Spaceport America: A New Vision for America in Space

Updated on Apr 30th, 2013

Virgin Galactic is on track to become the world’s first commercial space line.”

– Virgin Galactic co-founder Richard Branson

Richard Branson christens the mothership, sending champagne spraying everywhere.

Set aside terror bombings, teen suicides, endless wars, grinding economic worries and mass media mediocrity and take a moment to begin to dream again. Humankind needs a renewed vision of our species as innovative space explorers. We need a renewed vision for the future of humankind that can thrill and inspire the human heart and cause little children to dream very BIG dreams, dreams that are worthy of learning for, living for, and striving to achieve. Believe it or not, we DO have worthy leaders and cultural heroes living among us.

I consider British space pioneer and entrepreneur Richard Branson to be among those rare and gifted “living sparks” of embodied human inspiration that can give humankind new and beautiful dreams that are well worth pursuing.  There is a reason Branson has more than 3.1 million Twitter followers.  He, unlike almost all of the men who pretend to “lead” in our time, is daring to set the bar high enough to inspire the nation to actually lead the world in space travel once again.

If we rest on past laurels we will be sitting on the sidelines in the next 50 years as China leads the way into space. I, for one, do not want to see that happen. I actually believe in Richard Branson, and I believe his renewed vision for America’s role in space travel could actually resurrect the battered soul of the nation as well as her tattered economy.

If you would like to observe and participate in the new future which is now being imagined for humankind, venture to New Mexico to add your talents to the growing base of human inspiration gathering around Spaceport America, the pride of New Mexico and the hopeful new center for the future of all commercial space travel from our world.  Have a look at the most recent news and happenings at Spaceport America.

Cited:  “Virgin Galactic’s suborbital vehicle makes its first powered ascent on April 29, 2013.  Exceeding Mach 1, but not (yet) trying for ‘space’ altitude, the test was deemed successful by the shipbuilder Scaled Composites.”

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