Mike Adams: ‘UFO’ Video-Recorded Over Los Angeles Was a Thermonuclear Missile Launch

11.21.2015 #BlacklistedNews

This video is part one of a 4 part video produced by Mike Adams, reporter for Health Ranger. After you listen to there should be links that come up for the rest of the other parts.


Published on Nov 8, 2015

The launch of a Trident missile (thermonuclear weapons platform) over Los Angeles is the US Navy’s warning to China and an effort to prevent escalation into World War III.



Let the Singing and Dancing Go On! Sierra Leone, Liberia Africa Celebrate the End of Ebola: #ByeByeEbolaSong

It has officially been 42 days since any new cases of Ebola have been reported in Sierra Leone, Africa.

The courageous people of this disease ravaged nation are rightfully rejoicing, and the world should rejoice with them as well. The hideous ravages of the terrible near endless march of death which was brought by Ebola during the past two years are gradually fading, even as the people of Sierra Leone recall the depth of their suffering during the worst of it’s ascent. Below are video clips which recall the worst moments of the extended Ebola outbreak, which killed more than  28,000 people in Sierra Leone and other African nations, along with the long awaited moments of pure joy to know that the heart of the nation can finally begin to recover from one of the most serious outbreaks of deadly Ebola virus in world history. Sound the drums and sing the songs of victory over death. You are the lucky ones, whom God has smiled on. You have lived to sing the living songs of joy. Ebola is finally fading in Sierra Leone, Africa.

About the Ebola Outbreak: “Across West Africa, the death toll from Ebola rose to over 11,000 (CDC), which was heavily concentrated in three countries: Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. As of September 22, 2015, a total of 28,319 cases have been reported with 15,235 being laboratory confirmed. A quick statistical analysis will reveal that a large percentage of those who contracted Ebola survived (around thirty percent). A percentage poorly relates the psychological impact of the epidemic on affected populations and makes it difficult for observers to shift from objectively interpreting data to a sympathetically understanding the strife of the population. The scope of the virus did, however, enter the attention of the Western hemisphere with an inescapable pandemonium of panicked rumors and apocalyptic premonitions. Two US doctors were, in fact, confirmed to have contracted the virus and carried it into the country (CDC). There was a swift reaction to treat and contain the virus, which prevented its spread.”

In Liberia the Ebola crematorium has now been officially dismantled. This photo is from that ceremony.

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#BlacklistedNews: Serial Killer on the Loose in Ohio & Big Media News Ignores the Story

How many times has this happened to you? It happens to me at least 3-4 times a day. I find HUGE breaking news stories, American news stories, on overseas websites, which feature full in-depth coverage, and discover to my distress that there is almost NO coverage of these very same events right here in our own country – where we are all obviously potentially affected by the events.  News websites in the UK do such an outstanding job of covering breaking news reports in the US, you might as well visit those sites first for breaking news, as the coverage on American websites is sometimes practically non-existent.

The state of journalism in the United States is just horrendous. And the news reports which get published have large glaring errors in them that can affect the opinions and attitudes of millions of people. A case in point was the erroneous news reporting during the first 48 hours after the Dylann Roof massacre, that his parents had “bought him a gun for his birthday.” This was untrue, yet it went out on all three news networks as part of the narrative of the story for three days before a UK website published the facts. He had bought the gun himself, legally, with birthday gift money given to him by his parents. HUGE difference. And then there are the dozens and dozens of typos I locate in news reports from Big Media outlets daily. We have become a nation that cares little for factual details of the TRUTH, and even less about fundamental grammar and basic literacy. We border on being a laughing stock idiocracy at the opening moment of any given news day.

So here is today’s “elephant in the room” which is being ignored by Big Media while the nation rants on and on about Confederate Flags and the political correctness of erasing a huge piece of American history, et al. There is a vicious serial killer on the loose in Ohio. Did you know that? I didn’t. Read:


Ohio in grip of fear as body of fourth woman discovered

A small town in the US state of Ohio is gripped by fear after a sixth woman went missing from the community, with four of the women later found dead.

Tiffany Sayre is one of six women to have gone missing in the town of Chillicothe, Ohio, in the past year.

Ms Sayre, whose body was found bound in duct tape and wrapped in a white blanket, was discovered in a drainage pipe.

Charlotte Trego. (Supplied)

Most of the women, some of whom were friends, were drug addicts, and some worked as prostitutes.

Now fears are growing that a serial killer is at large.

Sayre had been missing since midnight on May 11, when she was seen leaving a local hotel where she is believed to have been “on the job” before heading to her grandmother’s house.

Her body was discovered in similar circumstances to those of the other three dead women, which were found dumped in waterways near Chillicothe, which has a population of just 23,000.

The first to go missing was Charlotte Trego, a 27-year-old heroin addict who disappeared on May 3, 2014.

Tameka Lynch. (Supplied)

Ms Trego’s friend, Tameka Lynch, who, like Sayre was a junkie who turned tricks to fund her habit, also vanished on May 3.

Chillingly, while Sayre’s family searched for her body, the body of yet another woman, Timberly Clayton, was found near another creek. She had been shot in the head three times.

Lynch, 30, whose body was found by a kayaker in Paint Creek three weeks later, just outside town, was adjudged by a coroner to have died of a multiple drug overdose.

In November last year 37-year-old Wanda Lemons, a pregnant mother-of-five with a history of drug abuse, also disappeared.

Shasta Himelrick. (Supplied)

Two months later another body, that of 20-year-old Shasta Himelrick, was found in the nearby Scioto River – although the coroner ruled her death as a suicide, her friends are convinced she was murdered.

Now these deaths are being linked to the 2013 disappearance of Megan Lancaster, 26, from Portsmouth, south of Chillicothe.

Wanda Lemons. (Supplied)

“These girls all knew the same people,” her sister-in-law, Kadie Lancaster, told The Huffington Post.

“I think it’s possible these and other cases, as far off as Michigan, are all connected.”

The FBI is now involved in the investigation, which could be widened to include other townships in the area.

Source: News.com.au

Read more at http://www.9news.com.au/world/2015/06/25/18/15/ohio-in-grip-of-fear-as-body-of-fourth-woman-discovered#cVqO62v1IdJCK4Z9.99

As US News Media Practices Denial, Red Flags of Economic Collapse Still Apparent

To hear Big Media tell the story, 2014 has been a stellar year for the American economy. The Stock Market is roaring and passed the eco-fantasy-land high water mark of 18,000 just a few days ago, Christmas spending is up, we are told and so forth. But the colossal size of America’s swelling debt looms over our children, grand children and their children as well. There are a few news bloggers out there who are willing to publish actuality RE: the American economy.

Historically, nations which are sinking into the mire of mega-debt often turn to war to try to reverse their fortunes. War is a luxury which Americans well know we can no longer afford, literally. It’s bankrupting the wealth and resources of the greatest nation on earth. But some see the signs that a fresh new war is exactly what many banking cartel elites desire to have happen. Since we are perpetually at war somewhere in the Mideast, we turn instead to events in Russia, where indicators speak that only the collapse of the ruble will halt Putin’s Ukraine adventurism. It just so happens [ ahem ] that the recent plunge in oil prices has sent the ruble into a tailspin. I happen to feel that the oil price slide was not accidental, just a hunch. And I am keeping my eyes on Russia and Turkey in 2015.

Unemployment Rate - Official vs ShadowStats Alternate - U.S. Dollar Collapse 2015

We’re told in American news broadcasts that the unemployment rate has fallen to it’s lowest number in 18 years. Yet the numbers of shaggy homeless people holding up signs at street corners, wandering along highway medians pulling everything they own in a grocery cart, or accosting my vehicle every time I drive into town, are greater today than they were last month or last year.

Boarded up windows in haggard blighted buildings are obvious driving through town, where large retail sales spaces right on the main drag sit empty for months and months. “For Rent” and “For Lease” signs dot the urban downtown landscapes of nearly every small town on the Oregon coast. Ask anyone out here and they will tell you: It’s a struggle to find work, and it’s a struggle to keep it. Good jobs are sparse and when they appear thousands apply.

If you are inclined to question the “official” unemployment numbers that media outlets like CNN keep spouting, stop by http://shadowstats.com and have a look around. It’s an eye opener.

You might want to also stop by http://x22report.com/ and check out their material. Click here to listen to a recent report from Dec 24 in mp3 format.

Another good site for an outside independent opinion of what’s happening in America’s economy is http://www.marketoracle.co.uk. I have linked to one of their recent posts and cited an excerpt below.


2015 Predictions: U.S. Dollar to Collapse?

U.S. Dollar Collapse? USD Index Trend Forecast 2015

Excerpt: “Global Money Printing Central Banks Crime Syndicate

Contrary to the way the financial world may be presented in the mainstream media, the Fed is at the head of the global central banking crime syndicate cartel that runs the show Don Vito Corleone style, where should any foreign central banks get out of line will soon be in for a currency markets massacre as they see their currencies soar or collapse against the dollar and thus destroying their ability to export to the worlds largest consumer market which many economies are addicted to drug addicts style or manage inflation, as the official policy of the U.S. since the midst of the cold war has been to control the worlds financial system by means of operating a continuous large trade deficit, as I have covered at length several times over the years such as in my article of October 2010 (12 Oct 2010 – USD Index Trend Forecast Into Mid 2011, U.S. Dollar Collapse (Again)?).

For many years the Fed had been effectively inflating the whole world as I covered the dynamics of as long ago as in March 2011 – U.S. Dollar and Stock Market Trend Relationship, Currency and Real Wars”

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