Iraq Ten Years Later: Total Silence from Our Shamestream Media

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As you ponder our national quandary, musing upon bankruptcy and how  – just exactly – we got here, keep in mind the colossal elephant in the living room that no one talks about any more:  Iraq.  At least 3.9 to 4.2 of our 17 trillion dollar debt was poured down the drain of Iraq. That’s nearly 25% of it. Have you noticed that the MSM won’t dare mention Iraq during any broadcast. There is an official “evening news blackout” on the topic. No reports ever air about Iraq, even though Al-Qaeda is BACK with full fury and blowing huge numbers of people to bits about every 3 to 4 days. Not a peep out of the SHAMESTREAM American media on those events. Don’t you find that particularly telling? I do. I am re-posting my essay from earlier this year on Iraq. I’m not pushing that war under the rug. Don’t you do it either. Hold them to account. Keep it civil, keep it legal. But hold them to account.


It’s been 10 years this spring of 2013 since the US military invaded Iraq and eventually located, arrested, tried and hanged Saddam Hussein. Tens year of war and hundreds of bombings has reduced the better part of many Iraqi cities to literal piles of rubble, interspersed with haggard ghetto-like neighborhoods plagued with only sporadic services such as running water and electricity, if they have any services at all.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died in the Iraq war and thousands of Americans either came home cold in boxes covered with US flags, or came home physically and emotionally ripped apart, stitched back together and maimed for life. Many of the Iraq war vets who have been turned loose on American society after serving multiple tours of duty in Iraq are so mangled up with severe post-war PTSD that they cannot function, so they exist on the fringes of life, drifting from one homeless shelter to the next, struggling with near terminal post-war injuries to mind, body and soul.

The US Veterans’ Administration has been utterly overwhelmed by the post-war needs of returning US soldiers since the war began to wind down. The US news media is very careful to NOT report too frequently on Iraq and what happens there, only reminding the American people now and again of the dismal results of our preposterous pre-emptive war on the country when enough deaths in Iraq finally demand a perfunctory news piece, which is always brief and ridiculously devoid of any real information. This is the new “let’s just skim over that quickly” half-assed news reporting coming out of all the alphabet channels regarding Iraq.

It’s as if the American mainstream news media is muttering to itself:  “Maybe if we don’t talk about this [ Iraq ] it will just go away.”

Big Media stopped discussing the Iraq war about mid-way through Obama’s first term in office, as any actual reporting on the detritus of the war which was now rotting in the sun all over Iraq would have certainly guaranteed that Barack Obama would not get a second term.

Remarkably, Obama got a second term anyway, by successfully convincing most of the Left side of America during his 2012 re-election campaign that all these multitudinous problems we face have not been his creation, but his predecessors’ instead. Somehow it apparently subconsciously agreed among those Left leaning voters that giving Obama another four years to waste American tax-payer dollars and whittle away his time on a golf course would finally somehow “fix” everything that George W. Bush had done wrong.

One of the things that George W. Bush did wrong was pick a fight with Iraq, attempting to finish what his father had started a decade earlier. Now gazing at the results 23 years later I am amazed at the utterly blithe and carefree fashion in which men wage their wars of human stupidity. I have always believed that ALL wars are an exercise in stupidity and nothing can or will ever change my mind about that. It’s part of the genetic stupidity that is apparently hard wired into the failing human species.

[ In case you did not know, a species that obliterates it’s own kind generationally, for trifling or meaningless reasons, is destined to fail. That species won’t be around for more than a half million years or so, before it self-destructs completely. That’s the road we are on now, unless the hearts and souls of men begin to turn and change, transformed by Love. ]

Has anything at all been gained for the 3.9 trillion dollars spent and many tens of thousands of lives lost waging war with Iraq? I think it would be an understatement to say at this point that the nation of Iraq has been ground into a post-war garbage heap, for the most part.  Was that in and of itself the point of all this? Did the US military intend to declare that any and all heinous dictators who gas their own people need fear that we come to their lands and obliterate all signs of intelligent life, or just obliterate most all life, period?

If you know of a certain specific gain or real benefit which waging this war in Iraq has gained for the American people, please let me know.  I see no good in any of this, only a great and unbearable national shame, that we are apparently willing to go to great lengths to avoid confronting.  Here are some videos I found which inspired this post:

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