Failure to Launch: As Jeb Bush Burns Through His Campaign War Chest, He Finishes Close to Last Place in Iowa

“If only wishing and a BIG Illuminati family name could make it so,” Jeb Bush might be musing to himself this morning. ACTUALITY check: No one wants a Jeb Bush presidency, no matter what the Bilderberg men and women want. Last night it was never so apparent.

“Bush is burning through his $117 million war chest faster than the Super PAC can bring in the money. Already $50 million were spent on Bush’s presidential campaign that is refusing to lift his nose diving popularity.”

Jeb Bush spent more than $2,674 per Iowan vote, and finished with a dismal 3% of the vote. That’s about as close to zero as you can get without just evaporating in plain view. News reports had already surfaced a few days back about the alarming rate at which Mr. Bush has burned through his 117 million dollar war chest since last fall. Be sitting down, all you sweet wonderful American people who dwell in fiscal reality, run households, make car payments, balance budgets and still manage to take a two week vacation once a year and send at least one of your kids to a reasonably priced college: Jeb Bush has burned through 82 million dollars since last fall. And he just finished about 3 notches away from LAST PLACE in Iowa.

“They are burning money,” said a second major donor, who, like all the other high-dollar donors interviewed, asked not be named for fear of displeasing the Bush family.

“Look, this is not the election cycle to be spending like a silver-spoon Establishment candidate,” said a third donor. “It just doesn’t look right,” the donor said, referring to the way income inequality has emerged as a key theme in the 2016 election.

Does this kind of uber campaign-spend-a-thon by Jeb sound like the kind of fiscal habits that would make for a good prudent Commander-in-Chief? I don’t think so. I wrote yesterday about the often glaring “political tells” that emanate from presidential candidates which betray their stated public media personae, revealing who they really are.  Jeb’s obscene spending is another one of those jarring tells.

“Ad-tracking firm SMG Delta says Bush’s campaign and Right to Rise have spent $82 million on ads, significantly more than the three leading candidates in the Republican race: Donald Trump ($5 million); Senator Ted Cruz ($11 million) and Senator Marco Rubio ($49 million). The tracking firm’s data is more up to date than what has been reported so far in the federal filings.

“There is no return on investment on the Bush ad buys, zero,” said one high-dollar donor who asked not to be named, pointing to how the ads have done little, at least so far, to lift Bush in the polls or dent his opponents.

On Sunday, donors will learn just how much Bush has spent from his $100 million-plus warchest. That’s when Republican and Democratic candidates and their Super PACs release their latest campaign finance reports. What is known so far is that Bush and Right to Rise spent at least $82 million, both in operating expenditures through the third quarter of 2015 and on ad spending through this month.”

The moral of this pathetic story is that, contrary to what the elites would love to do, you cannot just SPEND your way into popularity as a puppeteered presidential candidate. At least not at this stage of the race. I really do not know what kind of oily back room deals are being planned for Jeb as the GOP convention comes around this year. But if my gut check is correct, there will be some kind of bizarre moment when out of nowhere, a throng of [paid off] delegates will swing his way. He may not even be around by then, or … if Trump loses New Hampshire, drops out, and the field begins to thin, some huddling cluster of elites somewhere will throw another 200 million at Jeb and push him onto toward the convention, floating in on a bloated life raft full of cash, ready to buy his way, all the way, to the White House. Bernie Sanders is right about this issue [the buying of the White House]. It’s obscene, and so corrupt that adjectives can no longer be found.

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