Where Are the ‘Radicalized’ Mosques in the United States? Maps, Links, Research


Presently there are an estimated 2,106 Islamic mosques located in the United States. Of those, approximately 4% – or about 83 mosques have been identified as places where radicalized sermons are delivered, urging followers to wage Jihad against non-Muslims.

There is a broad sweep of opinions concerning the hotly debated issues of whether or not certain mosques located in the United States should be shut down. There is no doubt that within the confines of some, not all, Islamic mosques located in the USA, teachings and sermons are being promulgated which could inspire misguided young men and women to seek to do harm to other US citizens. If we have no issue with continuing to be ‘blind sitting ducks’ for another large, gory, devastating terror attack which leaves dozens or hundreds dead, then we should leave them open. But if we value and cherish American lives above all, and are willing to do everything legal within our power to protect the innocent and keep them alive, then we should close them down. The choice is very clear: either keep heads in the sand, or stand up like intelligent men and women – and protect our nation like the patriotic Americans we were born to be. Here are the maps:

Report: Members of Islamic terrorist organizations coming across Texas border

The map above includes 83 – or about 4 percent – of the 2,106 mosques in the United States as of 2010. Map re-posted courtesy of The Daily Caller news website:  See http://dailycaller.com