World Erupts in Joyous Response to Pharrell Williams “Happy” Megahit: Fan Videos

We [ the human race ] are all just sick to death of sickening, stomach turning, horrible bad news, so much so that the chance to stop the madness for just a few moments -and rejoice in the simple pleasure of a little musical ditty penned by mega-talent Pharrell Williams, called “Happy,” – is just too irresistible NOT to join in the celebration of all things ‘happy’.

These fan videos brought me out of “blogging retirement” for at least long enough to put together this post.  There are hundreds and hundreds of them, seriously. I just grabbed the first few I found.

It made me cry with happiness myself to see that the beautiful young people of the world [ who deserve so much more than what this world is giving them ] could help us forget our collective troubles as a species just long enough to rejoice in this simple elegant R&B anthem, which celebrates happiness.

Here it is.

The world loves “Happy” and here are the fan videos to prove it. Don’t just sit there: Shake a leg!  Get busy!  Make a video!


Tags: Pharrell Williams Fan videos “Happy” #Happy, #HappyFanVideos, #HappyGlobalReaction, #HappyDay


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