Are You a Fan of Holly Holm? Can’t Wait for the Rousey-Holm Rematch? Holm Has to Beat Miesha Tate First. Game-On! UFC 197 in March.

Womens’ Mixed Martial Arts UFC sports fans have followed news surrounding last year’s stunning knock-out of Ronda Rousey by Holly Holm with eager interest, since last November. Rumors ran wild after the fight that Ronda would never fight again, as she made a less than spectacular return to the states, covering her busted up face with a purple pillow as she and her entourage fought their way to a waiting black SUV at LAX a few days after the fight. Not exactly the bold, brazen and beautiful Ronda we’re used to seeing. The sports rumor mill went nuts after that.

Ronda has finally come out of seclusion. She’s spending alot of time in Texas, and has also been sighted here and there in her home in Venice Beach CA. Rousey has finally given a few interviews, but when she stated to reporters that ‘some of her teeth were still loose’ – [??] –  I had to wonder whether next July might be a little too soon for Ronda.

Ronda is also scheduled to be in two new movies this spring, so she will have a packed schedule in early 2016. Many had speculated that it was such a ‘packed schedule’ last year, with her new-found celebrity status and pressure, plus possibly less time spent training and preparing,  that cost Ronda her world championship last November in Sydney at UFC 193, the fight which shocked the entire sports world.

Talk of a spectacular rematch started up almost immediately, even though some fans abandoned Ronda and said she would never fight again. A few days ago a tentative date for a 2016 rematch was announced by Dana White, but now there has been a change of plans again.

As it turns out, Holly Holm will fight Miesha Tate FIRST before she eventually takes on Ronda Rousey again for a rematch in what will be the women’s MMA sports FIGHT of the 21st Century, hopefully taking place next July. The Holm-Tate bout is tentatively set for March. Yowza.

“Holly Holm will make her first women’s bantamweight title defense against Tate — not Rousey — at UFC 197 on March 5 in Las Vegas, sources confirmed with MMA Fighting on Thursday night. Bleacher Report’s Jeremy Botter was the first to report the news.”

I’m a fan of both Holm and Rousey and look forward to that rematch, which will be a HUGE world media event. But if Ronda Rousey wants to keep her pretty face and her teeth, she had better be training her ass off this year, because Holly Holm is now world famous beyond belief – and she’s not going to give that up. Once you go global, you don’t usually go back to the farm again, except to rest and relax, just saying.

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#BREAKING: North Korea Claims to Have Detonated a Hydrogen Bomb: 5.2 Artificial Earthquake Recorded



A hideous ‘Happy New Year’ from the lunatic regime in North Korea came late on the evening of 1.5.2016, as the fascist hermit kingdom made claims aired on state television of having detonated their first hydrogen bomb underground, causing serious alarm around the world. US officials were quick to cast dispersion upon the announcement, stating it was doubtful the detonation had actually taken place. Such comments make many US citizens wonder whether their own government now have their collective  heads placed so deep in the sand that they may as well be dead, since they behave as if the event did not happen.

Meanwhile, back in actuality, a 5.2 Richter Scale “artificial earthquake” has been detected in North Korea, as discussed by citizen journalist and high tech patriot weatherman DutchSinse in the first video below. Notwithstanding the far-reaching political and destabilizing implications of such a reckless act, the sheer worldwide environmental and health ramifications resulting from detonating such an enormous device might take years to fully understand.

It is my urgent hope that world leaders will cease their ineffective but typical tactic of “ignoring North Korea” as a containment policy and begin fully embracing the fact that the regime of Kim Jong Un represents a dire threat to world peace, much more so than ISIS ever will.

The list of possible ‘unthinkables’ regarding North Korea are almost too numerous to even attempt to consider. The recent Clinton / Obama era foreign policy response tactic of “ignoring” North Korea has proven to be a complete failure, resulting in the morbidly obese growth of Kim Jong Un’s nearly psychotic hubris, until we have now come to the next unthinkable moment – the possibility that North Korea may have detonated a small hydrogen bomb underground on January 6th 2016. Ignoring the crazy little fat man is no longer working, and it was never the right way to handle the threat.

In the world of “most heinous” possible scenarios, should North Korea decide to sell such arms to Iran or ISIS, the probability that WW3 will become a reality may coalesce a little bit more. Now is NOT the time to continue to “ignore North Korea.” I can only pray our world leaders fully grasp that fact.

The UN Security Council quickly condemned North Korea’s actions and called an emergency session to discuss the development, if the event did actually occur. People on the street in South Korea who were interviewed expressed grave concerns, understandably. A hydrogen bomb detonated in South Korea could potentially kill or maim millions. The US military also keeps a permanent security force of about 20 to 30,000 forces stationed in the region. I’ve been scrambling to aggregate reports on this event all morning. Here’s what I have thus far:

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UFC MMA Fighting Goddess Ronda Rousey Will Be Back, Just You Wait and See



Pre-fight promotional photo shows Ronda Rousey [ left ] with her belt. This was a title fight for the worldwide UFC bantamweight championship. I believe that Ronda will fight again to get that belt back. Some athletes are now saying that Ronda won’t fight again. I believe she will.  A true champion athlete doesn’t disappear after one defeat.


BREAKING News Update: Holly Holm Linked To Steroids, UFC Title Win Now Under Scrutiny

First Came the The Predictions:

It was rather an unnerving moment. Ronda Rousey was being interviewed by late night’s Jimmy Fallon just a few nights before the now famous UFC title match, when she accidentally predicted her own defeat, as she described to Fallon how she imagined the match might proceed. It was an eerie foretelling of just about EXACTLY what took place in the ring, when she finally fought challenger Holly Holm on November 15th. Have a listen:


Former UFC bantamweight fighting champion and ‘lady fighting legend’ Ronda Rousey is apparently a boxer that haters love to hate. Last Saturday night Nov. 14th [ billed as Nov 15th in Australia, as it was the next day there] in Melbourne Australia, title match challenger and former boxing champion Holly Holm made history when she knocked out the formerly undefeated 12-0 UFC bantamweight fighting champion Ronda Rousey with a devastating high kick to her neck, which knocked Ronda fully unconscious for about a minute. Rousey fell hard to the matte on her left shoulder, and her boxing legend was altered forever in that instant: she was undefeated no more.

[ Full video of the title fight appears at the end of this report. ]

Holms flew across the ring and pounced, determined to finish the job, and began pummeling Ronda in the face with her fists before the referee pulled her off of the unconscious fighter.  Since that moment, every human being who ever resented or hated Ronda Rousey for any reason [ Winners are almost universally reviled by those who can never achieve, only ridicule those who can ] has weighed in on a truly shameful post-defeat ‘Ronda Rousey hatefest’ which is all over the internet.



UFC Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey faces Holly Holm in this pre-fight photo early in the day on November 14th. Right after this photo was taken Holm provoked Rousey with a light clip to her chin with closed fist [ see video below ] and the match almost started right then and there. Holm went on to defeat Rousey that night in a UFC match that made history.

Having finally had enough of it, I am writing this article to show my support for Ms. Rousey, who remains one of the finest female athletes in America – EVER – and I am also writing to let readers know that when she DOES finally come back, this woman will be amazing on a whole new level, swinging round the curve into an escalated fighting gear we didn’t know she had.


Holm [right] clips Ronda Rousey’s chin with a light tap during this press photo session before the fight, infuriating Rousey who had some choice comments for Holm after they were separated by officials, as the fighters parted ways to prepare for the bout.

Champions are ultimately proven once and for all by how they respond to a defeat. Sometimes something has to happen to a boxer which will distill their resolve, re-focus their determination to conquer not just the sport, but to make their place in it secure for the pages of history. Having fought her way into the UFC recordbooks with an earlier 12-0 record over the past few years, [ before Holly Holm] I just don’t see Ronda Rousey as being the kind of woman, let alone the kind of fighter, who would throw in the towel on her own athletic career after one loss, even if it was the loss that stunned the world of women’s boxing. That’s just not Ronda.

Like Taylor loves to say: “….Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate…” – but I guarantee you, Ms. Rousey will have the last word when she regroups for a re-match. #TheRematchWillBeHUGE alright. Rousey fans: keep the faith. Don’t turn your back on this woman now, because now is when she needs her fan base to support her more than ever.

Below are clips and photos from the pre-fight and the astounding, somewhat hard to watch match. Rousey was actually taken to a local hospital for a full medical check-up after the match, as she had lost consciousness with the head/neck kick that won the fight for Holly Holm. Holly Holm was utterly stunned herself when she knocked Ronda out and won the title. In post fight interviews she was humble, tearful and gracious in victory, proving that she is indeed, a preacher’s daughter through and through.









Nov 15, 2015; Melbourne, Australia; Ronda Rousey (red gloves) competes against Holly Holm (blue gloves) during UFC 193 at Etihad Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Nov 15, 2015; Melbourne, Australia; Ronda Rousey (red gloves) competes against Holly Holm (blue gloves) during UFC 193 at Etihad Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports


Can’t get enough ‘Ronda Rousey’ news? Here’s the whole banana.

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