Hurricane Haiyan Aftermath: 10,000+ Feared Dead, “Absolute Bedlam” As Looters Search for Food, Water, Fuel

Pray for the surviving people of the Philippines.

Tragically, there could have been no way that “absolute bedlam” would NOT have been part of the dire aftermath of weather colossus hurricane Haiyan / Yolanda, given the power and ferocity with which it made landfall. There are many newsd outlets reporting that this is the largest and worst hurricane to ever make landfall in the history of reporting such events.

What’s so unnerving about such monstrously huge weather events is that every two or three years the “next big one” is so much larger than the “last big one” that one wonders where it will all end. The scale and scope of ever more  enormous annual “super storms” is now becoming a possible and plausible threat to all life on all continental coastlines.  Those who would argue that fact are not living in actuality with the rest of us.

When the next “hurricane Katrina” or “hurricane Sandy” strikes the US east coast, it will no doubt kill and masticate all living beings within a huge radius along the eastern US seaboard. What we are sickened to witness with the horrific tragic event in the Philippines wrought by hurricane Haiyan is bound to happen to the US east coast sooner or later. Such an event could not only cripple the nation’s infrastructure for weeks on end, it could cause the United States to become vulnerable to an attack in the aftermath.

Of course these are thoughts NO ONE wants to ever have to think, but we are now living in the age where the “unthinkable” can and might actually happen. Hurricane Sandy was the mother of all wake up calls for those living along the seaboard on the East Coast of the US. Now we witness the size, scale and unimaginable depth of devastation brought about by hurricane Haiyan. This is a teaching moment if ever here has been one for the people of the eastern United States, and that would include our own government.

Reports stated the initial storm itself brought an enormous wall of water more than 25 feet high [ 5 stories high ] directly over Tacloban, destroying and pulverizing everything in it’s path, including 80% of the city’s vital infrastructure. More than 10,000 people are feared dead in the flattened city of Tacloban alone, wrenching heart and emotions as one tries to fathom the sheer magnitude of this catastrophe.

A call has gone out to the major nations of the world for support, aid and supplies, but with no electricity for miles on end and a shattered splintered wrecked airport, those rendering aid are struggling to reach people in need.

Photos and videos tell the horrific story. WARNING: Some of these images and videos are quite graphic.

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