Are You a Fan of Holly Holm? Can’t Wait for the Rousey-Holm Rematch? Holm Has to Beat Miesha Tate First. Game-On! UFC 197 in March.

Womens’ Mixed Martial Arts UFC sports fans have followed news surrounding last year’s stunning knock-out of Ronda Rousey by Holly Holm with eager interest, since last November. Rumors ran wild after the fight that Ronda would never fight again, as she made a less than spectacular return to the states, covering her busted up face with a purple pillow as she and her entourage fought their way to a waiting black SUV at LAX a few days after the fight. Not exactly the bold, brazen and beautiful Ronda we’re used to seeing. The sports rumor mill went nuts after that.

Ronda has finally come out of seclusion. She’s spending alot of time in Texas, and has also been sighted here and there in her home in Venice Beach CA. Rousey has finally given a few interviews, but when she stated to reporters that ‘some of her teeth were still loose’ – [??] –  I had to wonder whether next July might be a little too soon for Ronda.

Ronda is also scheduled to be in two new movies this spring, so she will have a packed schedule in early 2016. Many had speculated that it was such a ‘packed schedule’ last year, with her new-found celebrity status and pressure, plus possibly less time spent training and preparing,  that cost Ronda her world championship last November in Sydney at UFC 193, the fight which shocked the entire sports world.

Talk of a spectacular rematch started up almost immediately, even though some fans abandoned Ronda and said she would never fight again. A few days ago a tentative date for a 2016 rematch was announced by Dana White, but now there has been a change of plans again.

As it turns out, Holly Holm will fight Miesha Tate FIRST before she eventually takes on Ronda Rousey again for a rematch in what will be the women’s MMA sports FIGHT of the 21st Century, hopefully taking place next July. The Holm-Tate bout is tentatively set for March. Yowza.

“Holly Holm will make her first women’s bantamweight title defense against Tate — not Rousey — at UFC 197 on March 5 in Las Vegas, sources confirmed with MMA Fighting on Thursday night. Bleacher Report’s Jeremy Botter was the first to report the news.”

I’m a fan of both Holm and Rousey and look forward to that rematch, which will be a HUGE world media event. But if Ronda Rousey wants to keep her pretty face and her teeth, she had better be training her ass off this year, because Holly Holm is now world famous beyond belief – and she’s not going to give that up. Once you go global, you don’t usually go back to the farm again, except to rest and relax, just saying.

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