The author of this blog prefers to remain anonymous.  The ongoing aggregated contents of it is placed into the public domain with each posting, as most of the cited content [ excluding certain copyright protected essays, reports and commentary written by the author ] is culled from diverse news reporting sources on the internet and re-posted herein as an aggregated public research archive.

Any commercial “for-profit” uses of this aggregated blog content including original essays by it’s anonymous author are legally prohibited. If I locate knock-off copy-cat blogs re-using content from this blog for profit at other locations, I will pursue vigorous legal actions against the offending parties. I welcome re-posts, re-blogged articles, citations with a link back and valid ping-backs. I want this blog to belong to the American people and become a good knowledge resource for every American patriot.

The reader’s examination of this page by default is a legal and binding agreement not to use any of the blog contents for profit or other commercial endeavors. If you want to see this blog stay here and grow, please abide by that statute.

Copyright protected original essays will be marked with a copyright date and authorship denoted as “21st Century Screenshots.” Original essays by the author may be re-posted in their entirety, leaving date, author, and a link to the post on this blog as original source and copyright marks intact. All other uses of original essays, including any commercial uses, are disallowed.

Enjoy the material and share what you learn.

21st Century Screenshots is a developing chronicle of the 21st century  presented via screenshots, photos, video and related digital media aggregated from around the internet, beginning on September 1st 2012. The author prefers to remain anonymous, and the aggregated news content is entered into the public domain. Only the marked original works by the author are legally under international copyright law and those articles may only be re-posted or re-published intact, unaltered, with links back to this blog and with the copyright marks included.

The author only asks that any aggregated news content which is re-posted or re-published from this site be done for public education and non-commercial purposes only. Thanks!

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