Trump Threatens to Sue Ted Cruz Over Iowa Caucus Cheating Revelations, Ben Carson Campaign Outraged with Cruz as Well

Ted Cruz waves to supporters. Two days after the 2016 Iowa Caucus, serious allegations are arising that Cruz cheated to get the Caucus win over Donald Trump.  Even the Iowa Sec. of State has commented on the fraudulent nature of the “voting violations” flyer sent out by the Cruz campaign to Iowans a few days before the caucus, stating “No such law exists.”  Trump is now threatening to sue.

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I had written that the “gloves would come off” after Iowa on the GOP side of the race. It’s one day later. The gloves are off.  No one is going to play nice anymore.

Trump is threatening to sue Ted Cruz over some VERY serious issues with tactics used by his campaign to win the caucus, edging out Trump by 6,000 votes. The Iowa Secretary of State has also weighed in on the bizarre “voting violation” flyers sent out by the Cruz campaign before the caucus, flatly affirming that there is no such law on the books. In essence, the Cruz campaign just made up a phony state law to try to shame and coerce hesitant voters into caucusing, by “outing” their past voting records to their neighbors and embarrassing them into caucus attendance.

Sarah Palin came out in support of Donald Trump, posting an extended commentary on her Facebook page about the issue of rampant cheating and corruption in politics.

You can read the whole story about what Cruz did to win here. The second cheating incident is detailed on the front page of the blog at the end of the report.

“What [Cruz] did is unthinkable,” Trump said, later stating that Cruz was a “really fraudulent” character.

Cited: “Donald Trump, despite conceding defeat to Ted Cruz Monday night in Iowa, is now accusing the Texas Republican senator of stealing the race – and calling for either a new election to be held or the results to be nullified.”

Here’s what Trump tweeted:

You can read the full story of the creepy, possibly illegal cheating tactics used by the Cruz campaign to get the edge over Trump and win the caucus right here. This is NOT a good beginning to the campaign season for the 2016 presidential race. So much is at stake here. Our nation is choosing a new leader of the free world. Anyone who cheats to win the very first caucus of the year sets a horrendous precedent for the tone of the whole campaign.

Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz of fraud in Iowa caucuses, calls for results to be invalidated

Trump also tweeted: “Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified…” 

GOP candidate Ben Carson is furious with Cruz for allowing his campaign to spread rumors that Carson was dropping out of the race on the day of the Iowa Caucus. Carson now states he has proof that Cruz cheated to win Iowa:

“Cruz Cheated”: Carson Campaign Provides Proof of Effort to Mislead Caucus-Goers


Election Scams in America. Were Iowa Caucuses Rigged?

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