearly visible near Sanibel causeway in Florida in late October 2015.

Dr. Marshall Masters, founder of www.yowusa.com, brings us his latest update on Nibiru for November 2015 in the video below, which includes stunning photographic and video evidence of eye-witness sightings of the ‘second sun’ in Florida. I captured some stills from his video report which are below. You can subscribe to his news reports at the website, which I recommend that everyone do as soon as possible. We are all aware that our Illuminati-Elites owned and controlled mass media here in the USA will refuse to inform the world public about the geologic upheavals to come on our world with the return of Nibiru / Planet X until it is far too late, if they choose to warn humanity at all.


My own deep gut tells me that the secret world government has long planned to use the return of Planet X as the perfect opportunity to install their own global fascist government as a preplanned ‘solution’ to the chaos which will ensue when the second sun passes close enough to earth to bring massive destruction and a possible tilting of the earth on it’s axis, also known as a geo-crustal pole shift. Although I have written about the return of Planet X for more than 10 years now, much of the earlier material I authored on another blogging platform was removed in early 2013, without my knowledge or consent. You can find several hundred of my other Nibiru reports which have survived thanks to the kind folks at WordPress over at one of my other news blogs Biblical Times. Be sure to download videos, photos and text, and to share what you learn with others. Thank you!

Screenshot blog author

Other interesting videos that help to understand the astronomy of binary or twin stars, brown dwarfs and other theories regarding Nibiru / Planet X

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