Nibiru ‘Planet X’ Story Won’t Go Away. There’s a Reason for That.

The orange slanted elliptical orbit portrayed on this European bank note is believed to be a rendering of the intersecting orbit of Nibiru as it passes into our inner solar system every 3600 years. If Nibiru is nothing more than modern mythology, how the hell did it’s orbit make it into the engraved posterity of a bank note, legal tender, currency? Somewhere out there, high in the secretive upper stratosphere of the international Illuminati controlled banking cartels, MUST be many elites who believe and have solid evidence that Planet X aka Nibiru is indeed real. Why else would they emblazon it’s returning orbital trajectory onto this bank note? More than mere jest, the engraved art on this note stands as a telltale sign that the people of this world are not being told the truth about this rogue celestial body and the havoc it brings when it periodically returns to our inner solar system every 3600 years.

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English: This artist's conception illustrates ...

This artist’s conception illustrates a Jupiter-like planet alone in the dark of space, floating freely without a parent star. Astronomers recently uncovered evidence for 10 such lone worlds, thought to have been “booted,” or ejected, from developing solar systems. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The enigmatic search for the truth about the existence of Planet X / Nibiru began for Scientist Marshall Masters right before the decade turned. See Interviewed on Coast Radio on Monday night March 18th 2013, Masters briefly recited how his journey into searching for Planet X had begun nearly 15 years ago in the late 1990s – quite by accident – as an examination of the sun’s role in extreme climate change, aka global warming.

Masters and a small group of scientific peers were documenting changes in the sun. They kept noticing specific changes and reactions in the same region of the sun, which indicated to the group that the sun was reacting to an object in a specific locale. They also noticed that there was evidence to indicate that the entire solar system was heating up.

That’s how his quest began.

George Noory interviewed Marshall for more than two hours last night, and Mr. Masters issued statement after statement which dropped the jaw and re-ignited speculation about the existence and reality of Planet X, a worldwide pole shift calamity in our future, and the historically documented global cataclysms which have been caused by the planet’s 3600 year fly-by before, including Noah’s global flood and the 10 plagues of Egypt during the time period of Exodus in the Old Testament. I was hanging on every word until about 4 am, when I couldn’t keep my eyes open a minute longer.

If there is absolutely no truth to the ongoing story which wont’ go away about the actuality of Planet X aka Nibiru, then my original and quite famous wiki, hosted on out of Seattle Washington, should have NEVER been blocked. I logged onto in late January of this year to find the entire site, including more than 3,000 pages of research and news reports on Nibiru, [ along with serious irregularities pertaining to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign ] had been blocked from public view. That website constituted more than 3 years of my life, spent researching and writing, day in / day out, now gone from public view. No explanation was ever given to me about this action by Wetpaint, no warning given, and no way was ever provided for me to contact the domain owners to query them about their actions. Bounced messages from their email servers indicated the servers had been shut down, although the mindless “TV fan trifles” websites which they host by the gadzillion continue to populate the internet like so much celebrity road kill, detritus.

SO: if speculation about the existence of Planet X / Nibiru is just that – harmless speculation, theorizing, imagining possible scenarios, then WHY BLOCK THE SITE? The action taken to block public access to more than 3,000 pages of research and reports which include investigations into the reality of Planet X / Nibiru speaks awfully loudly, doesn’t it?

Masters also discussed the ongoing issue of DEAD ASTRONOMERS and the search for facts and evidence concerning Nibiru. I also have written on this topic and one of my recent reports on the subject can be found here:

Nibiru Information Black-Out, Dead Astronomers, Rogue Planets, The Search Goes On

And then there is the worldwide phenomenon and ongoing issue of SECOND SUN sightings.  Before I removed “alternative-news-report-dot-net” from the internet in thew spring of 2012, [ I had excellent and urgent reasons for doing so ] I had documented more than 50 second sun sightings in news reports, which had been video recorded or photographed all over the world. By early 2011 these second sun sightings were so common it would take me hours just to get through all of them and post them to the news blog.

Hundreds of people who do not know each other, have never met, who live in scattered locales all around the world, and who just happen to be out sailing, or fishing, or hiking, or WHATEVER – who clearly see a smaller second sun next to the sun, and then record what they see, then post it to the internet, provide the most serious raw evidence yet that something is afoot in the solar system and that we all ought to be paying attention. The online news site refers to the rash of “second sun” sightings which continues all around the world as another aspect of the “new normal.”

So although all of this makes for a long winded introduction, I wanted my readers to know [ and some of you have followed my work since 2008 when I began writing on these topics in earnest ] that this story is NOT going way, because the truth cannot be obliterated, much as the elites would wish it so. I’ll continue to write and report on this topic, and I will continue to urgently urge others to do their own research and to do the same. I want readers to set aside two hours to listen to last night’s 3.18.2013 Coast to Coast Radio broadcast, then please share this report with others on your own social networks.  It’s only the most important blacklisted news topic in the past 3600 years which is NOT being discussed on Big Media news outlets – when it should. Therefore it’s worth spending some time with. The Marshall Masters interview comes up during the second hour of the show, but the whole show is worth hearing and sharing.

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