North Korea Propaganda Video Portrays Nuking the US While Starving North Koreans Eat Their Own Children

I just watched the propaganda video [ see links below at end of this post] and I don’t find this latest in- your-face provocation from North Korea even a little bit funny. Anyone who reads knows how sickening the present situation is in North Korea, where Kim Jong Un and his family feast extravagantly each night while his nation wastes away from starvation.

Un did away with 31 of his closest cabinet and military advisors in order to secure his power after his father died.

Topographic map of North Korea. Created with G...

Topographic map of North Korea. Created with GMT from SRTM data. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following this macabre logic of “worship me or die”, the most secure way to hold onto power would be to kill off the entire nation, then hold court over their graves for the rest of his days.

We have all read the stomach turning  reports: people eating the bark from trees, digging for earth worms, eating rats, and finally, just recently reports began to emerge of starving parents deranged by hunger killing and eating their own children. It’s so far beyond deplorable that there are no words that adequately describe how to respond to such reports. It’s a frontal assault on all human dignity. The institutionalized monarchical madness of the Jong regime needs to end. If there were ever a moment when a “regime change” was needed in a nation, this is that moment.

We all know the United States military would have taken care of this a long time ago, but for the hovering of China over it’s deranged little brother, North Korea, restraining the US from taking the steps necessary to liberate the North Korean people from her decades long nightmare of groveling under generational tyrants.

The US State Department has historically treated North Korea as the red headed stepchild of the world, reacting sternly when it acts out, which is often. North Korea has a long history of instigating high drama military provocations against the US, creating a sense of false crisis with hostile rhetoric and actions, then demanding all kinds of new aid and special deals from the United States in order to “defuse” the make-believe crisis it created in the first place. It’s a well delineated pattern of attempted international blackmail against the US that re-occurs every 8 to 18 months or so. It’s tedious. It’s tiresome.

But now the ongoing “situation” presented by North Korea is getting more serious. Someone somewhere in this tiny isolated nation, which has generationally starved it’s own people into submission to keep them under control, has produced a propaganda video, over dubbed with the elevator music version of Michael Jackson’sWe Are The World” theme, which celebrates the nuclear bombing and destruction of the United States. I think it’s time  for the state department and the US military to begin taking North Korea’s threats MUCH more seriously, MUCH MORE.

Here’s the North Korean propaganda video:

UPDATE: Before I could finish this post and upload the video was removed. I am looking for copies of it now which might still be online. Try this link as well:

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