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I’ve been following the increasingly bizarre threats coming out of North Korea for weeks. The “Dennis Rodman” visit was nothing short of surreal. I live on the West Coast, so naturally I don’t find any of this “we’re gonna nuke you” talk from North Korea funny in the least.

US analysts are routinely dismissive of North Korea’s latest military swagger as puerile. They cite the chirping broken record of a repeating pattern which has been in place since Kim Jong Eun’s father led the tiny isolated nation up until his death. The pattern usually goes:  North Korea defies the global community and tries a nuclear test. The global community responds with sanctions. North Korea is outraged and acts out by making awful threats and tries to do even more forbidden nuclear tests. The global community reacts, lather rinse repeat. Something is really wrong with this pattern.

Isn’t insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

OK maybe it’s just me, but these latest threats somehow feel different. It’s something in my gut. When I wake up at 4 am and something feels seriously “not right” in the greater world at large, it does make me wonder.

Is the North Korea problem becoming a case of the boy who cried wolf? Are they lunatic enough to actually attempt a nuclear first strike, because IF they were to do such an unthinkable thing, it would be the LAST thing they ever did before their utter and absolute evaporation occurred. I’m just saying.  The USA has played “nice” with North Korea’s tantrums through the decades, not unlike a patient but stern parent. We removed the last of our own nukes from South Korean soil in 1991. That should have gone a long way as a goodwill gesture.

Certainly the Jon Eun regime has the capacity to do enough military math to ascertain that any attempt by them at a preemptive nuclear strike on the United States would result in the instant nuclear evaporation of their entire nation in a millisecond, by way of a US military response, right?  Surely they do know this, correct?  Because if they don’t comprehend the utterly horrific and dire consequences of playing with harsh words and nuclear fire, then someone better inform them pronto. Mr. Kerry, You’re on.

Please take the matches out of the hands of these terribly acting out children, before they do something stupid that results in the instant obliteration of their entire nation forever. It’s not out of the question that North Korea will become  nothing more than an endless charcoal colored charred ruin with some white bones sticking out of it, where a small nation used to be, if someone doesn’t put a stop to the deranged rhetoric streaming out of Jong Eun’s regime.

This latest round of commentary from Jong Eun feels darker and markedly different, and I really do wonder if Jong Eun is crazy enough to put the entire nation of North Korea on the altar of his inflated military ego, endangering his country’s very existence for the sake of looking like a Napoleonic ‘little big man’ on the world stage.


Calling the sanctions part of a U.S.-led “war of aggression,” the North vowed to “display the might… it built up decades after decades and put an end to the evil cycle of tension,” according to a statement published by the nation’s state-run news agency and attributed to a foreign ministry spokesman.

Just exactly what are our foreign policy people doing to DE-escalate the irrational chest beating coming out of Kim Jong Eun? Can’t we do better than Dennis Rodman?  Are official foreign policy phones ringing off the hook somewhere?  Because if they are not, they should be.

I did learn one odd new fact today that adds to the surreal nature of the escalating tensions. Part of our latest round of sanctions aimed at punishing North Korea for playing with nuke missiles again is the prohibition of the sale of certain luxury items which are coveted by the North Korean elites:

“The new measures ban the export to North Korea of luxury items such as jewelry, yachts, luxury automobiles and racing cars. ‘North Korea’s ruling elite, who have been living large while impoverishing their people, will pay a direct price for this nuclear test,’ Ms. Rice said.”

Well that makes me feel MUCH better. Now that I know that North Korean officials can no longer order luxury yachts, race cars and fancy jewelry while they tinker with their nukes I’ll sleep better at night for sure.

John Kerry, I hope you are rested and ready for the opening moments of your tenure as Secretary of State. God be with you, my good man.

Here is the latest:


Don’t Nuke US Kim Jong Eun. If You Do, You Might Hurt One of Our NBA Basketball Stars.

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