How the West Sees Kim Jong Un, Now That Sony Has Been Hacked

Updated on Dec 20th 2014 


The breaking news that American movie theater franchises have reacted to recent North Korean terror threats by choosing NOT to air the controversial Sony produced comedy “The Interview” has sent USA news outlets on a nonstop spree of mega-reporting about this story, which began as a disastrous computer HACK of Sony computers, harvesting, destroying and / or compromising the private information of thousands of Sony employees and film celebrities. The story has now grown such robust legs, that it was practically all that was talked about for 24 hours at a time on CNN in recent days.

Once the White House announced definitively on Dec 19th that North Korea was the known source of the hack, the news cycle on it escalated even higher. Every expert, pundit, and professional commentator who could be located was trotted out to opine on the implications and possible ramifications of the fact that a prominent media corporation in greatest free nation on Earth had been compromised to the extent that it would not release a widely anticipated comedy set to make millions over the Christmas holiday weekend. It is for such reasons I thought it suitable to update my earlier report on how the majority of Americans and their media view Kim Jon Un via comedic and satirical portraits, cartoons and images.  We have always enjoyed satire, parody and lampoon in the US as a way to lighten up, blow off steam, bring humor to difficult situations and help us all to laugh at ourselves a little bit more. No sitting president in America has ever been spared being the brunt of a humorist’s joke by way of the enshrined political cartoon, going back to the earliest days of the founding of our nation.

Poking fun at our leaders is not only an American tradition, it’s an institution as well, enhancing the careers of comedians from Tina Fey to Jay Leno to Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. Having a robust sense of humor comes with the territory of entering American politics. Keeping a sense of humor during one’s political career becomes an enduring quest and an art. I’d like to suggest that the North Koreans immediately begin addressing their own deficiencies in humor, good natured jest, comedy and satire. To that end, this page will slowly be filled over the next few weeks with as many politically satirical, sardonic, humorous, comedic, paradoxical and quirky images and cartoons of Kim Jong Un that I can find. I can kiss the ground and roar my blessing for having been born in the free America which allows it’s people the freedom to poke fun at each other, at their leaders, and at foreign leaders who force their own people to eat grass in order to stay alive while they feast on delicacies and watch American made movies for days on end in private. God bless the United States of America.

I’ll continue to compile these images as I find them.

Earlier this year I wrote…..

One of the most popular satirical comedic images of Kim Jong Un on the web is a photo-shopped portrait showing the rotund leader in “drag” wearing ladies make-up. Apparently this photo is being removed from some locales online as it has disappeared from this blog post. I am trying to find it again it this afternoon. In a fascinating new twist, it turns out that many more images of Kim Jong Un produced by western satirists and humor artists that were online up until a week ago are now mysteriously missing from Hmmmm.  I could be wrong, but …. where did they all go? It seemed for a time you just couldn’t locate one of these hilariously appropriate portraits of Kim Jong Un. But….eventually I did find one I thought was apt. Here it is:


Humor has universal appeal for disarming misunderstanding between friends. How often have you seen someone crack a joke during a tense or uncomfortable moment and quickly clear the air, offering relief for everyone and lowering blood pressures all around? It works!

Let’s all crack some ‘North Korea’ jokes today. Can we lighten things up a bit? I live on the west coast and all the missile talk is getting old.

I am looking at hundreds of political cartoons and satirical images of Kim Jong Eun, JUST FOR FUN and to bring levity to the increasingly ridiculous situation that Eun finds himself in. If he will STOP making bellicose threats, then he won’t have to look cowardly or silly when he obviously knows he is NOT going to act on them.

One doesn’t shoot the only cook in the building when one is in prison and starving to death, right?

The prison that the Kim family dynasty built over 40 years, which Kim Jong Eun now finds himself inhabiting 24-7 is the domain of DIRE misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the greater world around North Korea. A lie of such magnitude that it’s almost hard to behold has been perpetrated in North Korea for decades now. The BIG LIE is the ongoing tall tale that America is the “sworn enemy” of the North Korean people. We Americans well know that nothing could be further from the truth. Our tax dollars have helped to feed the North Korean people for at least twenty years now. Fact check it if you don’t believe me.

A carnival ride is fashioned as a missile which is aimed at the people taking the ride. The North Korean people are the “people taking the ride” in this odd analogy to their real-life plight. Any attack on the West by North Korea would result in a retaliatory strike which would obliterate millions of innocent people in Pyongyang. The ludicrous nature of our present situation regarding North Korea is just about perfectly illustrated by this photograph. It’s funny. But then again … it’s not really funny at all.

So why does North Korean military leadership want to bite the hand that feeds it?

There is one singular answer. As long as Kim Jong Eun can keep the “big lie” going and continue to cow his people with the tall tale that America is their “sworn enemy” who intends to harm or erase the North Korean people off the earth, the sickening military machine of North Korean fascism can continue to grind on, like the ever-present gnawing in the bellies of 24 million people, 3 million of whom have already starved to death due to the policies of the Kim family dynasty.

3 million people: that’s the entire population of the greater Seattle or Portland region. It’s a stomach turning fact. And it’s only an estimate. No one really knows exactly how many North Koreans have already died from starvation, or have been killed in the despised secret prison gulags since the rise of the Kim family dynasty of death and despair. Most news coming out of North Korea has decidedly murky sources, with even the specific details concerning the death of Kim Jong Il being questioned.

Where is the personal breaking point of the North Korean people?

I have to wonder: how many North Koreans long for freedom and “3 squares a day?” How many North Koreans would be delighted with even “one square meal” today?

How many North Koreans feel they have the literal strength and inner resolve to rise up and call for a change? Is there a boiling point brewing anywhere inside the secretive nation? Is there a real hunger for freedom, more than just REAL and ONGOING hunger?  I wonder about these things, and today I am posting a little good humor to bring levity to the moment and comic relief to an insane and truly tragic situation.

Conquering the BIG LIE means escape to China or South Korea for many North Koreans

One North Korean who admitted to “having nightmares” about Americans before he escaped and moved to South Korea had an illuminating experience when he finally met and spoke with Americans in person on the streets of Seoul:

“Since moving to South Korea I’ve finally got the opportunity to meet some Americans, the people I used to fear so much! I even spoke with them, despite not being able to understand them 100% because of the language barrier. Regardless of the language difficulties, we were able to discuss each others’ hobbies, love lives, daily lives and as a result, got to know each other better. At first I was a little bit frightened, but I realized that they were very friendly people, unlike the scary people that I had nightmares about while living in North Korea.”

A North Korean propaganda poster shows a nuclear missile crushing the US military. Every North Korean citizen is fed a steady diet of fear and hatred toward the United States from the cradle to the grave. I doubt if the North Korean people even know that US tax dollars have paid for their food aid through the decades to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Most North Koreans have little, if any, contact with the outside world, and only read western newspapers via their occasional access to black markets in North Korea. This tragic ignorance and isolation from actuality only ends when or if they can escape south to South Korea, or travel north-northwest and cross the border into China. Both journeys are life-threatening if caught, with the entire family of the escapee punished with he or she in the gulags. Many would-be escapees are shot dead on the spot if caught trying to flee North Korea.


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