Casual Observations on the Campaign Trail: Bernie, Hillary, Donald Public Appearances Strike a Contrast

Wow. What a telling story the Iowa State Fair candidates’ video clips tells this morning. We’ve all seen the amazing photos of the HUGE roaring packed stadium crowds that Bernie Sanders addressed in Portland Oregon [ 28,000+] and Los Angeles [ 25,000+]. See photo below:

Contrast that spectacle [above ] with this morning’s, strange, super-scripted, very sad media appearance by Hillary Clinton at the Iowa State Fair, where one would have to conclude that she [ or her ‘people’] arranged a press appearance so utterly stifled and hidden away, that you might be forced to conclude that Hillary either fears the American People, or secretly holds them in enough contempt that she would only agree to speak in public if she was placed in as small and discreet little shady corner of the Iowa State Fairgrounds as possible.

This press appearance did not look so much like a public appearance, as it did a perfunctory checking off of a more or less distasteful obligation on the campaign trail that Ms. Clinton would just have well skipped, except for how that would have looked.

Imagine That You Ran for President and Nobody Cared

I guess the campaign thinktank has decided that it needs to at least to “appear” as if Hillary is actually running for President, to the casual observer, at least. Just exactly WHAT Ms. Clinton is really doing is anybody’s guess at this point. Her campaign folks must have been given the directive in Iowa to “find shade” at the state fairgrounds first and foremost, rather than “gather crowds”.  In the carefully censored video clip below, you are acutely aware that Ms. Clinton may or may not be speaking to more than  about 50-75 people, as the cameraman is very careful NOT to pan the audience to show you how many people are gathered around. In the background, couples and families can be seen strolling right past the area where Clinton is giving her “email Q&A” forum into the fairgrounds, as if she was no more significant than a road sign.

In the video below, Ms. Clinton is wearing some sort of light blue “tunic” stiff round collared blouse which could not look more out of sync with the year 2015 if she had picked the item out of a time-traveler’s wardrobe personally. The collar on this blouse is so preposterously huge and bizarre it actually looks like a some sort of fabric MOAT sewn around Hillary’s head. Wow. That oddly huge socio-fascist blouse collar she is wearing is not at all dissimilar to the bizarre “inconspicuous” location where Hillary’s campaign set up on the outskirts of the fairground, far away from the bully pulpit area where all other candidates took questions from the crowds. Hillary continues to keep a psychological MOAT around herself on the campaign trail, something very apparent by the way this ‘meet and greet’ was handled.

I don’t usually pay much attention to political campaigns when the voting day is still a year and half away. But Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign almost seems ‘pretend’ at this point.  She can’t possibly be serious if she has her people go this far out of their way to make sure NO ONE finds Hillary as she steps into a small gathering of about 50 people or so to “meet and greet” and answer questions. It was the dullest campaign moment yet for Ms. Clinton, besides being one of the dowdiest.Ms. Clinton has also made the email issue much worse by trying to crack a joke about disappearing emails on ‘Snapchat’ which will go away all by themselves after a few seconds, and self-delete.

This lady not only needs to face her “fear and loathing of the American people” issue – which is very real – but she most urgently needs a make-over that will get her personal appearance more in line with the fashions of 2015, not 1948. Hillary’s campaign may or may not even be here in 6 months unless something begins to change in a large way very soon.

I would venture to speculate that it might just be her 2016 presidential campaign which will soon self-delete on it’s own, all by itself, within a few months if Ms. Clinton doesn’t conquer her distaste for actually rubbing shoulders with the electorate in a real, congenial, and sincere way.

Here’s what it was like when candidate Donald Trump arrived in Iowa via his private helicopter this morning:

Bernie Sanders’ public soapbox speech at the Iowa State Fair on August 15th 2015 was VERY popular:


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