Will 2016 Be a Wild Ride? Future Prognosticators Weigh In.


“You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the eventual consequences of ignoring reality.” – Ayn Rand

The annual American cultural ritual of predicting and prognosticating about possible future events to come in the new year always yields fascinating theories and interesting, if not often troubling, video reports. Below are several I watched and gathered for readers. It goes without saying that I don’t necessarily feel that everything discussed in these reports will occur, or even vaguely coalesce. Often these video reports turn out t o be little more than prepper “fear porn.”

But it would be a very tumultuous new year indeed in 2016, if even some of these theorized possible events materialized.  Pay special attention to the commentary of Bill Holter in video three. For those who live in southern California, [ or Israel ] pay close attention to the narrative in video four. Video four lists the top five places NOT to be when the US dollar collapses: Israel, southern California, New York, Washington DC and Great Britain. It’s worth a watch if one of those locales is your home. OK. You have been warned.

Feel free to share these videos on your own social networks. It might also be a good idea to DOWNLOAD these videos to your own hard drive in the event they suspiciously “disappear” from YouTube after a few weeks. This happens frequently these days.

How do these predictions for 2016 compare to the predicted events of 2015 one year earlier? Review the video at

2015 Comes. Here’s an Interesting News Report Which Should Be Shared.

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Euro Banks Are Blowing Out; Dodd-Frank ‘Bail-In’ Means Americans Will Be Killed To Salvage Them

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Are You Heavily Invested in the US Stock Market? It Is Urgent That You Listen to What Milton Berg Has to Say


If investors had known in March, April or May of 1929, or 2008 what was coming, do you think they would have wanted to know, so that they could take profits where possible, preserve / salvage capital, and GET OUT of the stock market before those disastrous collapses took place? OF COURSE they would have wanted to know ahead of time! I would like to give my readers a gift. I’ve also been looking at all the indicators all this year and had arrived at the same conclusion that Mr. Berg speaks of, but I had no confidence anyone would listen, so I chose not to write about it. I now know that I can no longer NOT write about this issue, as a stock market correction is now on the horizon which could give millions of investors the shock of their adult lives, not to mention a heart attack.

I have privately felt that the ridiculous Alice-in-Wonderland “quantitative easing” program that the FED has put America on since 2008 would eventually lead to fiscal disaster, but it’s hard to convince the average Joe of that fact when they see a US stock market roaring into the stratosphere. The truth is that at this point about 10-12 ‘Mega cap’ super-stocks are now holding up the entire market, and there is no real value supporting a market which is hovering close to 18,000 points. What’s happened instead is that a literal tonnage of federal funny money, steaming right off the digital presses as computer entries onto balance sheets, has pushed the US stock market into artificially inflated territory which has to eventually come back to earth and back to reality. That day is coming, folks.

The extra 3-4 trillion dollars which has been pumped into the US money supply by the FED via balance sheet entries has now swollen the markets with imaginary wealth and artificial gains which are not backed by solid economic performance, with one or two exceptions. Actuality is calling.

Please please please listen to every word that financier and investment analyst Milton Berg is saying, especially if 80% or more of your retirement assets are invested in the US stock market. Pay attention to the warning signs he is discussing. Hang on every word, then play the clip again.  Milton Berg is giving you a gift and a blessing: fair warning, right here, right now. Feel free to share this video with those you love.

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As US News Media Practices Denial, Red Flags of Economic Collapse Still Apparent

To hear Big Media tell the story, 2014 has been a stellar year for the American economy. The Stock Market is roaring and passed the eco-fantasy-land high water mark of 18,000 just a few days ago, Christmas spending is up, we are told and so forth. But the colossal size of America’s swelling debt looms over our children, grand children and their children as well. There are a few news bloggers out there who are willing to publish actuality RE: the American economy.

Historically, nations which are sinking into the mire of mega-debt often turn to war to try to reverse their fortunes. War is a luxury which Americans well know we can no longer afford, literally. It’s bankrupting the wealth and resources of the greatest nation on earth. But some see the signs that a fresh new war is exactly what many banking cartel elites desire to have happen. Since we are perpetually at war somewhere in the Mideast, we turn instead to events in Russia, where indicators speak that only the collapse of the ruble will halt Putin’s Ukraine adventurism. It just so happens [ ahem ] that the recent plunge in oil prices has sent the ruble into a tailspin. I happen to feel that the oil price slide was not accidental, just a hunch. And I am keeping my eyes on Russia and Turkey in 2015.

Unemployment Rate - Official vs ShadowStats Alternate - U.S. Dollar Collapse 2015

We’re told in American news broadcasts that the unemployment rate has fallen to it’s lowest number in 18 years. Yet the numbers of shaggy homeless people holding up signs at street corners, wandering along highway medians pulling everything they own in a grocery cart, or accosting my vehicle every time I drive into town, are greater today than they were last month or last year.

Boarded up windows in haggard blighted buildings are obvious driving through town, where large retail sales spaces right on the main drag sit empty for months and months. “For Rent” and “For Lease” signs dot the urban downtown landscapes of nearly every small town on the Oregon coast. Ask anyone out here and they will tell you: It’s a struggle to find work, and it’s a struggle to keep it. Good jobs are sparse and when they appear thousands apply.

If you are inclined to question the “official” unemployment numbers that media outlets like CNN keep spouting, stop by http://shadowstats.com and have a look around. It’s an eye opener.

You might want to also stop by http://x22report.com/ and check out their material. Click here to listen to a recent report from Dec 24 in mp3 format.

Another good site for an outside independent opinion of what’s happening in America’s economy is http://www.marketoracle.co.uk. I have linked to one of their recent posts and cited an excerpt below.


2015 Predictions: U.S. Dollar to Collapse?

U.S. Dollar Collapse? USD Index Trend Forecast 2015

Excerpt: “Global Money Printing Central Banks Crime Syndicate

Contrary to the way the financial world may be presented in the mainstream media, the Fed is at the head of the global central banking crime syndicate cartel that runs the show Don Vito Corleone style, where should any foreign central banks get out of line will soon be in for a currency markets massacre as they see their currencies soar or collapse against the dollar and thus destroying their ability to export to the worlds largest consumer market which many economies are addicted to drug addicts style or manage inflation, as the official policy of the U.S. since the midst of the cold war has been to control the worlds financial system by means of operating a continuous large trade deficit, as I have covered at length several times over the years such as in my article of October 2010 (12 Oct 2010 – USD Index Trend Forecast Into Mid 2011, U.S. Dollar Collapse (Again)?).

For many years the Fed had been effectively inflating the whole world as I covered the dynamics of as long ago as in March 2011 – U.S. Dollar and Stock Market Trend Relationship, Currency and Real Wars”

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A Literal Pressed Pure Gold Paper Dollar Is a Potential Game Changer for We the People

Literal paper gold dollars, honestly produced, in the hands of impeccably managed private enterprise, is like an answer to a prayer that the American people ought to have been praying for at least the last 60 years.” – Screenshot news blog

I had been hearing adverts from “Papergold.com” on Coast radio off and on for several days before I found time to stop by their website and see what all the fuss was about. I went NUTS over this concept and when you pause to consider the full implications, I bet you will too.  I had been following Bitcoin earlier with great interest for the last couple of years, as an alternative universal currency and means of exchange. But sadly, Bitcoin is now corrupted by some of the very people who helped it rise to prominence.  The recent theft of hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins by the owner of the prestigious overseas storage company who held vast reserves of the digital currency for his clients put the final chill on Bitcoin for me as an investment option. Bitcoin also has an “obscurity” problem for Joe the Man on the Street, as it is almost impossible to explain what it is – just exactly – that gives it it’s perceived worth.  You did what? Your computer solved math problems? WTF? These coins are worth WHAAAT? Etc.


The US dollar is already technically in ruins, based on the massive 18 trillion dollar debt load our nation now carries. This kind of deficit spending cannot go on forever. One must pay the piper at some point very soon. Everyone knows this. Why no one  in Big Media discusses it much is as much mystifying as it is infuriating, possibly even criminal.  It’s a “karma comes calling” mega-debt tsunami of dire consequences which will soon be in everyone’s living room in the United States, flooding their lives with the awful truth that our nation’s leaders played with fire for too long, eventually setting the entire country aflame with vicious cycles of hyper-inflation and deflation, placing our entire future as a nation in jeopardy, ruining the financial lives of millions of young struggling families and retirees alike, the former being robbed of all hope, the latter being robbed of a decent livable retirement which would render them immune from possible destitution.

Imagine this:  You are standing in a huge room at a live auction, ready to bid. You have 10,000 dollars in cash in a bucket that you are holding, ready to bid on items you like. As the bidding begins, you look down and notice that someone has walked by and discreetly dropped another $8,000 into your bucket. Suddenly, you have more money to bid with. So you bid some items higher. While you are bidding on other items, someone [ The FED money supply guy, aka the people who make currency out of thin air, like magic, via bookkeeping entries and printing presses ] walks by and drops another $25,000 into your bucket. Now you have an even larger sum to bid with, and so do others, as the magic money guy is adding more cash to their buckets too. The room comes alive with bids and bidders, as 98% of those in the room have had magic money dropped into their buckets while they were bidding.  The base value of the item up for bid hasn’t changed. The appraiser had looked it over and signed off on it right before bidding began. But the fact that everyone in the room suddenly has more than twice the cash that they came in to bid with, has changed the auction entirely.  $50 vase sells for $125. A $2500 painting sells for $7,000. A $4,500 necklace sells for $9,200. And so on. That’s what inflation [ aka visits from the magic money guy]  does to retail prices of anything – cars, houses, stocks, ETFs, and that’s what has happened to the US stock market in the past 5 years.

So you leave the frantic big auction with all of your overpaid, overblown pricey wins, and a few months later you stroll down the street to the local pawn shop / antique dealer to liquidate your wins, hoping for a real nice pay-out. You discover to your dismay that the actual REAL base value of what you bought at auction is about half what you paid for it. You just lost all that “magic money” that got dropped into your bucket while you were bidding.  In contemporary vernacular, this is known as a “price correction” in Wall Street terms, or a “fiscal reality check” on the street. Nothing will sober one up like as visit to any prestigious pawn and antique dealer, who 9 times out of 10 will stun the financial pants off their customers by informing them of the TRUE lack of worth of their cherished personal treasures.

But what about the recent meteoric rise of Wall Street stocks?  Wall Street stocks have, for the most part, been hyper-inflated during the Obama presidency with obscene tonnage of injected near worthless dollars, which have spewed like geysers from the FED during their cleverly worded “quantitative easing” program, which is only now beginning to wind down just a little. Injecting a stale investment environment with degrading / inflating currency might make it SEEM that stocks are actually rising, but in fact, the base value of the stock or commodity in question actually has not changed much.  Aside from oil, Walmart and marijuana, America produces less in the way of manufacturing, retail profits and real services of value than she ever has. No one ever talks about this very much either. Most everyone is now running around with a smart phone in their hand, riding in an Uber taxi while they sip lattes and watch a movie online vat once. What America produces in grotesque, nearly unimaginable quantities in 2014, is entertainment. Movies, TV shows, video games, role-playing games, rock stars, pop stars, vapid celebrity feifdoms, mini-series, film franchises, new and ever more disgusting music videos, the appalling parade of depraved end times entertainment which the American population feasts on is so enormous, it would take another 30 pages just to describe it. But you get me. The American public is gorging itself on new infotainment and entertainment 24-7, 365 – and there is no end in sight. The problem is – when you boil it all down to the essentials – it’s all worthless. The only perceived value of all this fantasy is that it keeps Average Joe from ever looking up from his tablet and musing: “What’s really happening? and / or “Why aren’t we being told [ what’s really happening? ]. Hmmmmm.”

Enter gold. You know all the positives on the coveted precious metal already. It’s the oldest currency and means of exchange on earth. It survives inflation, hyper-inflation, nations go to war over it, escalating demand for it never expires, and there is only so much of it on planet earth to go around. The future supply of gold on earth is definitely limited, unless we discover another planet somewhere which is caked in it.  Up until now, the practical tendering of micro-units of gold in 10ths of a gram as a universal means of exchange left much to be desired, as it usually appears as a speck, laminated into a paper certificate of authenticity, and it’s pretty hard to get excited about exchanging tiny grains of gold in barter units.

BUT consider what would happen if just 15% of America’s population began using literal paper gold as a unit of barter and a means of exchange, pegged to the daily universal spot gold price, with added value rolled into the literal gold dollar for it’s desirability as a universal US currency which was not based on our faith in a failing and bloated government, but our faith instead in the ancient durability of gold to settle debts, raise failing nations, settle squabbles and secure units of personal wealth?

IF – and that is a very big IF – this “gold in paper money form” concept takes off, it could be the beginning of the end of the awful financial debauchery and tyranny of the FED. When enough people have converted their wealth into paper gold dollars, the greenback will no longer be needed, and We the People will hold the reigns of power in this nation once again. It’s a concept worth considering.