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“All truth passes through three stages:

First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
Arthur Schopenhauer– German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

Screenshots News Blog is still fairly new and has been online for about four-five years. I author posts and essays sporadically, as I am also a very busy Ebay Vintage jewelry merchant, but I am glad you found me and I hope you will subscribe. 🙂 !!

WARNING:  This is a NEWS BLOG. Period. You won’t find much frivolous material here. I have other blogs for that.

I prefer to remain anonymous, as personal notoriety and internet fame is not on my bucket list. I’m a writer and pacific northwest internetizen who loves news, breathes news, and devours news, 24-7. So why not blog about it? That’s what I love to do. That’s one of my numerous gifts to humanity.

It came to this after I became so thoroughly disgusted with almost all of what passes as “news” in the US about 10 years ago, I figured I could do as well as most “news” networks about half the time. In case you hadn’t noticed the news media in America doesn’t necessarily want its’ citizenry especially well informed. But they do want to make sure that we are practically entertained to death. That’s something I hope you will spend a little time pondering. There’s much to learn there.

For decades Americans placed an inordinate amount of trust in their news outlets – maybe too much. Sometimes those news outlets fail us. They just don’t always get the story right. Sometimes they overlook the real story altogether. Sometimes they are working off of a scripted mandate from “on-high”, where that source is the UN, the CFR, or even the White House. History has shown that many times sitting presidents have phoned TV networks to either make suggestions, directives, or complaints about coverage which has cast the White House in an unfavorable light. LBJ did it during the Vietnam war several times.

A case in point some year back was the massive heads-in-the-sand attitude that major media outlets all over the world took about the early allegations by team insiders that Lance Armstrong was doping in the late 1990s.

Two early whistle-blowers, both women who were very close to the Armstrong cycling team on daily basis, had convincing eye witness experiences.

Both women tried in vain to alert media outlets back in 1998 and 1999 that Armstrong was cheating, well before he won his first Tour De France. Both were ridiculed and ignored then marginalized when they tried to persist. They knew the truth and they were trying to tell the world what they knew.

What a sad and sorry spectacle to witness 13 years later as the evidence finally mounted so sky high that no one could dispute it any more, and Armstrong was finally officially dethroned, 13 years after literally fooling and defrauding the world, subsequently ruining the careers of his teammates as well as his own. If there was ever an example of the major news media getting it wrong, it’s the hard and bitter story of Lance Armstrong.

The moral? Listen to your truth tellers, wherever they come from, no matter what the humble station in life from which they hail. Support alternative news websites, and do your part to share the truth when you find it, where you find it.

When we fail to listen to and heed the warnings of our truth tellers, we lose our grip on the rudder of civilized society and begin slipping into the murky waters of reporting the half truth or consensus opinion, the preferred point of view of the day, rather than the truth.

The truth matters. When it ceases to matter, human civilization is in real trouble.

I hope you enjoy what you find here. Some of it will be hard to accept. But the truth is not for children. It’s for spiritual and intellectual adults. If you feel like one of the few “adults in the room” during this decadent, narcissistic and petulant period in human history, you are not alone. Believe it or not, reporting the actual “news” as I find it, and trying to hang onto the truth where I discover it is an exercise that keeps me sane during this period. If reading this blog brings you a little spiritual respite and a fresh dose of sanity too, then my days won’t have been wasted. I’m glad you are here.

Update November 21st 2015:

Readers might notice that a considerable number of earlier articles which had videos posted as part of the report, now show those videos as either having been removed from YouTube for “copyright infringement issues” or just removed with no explanation at all. There are now so many videos disappearing from YouTube that the only word which becomes appropriate is ‘censorship.’ I cannot possibly comb through 2600 posts and pages of content every year, to locate these, but I can let readers know that something is happening to ‘freedom of speech’ in America, and something is very wrong when nearly one third of video material that I publish with articles disappears within a year or so. When you find a significant piece of citizen journalism in video form – download it to your hard drive. That’s the only recourse we have to keep the truth alive.

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