Are You Heavily Invested in the US Stock Market? It Is Urgent That You Listen to What Milton Berg Has to Say


If investors had known in March, April or May of 1929, or 2008 what was coming, do you think they would have wanted to know, so that they could take profits where possible, preserve / salvage capital, and GET OUT of the stock market before those disastrous collapses took place? OF COURSE they would have wanted to know ahead of time! I would like to give my readers a gift. I’ve also been looking at all the indicators all this year and had arrived at the same conclusion that Mr. Berg speaks of, but I had no confidence anyone would listen, so I chose not to write about it. I now know that I can no longer NOT write about this issue, as a stock market correction is now on the horizon which could give millions of investors the shock of their adult lives, not to mention a heart attack.

I have privately felt that the ridiculous Alice-in-Wonderland “quantitative easing” program that the FED has put America on since 2008 would eventually lead to fiscal disaster, but it’s hard to convince the average Joe of that fact when they see a US stock market roaring into the stratosphere. The truth is that at this point about 10-12 ‘Mega cap’ super-stocks are now holding up the entire market, and there is no real value supporting a market which is hovering close to 18,000 points. What’s happened instead is that a literal tonnage of federal funny money, steaming right off the digital presses as computer entries onto balance sheets, has pushed the US stock market into artificially inflated territory which has to eventually come back to earth and back to reality. That day is coming, folks.

The extra 3-4 trillion dollars which has been pumped into the US money supply by the FED via balance sheet entries has now swollen the markets with imaginary wealth and artificial gains which are not backed by solid economic performance, with one or two exceptions. Actuality is calling.

Please please please listen to every word that financier and investment analyst Milton Berg is saying, especially if 80% or more of your retirement assets are invested in the US stock market. Pay attention to the warning signs he is discussing. Hang on every word, then play the clip again.  Milton Berg is giving you a gift and a blessing: fair warning, right here, right now. Feel free to share this video with those you love.

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