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I’ve been at this “truth telling” endeavor for a long time. I started looking into just about everything that the American news media wasn’t telling their people about US and world events way back in the late 1980s. I guess that dates me, but wisdom is priceless, well worth the cost of so many years spent to attain it. 

I was well into the investigation of unreported and censored news in the US when Alex Jones was still a teenager. There were only a few of us around back then, and we mostly kept quiet about what we learned. Discreet hard copy newsletters were shared hand to hand. There was no internet.

That was nearly 25 years ago. I have observed the urgent ascendancy of alternative news media outlets in America from the very beginning. I feel strongly that it’s our only hope for delivering factual material about the issues confronting the American people when so much is now at stake. Many early whistle-blowers and citizen reporters who were at the pinnacle of the new alternative news movement in earlier decades have died under suspicious circumstances. To cite just a few I name: Phil Schneider, Bill Cooper, Karla Turner, and Andrew Brietbart.

There have been dozens of others. We are also now missing literally dozens of scientists from around the world who have died under mysterious circumstances. Speculation abounds as to why this has happened.

See Steve Quayle’s news blog for more about this urgent yet unreported news story.



You and I Are the News Media in the 21st Century

We are all the news media in the age of smart phones and instant online digital news distribution. Because of the internet we now have the collective power to refute Big Media disinformation and we can fill the news void left by omitted, censored or blacklisted news by reporting the facts as we find them on our own. Then we can change the national and international conversation by sharing what we learn on our own personal social networks, applying enough pressure in so doing to force Big Media news reporters to pay attention to what matters, and stop barraging the world public with meaningless entertainment stories peddled as news.

This [ reporting the news ] has now become our ball game. It became our ball game when the Big Media outlets agreed to a miscalculated social engineering operation years ago that deemed we were too stupid to differentiate real news from entertainment any longer,  so we would now be fed “entertainment as news” to garner higher ratings and to enrich corporate sponsors.

That turned out to be a huge mistake. As alternative news media becomes the mainstream in the early decades of the 21st century, old media behemoths continue to crumble and fall. This is as it should be. New century, new news media.

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