Don’t Nuke US Kim Jong Eun. If You Do, You Might Hurt One of Our NBA Basketball Stars.

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English: Chicago Bulls Dennis Rodman 1995 – 1996 Season (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Updated 3.14.2013


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Reactions to Dennis Rodman’s visit to North Korea are coming in and they are decidedly mixed. Little man Kim Jon Eun has now apparently made a colossal fool and political dupe out of Dennis Rodman, but one wonders whether Rodman even realizes this fact.

Cited:  “There is nobody at the CIA who could tell you more personally about Kim Jong Un than Dennis Rodman, and that in itself is scary.”

In North Korea, Dennis Rodman fouls out

Earlier I had written …

Politics and the search for world peace [ not to be confused with whirled peas ] makes for strange bed fellows. For better or worse, sometimes the most unlikely public personage can make an inroad toward better foreign relations where the officially designated team cannot. No slur is intended for our small army of US high officials who handle Asian foreign relations, but today [ for the first time EVER in my life] I am supremely grateful for the personality dazzle and star power of none other than rainbow flame Dennis Rodman, former NBA superstar and now, Kim Jong Eun‘s new BFF.

North Korea has been doing and saying all the wrong things to keep the waters calm for US / Asia foreign relations in recent months. Every public statement and action from the tiny starved nation has escalated the bluster and threat vibe. It hasn’t felt real pleasant to have to watch recent North Korean propaganda videos where imagined nuclear bombs detonate in large US cities, all playing out to the strains of Michael Jackson’s “We Are the World” elevator music.

The radical Muslims want us dead from the East, and North Korea wants to nuke us into oblivion from the West. It’s not at all a placid time in America’s history, and our politicians are so interested in wagering for their own political survival on both sides, they seem to have forgotten that there is a nation to run of American people, and that the mighty task of running it requires rising to a higher plane  than merely jousting for DNC or GOP interests.

Meanwhile, back at the North Korean ranch, nuclear test rockets are fired, the ground is shaking, troops are high stepping in well groomed rows of porcelain military perfection with their heads all turned toward youngster-in-charge Kim Jong Eun, and I am wondering, as I always do, how many other Americans are watching it all unfold as closely as I am.

Enter Dennis Rodman, the most unlikely but well suited goodwill ambassador for North Korea we could have ever NEVER imagined. The only two people who could have been more perfect for this job might have been Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe, both of whom were adored and practically worshiped by Kim’s father.  Will wonders never cease in the modern world?

5 ways North Korea is getting stranger

We could always choose to settle our disputes by having two representatives, one from each nation, run a foot race then appoint the winner as the final philosophical and moral victor. But if we chose Rodman and Eun to run the race, no contest. Rodman would win and the US would be the victor. All military swash-buckling could then come to an official end. It makes just as much sense to me as how we handle our foreign relations by proxy celebrity, food bribes, cash payments and official double-speak.


Kim Jong Eun and former NBA star Dennis Rodman watch an exhibition basketball game in Pyongyang, North Korea on Thursday. (Jason Mojica/AP)

“You have a friend for life.”

Dennis Rodman to Kim Jong Eun after the two watched an exhibition basketball game together in Pyongyang Thursday, according to an organizer of the NBA legend’s improbable North Korean goodwill tour. No, really! A spokesman for VICE, the media company underwriting the trip, told AP that the young dictator also hosted the American delegation for a long, boozy dinner, just two weeks after conducting an underground nuclear test that has heightened tensions with the U.S. The WorldViews blog ponders what this all means.

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