Dutchsinse Earth Changes Weather Reports

Dutchsinse the is the internet handle for a Saint Louis based high IQ weather geek who began producing earth changes related video news reports a few years back. He has become wildly popular, garnering hundreds o thousands of views on his video reporting. Dutch has also become a periodic target of the FEDs, due to his uncensored, explicit reporting of HAARP weather modification evidence behind many recent weather events, along with other “spooky” or inexplicable earth changes which seem to be intentional, not accidental or random.

He’s had his YT channel tinkered with, or taken down several times [ I can related ] and the more truthful info he publishes on secret weather manipulation, the more he has to scramble to keep creating new internet media outlets for his material, which is not to be missed, since it is usually packed with hard facts.

I’ve posted a good example of his weather reporting below with links to his YT channel.

See http://www.youtube.com/user/dutchsinse?feature=watch